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9 Robots for security use, namely, robots for reception, access control, surveillance and alarm monitoring; tactical robots, robots for teaching use and structural parts therefor; downloadable or recorded software for the creation of artificial intelligence; Cash registers; calculating machines; data processors and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus, namely, fire extinguishers; machines and equipment for electric power distribution, namely, transformers, electric current limiting reactors, arc-suppression coils, mercury rectifiers, semiconductor rectifiers, rotary converters, magnetic amplifiers, circuit breakers, electric switches, switch gears, switch boards and boxes, electric relays, electric frequency chargers, lightning arresters, electric load dispatchers; electrical chargers and battery chargers; batteries; rechargeable batteries; nickel cadmium batteries; dry batteries; battery cases; battery jars; power cables; insulated electrical cables; submarine electrical cables; electrical fiber-optic LAN cables; and electrical fiber-optic cables; electronic wires and cables; magnetic cores; electric and magnetic meters, namely, power meters, ampere meters, volt meters, watt meters, watt-hour meters, insulation resistance meters; industrial measuring instruments, namely, thermometers, pressure meters, flow meters, dynamometers, wave sweep oscillators, oscillographs, wave form monitors; telephone sets; attendant consoles of telephone sets; telephone switchboards; electronic applied apparatus, namely, electronic computers, data processors, data-typewriters, line printers, cassette data readers, card reader punch, color copying machines, cathode ray tube display copiers, micro fiche retrievers, inventory control machines, electronic cash registers, mark sheet readers, copying machines, electric plotters, optical character readers, blank magnetic discs, drum memories, magnetic tape units comprised of blank computer storage tapes, automatic electrical controlling apparatus, namely, programmable logic controllers, electron microscopes, particle accelerators, radar apparatus, namely, radar ranging measurement and diagnosis devices, electronic calculators, word processors; downloadable or recorded computer programs for use in the fields of accounting; downloadable or recorded computer programs for use in the field of human resources, namely, for management and operation of enterprise human resource departments and management of human resources data and information; downloadable or recorded computer programs for use in the field of industry, namely, computer programs for controlling and analyzing devices for plants, transportation, power generation, and medical treatment; computer programs for use in the manufacture of semiconductors and consumer appliances; downloadable or recorded enterprise application integration software and enterprise system management software; downloadable or recorded projector management and control software; downloadable or recorded data storage software; downloadable or recorded software for computer network management and maintenance; downloadable or recorded computer programs for use in the field of general purpose mainframe computer operating systems, diagnostics and maintenance; printers, namely, computer printers, laser printers, and ink jet printers; radio telephone equipment and accessories, namely, call boxes, dialing assemblies, telephones, audio operated relays, signaling devices, receiving devices, termination equipment, filters, protectors and automatic signaling and control equipment; telephone exchangers; asynchronous transfer modes, namely, network hubs, network cards, routers, switches, connectors and downloadable or recorded software used to transmit video, audio, and computer data over the same network in packet of fixed size; attendant consoles of telephones and telegraphs; carrier telephones; downloadable or recorded software for television conferencing; private telephone branch exchanges; facsimile machines, voice response systems, comprised of interactive voice response units comprised of telephony equipment, downloadable or recorded software applications, and a supporting infrastructure and telephones; wireless communications apparatus, namely, wireless and cellular telephones, pagers, paging equipment, wireless portable computer devices, namely, mobile data receivers, internet protocol and telecommunications network transmitters, modems, receivers, converters, and routers, wireless facsimile transmitters and receivers, wireless fax machines, wireless personal communications equipment, namely, personal digital assistants; electronic controlling equipment for rolling stock, namely, chopper controllers, rectifiers, transformers, inverters; electrostatic emission control devices, namely, electrostatic precipitators for reducing particulate emissions in industrial applications; transmitting and receiving apparatus for radio and television broadcasting and for long-distance transmission, namely, microwave antennas, remote controls, and electronic switches; radio receiving sets; freeze-picture transmission systems comprised of video transmitters, receivers, computer chips, and downloadable or recorded software for transmission of data; liquid crystal displays and their parts; video tape recorders; video disc players; audio disc players; optical disc players; cassette recorders; car radios; transceivers; electronic thermometers; ceramic products for electric and electronic parts, namely, ceramic gamma scintillator detector, ceramics for use in semiconductors and integrated circuits, and