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Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

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7 Air distribution units for pneumatically driven pumps; Air powered tools, namely, screwdrivers; Fluid power component kit for machine control comprising pumps and valves; Machine parts, namely, cylinders; Machine parts, namely, mechanical seals; Machines and lines composed thereof for the production of automobile parts, parts for the aforementioned machines, particularly foaming lines, die-cutting machines, molding presses, scoring machines, laminating machines, water jet cutting machines, milling machines, long fiber injection machines, parts for the aforementioned machines, particularly foaming tools, die-casting tools, die-cutting tools, molding tools, laminating tools; Parts and attachments for weaving machines and for weaving looms, and weaving machine parts, namely, weft-yarn selecting units, warp-typing machines, hand knotting and splicing machines, cam motion machines for weaving looms, dobbies, Jacquard looms, Jacquard and dobby cads, selvedge and false selvedge apparatus for weaving looms, automatic exchange systems consisting primarily of warp and cloth beam and quick-style change loom harnesses, beams and beam flanges for weaving looms, reeds, reed cleaning and brushing machines, healds, heald frames, harnesses, temples, cones, tubes and pirns for weaving, pickers and lug straps, flexible rapier tapes, grippers for weaving looms, cutters for weaving machines, rapier machines, yarn feeders, weft feeders, yarn deflectors, warp stop motions, weft stop motions, weft accumulators, stands and creels for weaving loom accessories; Parts for compressed-air machines, namely, pressure switches and sensors for monitoring, controlling, and switching hydraulic or pneumatic systems sold as an integral component of injection molding machines; Parts for compressed-air tools, namely, brakes, filters, hoses, pipes, couplings valves, switches, compressors, clamping tools and injectors; Parts for pneumatic blow guns, namely, inflator tips, inflator valves, valve adapters, nozzles, nipples, couplers, connectors and pivots; Parts of oilfield wellhead machines, namely, gate valves, ball valves, check valves, plug valves, globe valves, choke and manifold industrial pumps, pump and valve parts, pipe fittings and flanges; Pneumatic air preparation equipment, namely, airline filters, lubricators, and regulators, all being parts of machines; Pneumatic valve actuators; Pressure transducers and transmitters that convert hydraulic or pneumatic pressure into analog electrical signals for monitoring and controlling hydraulic or pneumatic systems sold as an integral component of injection molding machines; Self-lubricating mechanical friction parts, especially of composite materials, namely, wear rings, washers, bushings, spherical bearings, bearing pads, sliding blocks and machine transmission gears all for load bearing machines, conveyors, handling trucks and machines, lifting machines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment machines and hydraulic turbines

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Jun 20, 2022
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