Trademark: 97450299
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Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Thursday, June 9, 2022

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9 Magnetic head cleaners
8 Hand-operated caulking guns; hand-operated grease guns
7 Pneumatic grease guns; powder coating spray guns; blending machines for chemical processing; static mixer machine for chemical processing; desoldering braiding machines
6 Copper clad laminates for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards; solder pastes; soldering wire of metal; solder removing products, namely, braided copper wick for use in the electronics manufacturing and repair industries
17 Adhesive sealant compounds; plastic filaments for 3D printing; semi-worked PLA filaments for use in 3D printing; electrical insulation; insulating fabrics; insulating paint; insulating plaster; insulators for cables; insulators for electric mains; thermal insulation; adhesive elastomeric tape for placement onto electronic devices to prevent slipping; electrical insulating tapes; electrically conductive tapes; insulating tapes; fast setting epoxy adhesive sealants
16 Paper wipes for cleaning
4 All-purpose lubricants; industrial lubricants; greases used in the protection of electronic equipment from the overheating of electric circuits and protection from moisture and electrical arcing
3 Adhesive removers; paint strippers; glass cleaner; multi-surface cleaner; label adhesive removers; pre-moistened wipes with alcohol cleaning preparations for electronic equipment cleaning; soldering flux remover; aerosol duster spray for cleaning dust of electronic equipment
2 Paint primers; acrylic paints; conductive paints; paint thinner; anti-corrosion greases; RTV silicone paint primers; acrylic resin paints for use with sealing electronic equipment; touch up acrylic paints; spray paint aerosols for marking and painting electronic equipment; ESD safe coating in the nature of conductive paint
1 Solder mask; soldering fluxes; etchants for use in metalworking; isopropyl ether; solvents for paints, varnishes and lacquers; chemical compositions for metal plating; unprocessed epoxy resins; chemicals for use in the processing of natural rubber; anti-static sprays for electronic equipment; soldering flux sold in prefilled pens; tip tinner, namely, chemical composition for re-tinning of soldering irons; isopropyl alcohol for use in cleaning of electronic equipment; ethyl urethane potting compounds; epoxy potting compounds, namely, potting compounds consists of epoxy resins for use in sealing and protecting electric circuits; refrigerant cooling sprays for electronic equipment; thermal paste for use in the field of electronic circuit boards
21 Dusting brushes; dusting brushes for electronic equipment; cleaning swabs specially adapted for circuit boards
The mark consists of the letters MG followed by the word CHEMICALS with three horizontal lines to the right of the letter "M", the word CHEMICALS underneath the three horizontal lines and the letter "G" extending to form horizontal lines beneath the word CHEMICALS.

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