ceramics for electro-magnetic head device; measuring instruments, namely, electronic indicators for bevel angle, electronic indicating controllers, electronic sequential controllers, electronic event recorders, electronic insulation testers, electronic pressure transmitters, pneumatic pressure transmitters, level gauges, thickness gauges, moisture gauges, density gauges, oxygen meters; electric and electronic parts, namely, printed wiring boards, capacitors, coils, resistors, printed circuit boards, printed circuit board materials, namely, conductive layers, insulating material layers and conductive pathways, semiconductor materials in the nature of substrates, nickel, and copper to produce semiconductors; local area network and integrated service digital network apparatus, namely, hubs, switches, and routers, network cards, and network access server hardware and downloadable or recorded software; electric door bells, electric alarm buzzers; electric hair brushes; electric control equipment, namely, computer hardware and downloadable or recorded software for the control of rolling mills; nuclear medical data processing systems comprised of personal computers, work station computers, nuclear medical data analysis processing downloadable or recorded software, and gamma cameras; digitizers, namely, analog-digital converters for use in computers; access control devices, namely, biometric scanners that feature finger-vein authentication; material handling equipment, namely, protective industrial helmet to protect from heat; communication devices for industrial process control, and automated storage/retrieval systems, namely, computers; computer servers, namely, computer network access servers, video servers for security systems, network data storage servers, downloadable or recorded network software application servers, blade servers, and enterprise servers; computer hardware; downloadable or recorded computer software, namely, database management software, downloadable or recorded software for creating and presenting multimedia presentations, downloadable or recorded encryption software, computer hardware management downloadable or recorded software, computer hardware drivers downloadable or recorded software, industrial process control downloadable or recorded software, downloadable or recorded software for use in construction and automated manufacturing, downloadable or recorded computer software for administration of computer local area networks, downloadable or recorded desktop publishing software, and downloadable or recorded software for use in the design of semiconductors and consumer electronics; industrial personal computers; programmable electrical controllers; servo drive systems, namely, electronic servo motor controllers; speed changers, namely, electronic speed controllers and high-speed gears for turbine generators sold as a unit; electrical substations and power conversion equipment, namely, electrical transformers, electric converters, gas circuit breakers, gas insulated switch gears, and generator step-up electric transformers; fully digitalized electric substation control systems consisting of computers, computer display monitors, computer network servers and substation control monitoring machines; environmental climate control systems comprised of digital thermostats, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and drying electrical controllers, electrostatic emission control devices, NOx removal plants comprised of gas inlets, reactors, catalyst blocks, and gas outlets, flue gas desulphurization systems, namely, flue gas electrostatic precipitators for reducing particulate emission in industrial applications, integrated immobilization nitrogen removal processes, plasma direct-melting reactors used to render discharged waste harmless and reduce its volume, and purifiers; industrial implementation, namely, oscilloscopes, flow meters, electronic pressure and differential pressure transmitters, and sensitivity turbidity monitors to measure the turbidity of distributed water and filtration in water and sewage; mill operation control centers consisting of mill control computers, computer monitors, microphones, and computer servers, and integrated information and control systems for controlling mills consisting of computers, computer monitors, and computer servers; transport operation control systems, sold as a unit, comprised of converters, inverters, asynchronous traction train motors, electronic interlocking devices in the nature of programmable electronic cylindrical locksets and keypads for railway signaling equipment and to support track maintenance operation controls, computer monitors, computers, computer servers, electric power converters, electric power transformers, rectifiers, and switchgears; DVD navigation systems comprised of DVD players, computer hard disk drives, display screens, computers, remote controls, and antennas; HDD navigation systems comprised of DVD players, computer hard disk drives, display screens, computers, remote controls, and antennas; engine control units, namely, electronic controls for gasoline engines for land vehicles; transmission control units, namely, electromechanical controls for use in vehicle transmissions; cordless USB adapters; digital laser to measure distance, area, volume, continuous, and side; Coin counting or sorting machines, namely, automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus in the nature of coin and bill acceptors for separating good coins from counterfeits; Photo-copying machines, namely, color copying machines and copying machines; Anti-theft warning apparatus, namely, physical security and