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Monday, June 20, 2022
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

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30 Instant noodles; Cup noodle; Dried noodles; Frozen noodles; Noodles; Noodle-based prepared meals; Stir-fried rice cake with ramen noodles (rabokki); Instant rice; Sauces; Seasonings; Mayonnaise; Spices; Wheat-based snack foods; Confectioneries, namely, snack foods, chocolates, candies and sweets; Confectionery made of sugar; Cereal-based snack food; Korean-style dumplings (mandu); Cooked dish consisting primarily of stir-fried rice cake with fermented hot pepper paste (Topokki); Chinese noodles, uncooked; Stir-fried rice; Processed cereals for food for human consumption
29 Eggs; Kimchi; Squid, not live; Squid processed foods; Seasoning squid; Processed meat products; Fish-based foodstuffs; Processed vegetable products; Food products made primarily from fruits; Laver-based snack foods; Laver, preserved; Sausages; Fish sausages; Canned smoked oysters; Canned fisheries products, namely, canned fish, canned seafood; Smoked fisheries products, namely, smoked fish, smoked seafood; Food products made from fish and shellfish
21 Containers for household use; Kitchen containers; Kitchen utensils, namely, spatulas, whisks, serving tongs, basting spoons, and serving scoops; Goblets; Basins in the nature of receptacles; Large bowl; Gravy boats; Serving dishes; Containers for foodstuffs; Chopsticks; Lunch boxes; Basins in the nature of bowls; Hollowware, namely, sauce boats; Drinking cups; Dishes; Mess-tins; Portable beverage containers; Thermally insulated containers for food; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Non-electric cooking pots; Frying pans

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Jun 20, 2022
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