Trademark: 97456073
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Thursday, June 16, 2022
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Monday, June 13, 2022

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30 Coffee; Tea; Blend of coffee and dried powdered mushrooms; Mushroom coffee; Mushroom tea; Blend of tea and dried powdered mushrooms; coffee based beverages; mushroom based infusions, teas and beverages; coffee-based beverages; Beverages containing coffee; Beverages containing mushrooms or mushroom extract; Beverages containing psilocybin
41 Operating facilities for practicing and teaching yoga and meditation; Providing information and educational services regarding yoga, health, spirituality, and cultural activities
29 Dried edible mushrooms; Dried mushrooms; Dried mushroom powder; Preserved mushrooms; Dried truffles; Dried powdered truffles; Food and plant extract powders; Dried mushrooms containing psilocybin; Dried mushroom powder containing psilocybin; Mushroom extract containing psilocybin; Dried edible fungus
5 Nutritional supplements containing mushrooms; Nutritional supplements containing truffles; Mushroom supplements; Mushroom supplements containing psilocybin
38 Distributing information about diet, mushrooms, health and fitness to the public via the Internet; Distributing entertainment, namely, music, film, and podcasts, to the public via the Internet
25 Men's, women's and children's clothing, namely, shirts, tee-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and jackets
35 Retail and wholesale sale of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and dietary supplements; Online sale of food, non-alcoholic beverages, and dietary supplements; Operating facilities for counselling others regarding health, diet, and fitness
32 Ingredients for making smoothies; Smoothies; Smoothies containing mushrooms
31 Fresh mushrooms; Unprocessed mushrooms; Fresh truffles; Pet food; Animal feed; Pet food containing mushrooms; Fresh mushrooms containing psilocybin
The mark consists of the wording "ZOOMER'S MYCO FOODS" in capitalized letters in an arch above a stylized mushroom design, all above the word "FUNGAIA" in larger capitalized and stylized text.

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Jun 16, 2022
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