identification systems comprised of security video cameras, security video monitors, computer servers for use with security systems, personal security alarms, radio frequency identification integrated circuit chips, motion-sensitive security lights, and computed tomography to identify the existence of hazardous agents, not for medical or automobile use; Railway signal apparatus, luminous or mechanical, namely, train boots systems comprised of traffic lights, railway signals, and substation systems to supply electric power to trains through the railroad tracks comprised of electric power converters, electric power transformers, rectifiers, and switchgears; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles, namely, adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems sold as a unit, comprised of cruise controls for motor vehicles, charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, millimeter-wave radar detectors, active boosters to provide power to engines, and electrical vehicle dynamics controllers; Laboratory apparatus and instruments, namely, ultrasonic inspection and imaging instruments in the nature of ultrasonic depth sounders, ultrasonic scanners and probes used to detect flaws, and ultrasonic sensors and sonars, ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic microscopes, clean benches comprised of benches with filters to prevent dust from entering the bench, used for manufacturing, inspection, research, and experiments in the fields of chemistry, agriculture, biotechnology, precision machinery, and optical instruments, automatic electrical controlling apparatus in the nature of programmable logic controllers, electron microscopes, particle accelerators, radar apparatus in the nature of radar ranging measurement and diagnosis devices, scientific measuring instruments in the nature of mass spectrometers, micro analyzers, microscopes, magnetic resonance spectrophotometers, spectrometers, photometers, pH meters, toselius electrophoresis apparatus, Geiger counters, gas chromatographs, nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, amino acid analyzers, fluorescence spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, liquid chromatographs, cargo machines in the nature of lifting magnets, magnetic appliances in the nature of magnetic separators and magnetic strainers, polystyrene beads for use as laboratory equipment in biology and genetics research; Photographic machines and apparatus, namely, video projectors, video monitors; Optical apparatus and instruments, namely, television, analog, and digital signal field pick-up systems for broadcasting comprised of interphones, waveguides, antennae, chemical equipment in the nature of laser beam event recorders; electrical power distribution or control machines and apparatus, namely, electric vehicle inverters for hybrid vehicles, household electric appliances in the nature of timer switches; Batteries and cells, namely, magnetic cores, and equipment and appliances for automobiles in the nature of batteries and relays; Electric or magnetic meters and testers, namely, load sensors, air flow sensors, gas flow sensors, pressure sensors, and electronic throttle control units consisting of electronic controls for throttles and throttle bodies sold as a unit; Electric wires and cables, namely, telecommunication cable; Telecommunication machines and apparatus, namely, television conference equipment in the nature of televisions, video cameras, network hubs, network routers, downloadable or recorded software for television conferencing, and video viewers, television receiving sets, television translators, television cameras, video cameras, industrial television equipment, electric gramophones, record players, copper and copper alloy in the nature of bus bars and induction coils; Electronic machines, apparatus, and their parts, namely, magnets used in motors, copier printers, denture attachments and vibrating motors in mobile devices, controlling apparatus for electric motors and generators in the nature of electrical controllers, resistors, contactors, relays, automatic voltage regulators, remote controlling apparatus, electron tubes in the nature of picture tubes, receiving tubes, transmission tubes, pickup tubes, cathode ray tubes, image pickup tubes, storage tubes, power tubes, x-ray tubes other than for medical purposes, magnetrons, rectifier tubes, vidicons, liquid crystal displays, magnetic core memories, bubble memories, electric circuit parts using semiconductive material in the nature of transistors, diodes, photo cells, photoconductive devices in the nature of photo conductive drums, thermistors, varisters, electric condensers, integrated circuits, large scale integrated circuits, light emitting diodes, random access memory, read only memory, steppers in the nature of wafer steppers and optical steppers used in semiconductor manufacturing, microprocessors, and thyristers, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus in the nature of dry etching equipment, inspection equipment for dust particles, through-put integrated circuit memory test equipment, wafer/mask blanks surface inspection equipment, material handling equipment in the nature of lasers for measuring purposes, stereo equipment and their parts in the nature of receivers, amplifiers, tuners, speaker systems comprised of a plurality of speakers, speakers, blank disc cartridges, tape decks, headphones, electric cleaners for record discs, magnetic tape recorders, stereo modular combination with 8-track player, cassette tape recorders, record auto changers, cassette tape decks, video projectors, video monitors, blank magnetic recording tapes, blank video tapes, blank magnetic floppy discs, blank cartridge tapes; blank video discs, blank audio discs, blank cassette tapes; Magnetic cores, namely, anisotropic conductive film; Electrodes, other than welding electrodes or medical electrodes, namely, graphite electrodes; Gloves for protection against accidents, namely, protective industrial gloves
