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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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9 adapter plugs; anti-intrusion alarms; baby monitors; baby scales; burglar alarms; camcorders; cabinets for loudspeakers; carbon dioxide detectors; carbon monoxide detectors; chronographs for use as specialized time recording apparatus; circuit breakers; climate control digital thermostats; clip-on flashing safety lights; computer operating programmes; computer screen saver software, recorded or downloadable; converters for electric plugs; current rectifiers; cut-out switches; digital photo frames; digital signage display panels; downloadable applications for mobiles phones to download music, movie and television graphics; digital photo frames; door alarms; downloadable applications for tablet computers to download music, movie and television graphics; downloadable electronic sheet music; dust emission monitors; DVD players; earphones; electric adapter cables; electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments; electronic burglar alarms; electric buzzers; electric call bells; electric connectors; electric control panels; electrical control systems for lighting systems; electric door bells; electric flasher switches; electric light switches; electric relays; electrical and electronic burglar alarms; electrical outlets; electrical plugs; electrical plugs and sockets; electromagnetic switches; electronic burglar alarms; electronic control gears for LED lamps and light fixtures; electronic door locks; electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; electronic sensors for measuring solar radiation; electronic warning bells; fire alarms; fire detectors; flash lamps for photography; gas alarms; gas flow monitors; GPS transmitters; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; hygrometers; infrared sensors; infra-red thermometers; LED displays; light-emitting electronic pointers; LED position sensors; level gauges; level measuring machines for surveying; light switches; lighting control panels; liquid level sensors; measuring rulers; meat thermometers; meteorological instruments; meteorological balloons; motion detectors; optical sensors; particle counters for measuring air quality; pedometers; portable DVD players; portable MP3 players; power connectors; power switches; pressure sensors; printed circuit boards; projected capacitive touch sensors; proximity sensors; push buttons for bells; radios; recorded computer operating programs; residual gas analyzers; scales with body mass analysers; security surveillance robots; sensors for determining temperature; sensors for determining velocity; signal bells; signal lanterns; smoke alarms; smoke detectors; stage lighting regulators; telemeters; temperature sensors; thermo-hygrometers; time clocks; time switches; timing sensors; variometers; video baby monitors; video monitors; video telephones; virtual reality headsets; water level indicators; water meters; wearable activity trackers; wearable video display monitors
7 agitators for chemical processing; butter machines; dishwashers; electric brooms; electric door closer; electric door openers; electric food blenders; electric food choppers; electric food slicers; electric hand drills; electric ice crushers; electric juice extractors; electric juicers; electric knives; electric milk frothers; electric mixers for household purposes; electric meat grinders; electric screwdrivers; electric vacuum cleaners and their components; electric window closers; electric window openers; electrical coffee grinders; electrically operated curtain drawing machines; food mixing machines for commercial use; food peeling machines for commercial use; nail guns; power tools; power-operated meat mincers; washing machines
37 building construction; construction of residential properties
35 advertising by transmission of on-line publicity for third parties through electronic communications networks; advertising agency services; advertising the goods and services of others; advertising the goods and services of others via electronic media and specifically the internet; advice and information about customer services and product management and prices on Internet sites in connection with purchases made over the Internet; advisory and consultancy services in the field of export, export services, export promotion information and services; arranging of advertising and promotion contracts for third parties; business advice relating to marketing; business marketing consulting services; customer service in the field of computer servicing; development of marketing campaigns for others; developing promotional campaigns for others; export and import agencies; import-export agencies; importexport agency services; market research by means of a computer database; market study and analysis of market studies; marketing analysis services; marketing services in the field of arranging for the distribution of the products of others; media relations services; on-line advertising the goods and services of others on computer communications networks; online sales of car audio electronics; online sales of home entertainment electronics online sales of housewares; operating marketplaces; preparing and placing of advertisements for others; product demonstrations of kitchen appliances; promoting the goods and services of others by preparing and placing advertisements in electronic magazines; providing business marketing information for others; providing advice relating to the analysis of consumer buying habits; promoting the goods and services of others through advertisements on Internet websites; providing home shopping services of home entertainment electronics by means of television; production of advertising films for others; production of advertising materials for others; providing marketing strategies for others; purchasing agents; provision of information and advisory services relating to e-commerce; shop window display arrangement services; services for provision of foreign trade information; sales volume tracking services; sales volume tracking for others; social media marketing; supermarkets; supply chain management services; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases
11 accent lights for indoor use; air conditioners; air humidifiers; air purifying units; aquarium LED underwater lights; aquarium lights; automobile lights; bakers' ovens; bicycle lights; book lights; candle lanterns; carbon for arc lamps; ceiling lights; ceiling light fixtures; chandeliers; Chinese lanterns; Christmas tree lights; compact fluorescent light bulbs; dehumidifiers; directional lights for bicycles; discharge lamps and their fittings; diving lights; drinking fountains; electric coffee machines; electronic candles; electric discharge tubes for lighting; electric hand drying apparatus for washrooms; electric fans for household purposes; electric flashlights; electric griddles; electric kettles; electric lamps; electric lanterns; electric lights for Christmas trees; electric light fixtures; electric night lights; electric radiators; electric torches for lighting; fairy lights for festive decoration; fans for air conditioning units; filters for drinking water; flameless candles; flares; floor lamps; fluorescent lamp tubes; fluorescent lamps; fluorescent lighting fixtures; germicidal lamps; germicidal lamps for purifying air; halogen light bulbs; head lamps; head torches; headlights for automobiles; helmet lights; incandescent burners; incandescent lamps; incandescent lamps and their fittings; incandescent light bulbs; indoor light fixtures; infrared lamp fixtures; infrared lamps; lamps; lamp bases; lamp casings; lamp reflectors; lampshade holders; lamp shades; lanterns; LED flashlights; LED landscape lights; LED lighting fixtures; LED luminaires; LED underwater lights for swimming pools; light bulbs; lighting fixtures; LED light bulbs; lights for vehicles; lights for wall mounting; luminaires; luminous house numbers; magnesium filaments for lighting; mercury lamps; miniature light bulbs; motorcycle lights; nail lamps; oil lamps; pocket search lights; pocket searchlights; portable paper lanterns; portable electric heaters; portable headlamps; reading lights; safety lamps for underground use; sconce lighting fixtures; sockets for electric lights; solar powered lamps; searchlights; spotlights; street lamps; string lights for festive decoration; stage spotlights; standard lamps; sun lamps; table lamps; tanning lamps; ultraviolet (UV) lamps for use in disinfecting surfaces; wall lamps; water filtering units for domestic use water heaters; faucets, bath tubs
20 bar furniture; bathroom furniture; bedroom furniture; dining room furniture; outdoor furniture; kitchen furniture; mirrors
42 research and development of new products for others; packaging design; industrial design; computer programming; computer software design; updating of computer software; consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware; rental of computer software; maintenance of computer software; computer system design; duplication of computer programs; Installation of computer software; computer software consultancy; providing information on computer technology and programming via a web site; data encryption services; cloud computing enabling file storage of payroll data; cloud computing photo sharing services; cloud computing provider services for general storage of data; cloud computing providing software for database management; cloud computing video hosting web sites; cloud computing web hosting services

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