7 Robots for industrial purpose; Robots for cleaning; Starters for motors and engines; starter alternators; mining machines; cargo working machines, namely, derricks, unloaders, and unloading hoppers; earth moving machines, namely, loaders; construction machines, namely, sheet pilers and sheet feeders; lifts, namely, car lifts, hydraulic lifts, power-operated lifts used to transport and place portable storage containers, and power-operated lifts for moving, parking, and storing land vehicles; lifting and dumping machines for cars; pneumatic unloading machines; hydraulic hammers, hydraulic truck cranes; power driven hand/stationary tools, namely, pneumatic nailing machine; offset printing presses; printing presses; paper making machines; printing machines, namely, flexographic printing machines; metal working machines, namely, machining centers; welding machines, namely, electric welding machines and gas welding machines; household electric appliances, namely, clothes washing machines, electric food blenders, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals; sewing machines; roll for rolling mills and printing machines; ceramic products for machine parts, namely, ceramic mechanical seals for automobiles, liquid crystal display manufacturing machines made of ceramic and semiconductor manufacturing equipment made of ceramic; friction products for machines, namely, drum brake linings for machines and disc brake pads for machines; electric food processors; dish washing machines for industrial purposes; electric washing machines for industrial purposes; floor washing machines; pressure washing machines; textile washing machines for industrial purposes; vehicle washing machines; construction machinery, namely, concrete construction machines, power mining shovels, gravel crushers; rotary and horizontal scroll compressors for machines, screw compressors for machines, oil-free screw air compressors for machines, oil-injected screw air compressors for machines, and cracked-gas compressors for machines; chemical machines, namely, sorting machines for chemical processing, chemical processors; light machinery, namely, electric welding machines with digital controls; high-speed cut-off machines in the nature of cutting machines; chain saws; lawn mowers; engine-powered earth augers; engine-powered blowers; engine-powered cultivators; engine-powered chain saws; engine-powered pole saws; engine-powered hedge trimmers; engine-powered pole hedge trimmers; engine-powered grass trimmers and engine-powered brush cutters; Loading-Unloading machines and apparatus, namely, derricks, unloaders, bucket elevators, winches, windlasses, capstans, chain blocks, and unloading hoppers, cranes, hoists, winches, conveyors, drag scrapers, reclaimers, rubber crawler carriers used to transport loads at construction sites, automatic conveying equipment, conveying system equipment in the nature of vortex blowers, machine part in the nature of solid roller industrial chains for conveyors; Construction machines and apparatus, namely, concrete mixers, asphalt spreaders, crushing machines, centrifugal machines, compressors for machines, grinding machines, pay loaders, hoppers, bulldozers, graders, drainage machines, digging machines, crushing rollers, extracting machines, drilling machines for applying asphalt, mixing machines, and aerial platforms on tractor bases used in construction sites, magnetic separators, loading shovels, tunneling machines, pile drivers, excavators, wheel loaders, earth drills, rotary casing drivers, reverse circulation drills, foundation work machines, gas pipe tunnelers, amphibious soft terrain backhoes; Metalworking machines and tools, namely, Computer Numerical Control drilling machines, Computer Numerical Control routing machines, electrical discharge machines in the nature of electric discharge machine for precision die production and parts machining, and metal carbon machine parts in the nature of bearings, mechanical seals, gaskets for internal combustion engines, and brushes made of carbon for use in automobile motors, appliance motors, and power tool motors; Food or beverage processing machines or apparatus, namely, incubators for eggs, electric can openers; DC generators, namely, electric generators, generators for land vehicles, ships and machines, generators for wind electric generators, generators for land vehicles, ships and machines, generators for wind turbines, turbine generators, and solar electricity generation systems and wind power generation systems comprised of electricity generators; AC generators, namely, equipment and appliances for automobiles in the nature of alternators, equipment and appliances for automobiles in the nature of charging generators, generators for land vehicles, diesel engine driven generators for land vehicles, ships and machines; Fuel dispensing machines for service stations, namely, fuel injectors; Pneumatic or hydraulic machines and instruments, namely, shield machines, and machine tools in the nature of mechanical and computer-controlled metal cutting, removing and forming machine tool, air suction machines, drill machines, laser drill machines, electric hoists, fuel pumps for land vehicles, centrifuges, electric compressors, water supply apparatus in the nature of water pumps for use in land vehicle motors and land vehicle engines, household electric appliance in the nature of electric pumps, air conditioning compressors, refrigerator compressors, process gas compressors for machines; Machine elements, not for land vehicles, namely, industrial robots, elevators, escalators, moving stairways, moving walkways, water pumps for irrigation and sewage, feed pumps, vacuum pumps, high viscosity fluid pumps, and liquid metal pumps, oil-well pumping machines, electric dust collectors, sump pumps, electric bile pumps, electric swimming pool pumps, electric pumps, vertical turbine pumps, steam turbine-driven boiler feed machine pumps, electric monoblock pumps, and water supply pumps for swimming pools, diamond blade wheels, saber saw blades for power tools, band saw blades for power tools, mokkou, namely, tungsten carbide tipped power saw blade, tungsten carbide tipped power saw blade, cut-off wheels, namely, abrasive wheels, sanding discs for power operated sanders, thin-type cut-off wheels in the nature of abrasive and grinding wheels; Chemical processing machines and apparatus, namely, mixers, agitators, processors, drying machines and chemical filtering machines to remove impurities, and their fittings, chemical mixers, agitators for circulating chemicals, chemical drying machines, horizontal reactors, vertical reactors, and thin-film evaporators, and centrifugal separators; Stone working machines and apparatus, namely, mechanical milling presses and crushers; AC motors, DC motors, and AC and DC motor parts, not including those for land vehicles, namely, aircraft motors, boat motors, electric motors for machines, speed changers in the nature of gears, gear boxes, and transmissions for industrial machinery, air compressors, power-operated blowers and fans for machine engines, metal carbon machine parts in the nature of bearings, mechanical seals, gaskets for internal combustion engines, and brushes made of carbon for use in appliance motors and power tool motors, mill control equipment in the nature of machine motors for controlling rolling mill machines, electric oil pump motors, submersible machine motors, and induction machine motors; Repairing or fixing machines or apparatus, namely, power driven hand/stationary tools in the nature of circular saws, cutters, drills, grass cutters, grinders, hammers, miter saws, planer joiners, rotary band saws, routers, sanders, trimmers, and thickness planers, rolling mills, strip mills, milling machines, industrial machine presses, precision power machine tools in the nature of chasers, broachers, gear cutters, band saws, jig saws, table saws, electric planers, orbital sanders, printed wiring board (PWB) drilling machines, wire electrical discharge machines, power driven surface grinders, digital direct exposure method machines for use in drilling, power tools in the nature of demolition hammers, drill hammers, rotary hammers, driver drills, hammer drills, drill presses, burrs, countersinks, end mills, reamers, thread mills, cut-off saws, metal saws, tile saws, impact drivers, impact wrenches, electric screwdrivers, finish staplers, pneumatic staplers, gauge shears, sheet metal nibblers, milling cutters and benders, rebar cutters and benders, jigsaws, cordless stud cutters, slide compound saws, reciprocating saws, and disc cutters, electric mine borers, power operated blowers, magnetic drill stands, power operated shear wrenches, power-operated cordless oil pulse torque screwdrivers, electric or power operated tools in the nature of cordless shear wrenches, cordless electronic pulse drivers, cordless mini saws, cordless knife cutters, cordless disc grinders, cordless mini grinders, cordless shrub shears, cordless grass shears, cordless blowers; Electric wax-polishing machines for industrial purposes, namely, power driven hand/stationary tool in the nature of polishers
39 Railway transport; car transport; providing road and traffic information; marine transport; air transport; packaging of goods for storage and transport purposes; freight brokerage; cargo unloading; junk, trash and debris removal services; warehousing services; rental of warehouse space; advisory services relating to the storage and transportation of goods, freight or cargo
37 Installation and maintenance of building equipment, namely, elevators and escalators; Installation, repair or maintenance of automobiles; Installation, repair or maintenance of air conditioning apparatus, namely, air conditioning equipment and compressors; Installation, repair or maintenance of pumps; Installation, repair or maintenance of freezing machines and apparatus, namely, refrigeration equipment; Installation, repair or maintenance of electronic machines or apparatus, namely, computers, computer servers, computer hardware, industrial personal computers and programmable controllers, and transportation systems; Installation, repair or maintenance of construction machines and apparatus, namely, construction machinery, precision machine tools, and power tools; Installation, repair or maintenance of electric lighting apparatus, namely, light machinery; Installation, repair or maintenance of power distribution or control machines and apparatus, namely, mill control equipment, motors, generators, transformers, circuit breakers, electrical switches, substations and power conversion equipment, inverters, servo drive systems, and speed changers; Installation, repair or maintenance of water pollution control equipment; Installation, repair or maintenance of water purifying apparatus; Installation, repair or maintenance of chemical plants; Installation, repair or maintenance of nuclear power plants and thermal nuclear power plants; Installation, repair or maintenance of electronic lock for security system
35 Business management analysis; business consultancy
12 Railway rolling stock; Ropeways for cargo trailers or freight trains, namely, conveyances to transport passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers; Mechanical structural components for land vehicles, namely, clutch mechanisms for land vehicles, power train control system apparatus consisting of drive shafts for land vehicles and electric drives for vehicles, electronic power steering apparatus in the nature of steering brakes for land vehicles and steering wheels, and hydro torque converters for land vehicles; Railway rolling stock and their structural parts and fittings, namely, railway and truck trailers, and hydro railway and trailer coupling; Automobiles and their structural parts and fittings, namely, hybrid electric vehicle motors, brake systems for vehicles, electric shifting modules consisting of gear shifts for vehicles, hybrid electric land vehicle systems comprised of regenerative brakes and high efficiency motors, direct injection gasoline systems consisting of fuel lines for vehicles, steel cores being parts of land vehicles
11 Nuclear power plants, namely, nuclear reactors; industrial boilers; feed water purifier for boilers; heat exchangers not being parts of machines; air conditioning equipment, namely, air conditioners, air filters for air conditioners, air conditioning apparatus for industrial purposes, electric fans, ceiling fans, portable electric fans, and dehumidifiers; lighting equipment, namely, mercury lamps, infrared lamps, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, lamp fixtures, flashlights, electric torches, electric lanterns, LED underwater lights; household electric appliances, namely, electric space heaters, electric food warmers, electric towel warmers; electric toasters, electric rice cookers, electric egg cookers, electric thermo pots, electric roasters, microwave ovens, clothes dryers; household appliances, namely, septic sewage tanks; horizontal nuclear reactors, vertical nuclear reactors; Steamers for chemical processing, namely, steam condensers; Industrial furnaces, namely, atomic furnaces and electric furnaces; Air-conditioning apparatus, namely, electric dehumidifiers; Freezing machines and apparatus, namely, refrigerating machines, water coolers, electric portable water coolers; Household electro-thermic appliances, namely, refrigerators, ice makers, coffee makers, drinking fountains, hair dryers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, electric desk fans, electric floor fans, ceilings fans, ventilating exhaust fans, room air conditioners, floor heating panels used for indoor heating purposes; Non-electric cooking heaters for household purposes, namely, oil and gas ranges; oil and gas stoves; Household tap water filters; Bath fittings, namely, home bath tubs and bath tub units, kitchen sinks, home electrical boilers; Sanitary apparatus and installations, namely, industrial sewage treatment purification installation and industrial water treatment purification installation; Electric coffee makers; Food or beverage processing machines or apparatus in the nature of refrigeration equipment, namely, chillers in the nature of centrifugal chillers and absorption chillers, food and beverage chilling units, and chilling units for industrial use
10 Artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles, namely, dermatologic orthopedic instruments, namely, scalpels and forceps, orthopedic support bandages and artificial limbs; suture materials, namely, sutures, thread, and needles, for medical use; electronic thermometers for medical purposes; medical equipment for diagnostic purposes, namely, tomographs, tomography diagnostic apparatus, x-ray units, x-ray generators, ultrasonic blood flow monitors, ultrasound cardiogram; scintillation cameras for medical use used to detect gamma rays emitted from radioactive medical agents and to image the distribution of radioactive medical agents injected into a patient; bio-clean units for hospital operating rooms comprised of sanitized and sterile air conditioning, sanitary and electrical apparatus to block entry of bacteria, to prevent collection of bacteria, to prevent generation of bacteria, and to eliminate bacteria; sphygmomanometers; magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for medical purposes; massage apparatus for medical use; ultrasound scanners for medical uses; Medical diagnostic apparatus and instruments, namely, radio therapeutic microtron systems comprised of thermionic cathodes, and computed tomography scanners
42 Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for use in asset optimization, industrial automation, machine diagnostics, and optimization of industrial, mining, healthcare, manufacturing and infrastructure management processes; cloud computing featuring software for use in asset optimization, industrial automation, machine diagnostics, and optimization of industrial, mining, healthcare, manufacturing and infrastructure management processes; computer programming; Installation and maintenance computer software; rental of measuring apparatus, electric or magnetic meters and testers, and rental of computer programming and laboratory apparatus and instruments, namely, rental of web servers
The mark consists of three semi-circles composed of individual dots to the left of "Social Innovation is", with "POWERING GOOD" underneath and partially within the semi-circles, all in a stylized font.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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