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Thursday, June 2, 2022
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Monday, May 30, 2022

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9 Computer software relating to artificial intelligence; computer software relating to machine learning and blockchain; computer application software for blockchain-based platforms, namely, software platforms for distributed applications and software using a consensus engine incorporating blockchain technology for securing data with cryptographic information; computer software platforms for developing and building of distributed software applications and distributed computing platforms; computer software platforms for blockchains; computer hardware and computer software for use in connection with banking, financial, investment and insurance services; computer software applications; downloadable electronic publications; biometric software, biometric passports, biometric scanners, biometric identification systems, cryptocurrency hardware wallets, computer hardware for cryptocurrency mining, computer software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet; downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency wallets and banking transactions using blockchain technology; cryptocurrency hardware wallets; electronic ledgers storing digital currency and cryptocurrency; computer hardware for storing digital currency and cryptocurrency; software for use with digital currency; software for use with cryptocurrency, software for use in managing portfolios of digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, digital and blockchain assets, digitized assets, digital tokens, crypto tokens and utility tokens; bank cards; credit cards; cheque cards; cash cards; cards bearing magnetic data media; debit cards; smart cards
36 Financial services; banking services; monetary transfer; payment services; automated banking services; home banking; internet banking; savings services; bill payment services; payment and credit services; credit card, debit card, charge card, cash card and bank card services; cash management; safe deposit services; bankers' clearing services; account debiting services; escrow services; cheque encashment services; credit brokerage; automatic cash dispensing services, automatic teller machine services; insurance services; financing of loans; loans (financial) against security; financial investment services; capital investment services; trustee services; financial management services; brokers and agents (for bonds and other securities); financial consultation services; investment advice; financial guarantees (surety services); financial analysis and providing reports; financial information services; financial research services; financing services (securing funds for others); financial advisory services; services for the provision and purchase of financial and/or credit information; administration of financial affairs; computerised financial services; advice and enquiries regarding credit; financial services for the provision of credit; acceptance of deposits; discount of bills (notes); domestic remittance, liability guarantee, acceptance of bills, lending securities, acquisition and transfer of monetary claims; trusteeship of money; futures contracts; money exchange, foreign exchange transactions, currency exchange services, travellers cheque services; letter of credit-related business, securities trading, index fixtures, securities options, overseas market securities futures, underwriting securities, selling securities, handling subscriptions and offerings of securities, providing stock market information, life insurance brokerage, life insurance underwriting, agencies for non-life insurance, claim adjustment for non-life insurance, non-life insurance underwriting, insurance actuarial services; mortgage services; share registration services; cryptocurrency payment processing, cryptocurrency trading services, cryptocurrency exchange services, financial consultation in the field of cryptocurrency, and/or financial brokerage services for cryptocurrency trading; digital currency; cryptocurrency; virtual currency; digital currency wallet and storage services; information relating to financial, banking, insurance, economic and investment services provided on-line (not downloadable); advisory, consultancy and information services relating to all of the aforesaid services
35 Computerised data processing and verification in relation to identity verification; computerised data processing and verification in relation to a variety of background checks including without limitation know your customer (KYC) checks, employment history checks, criminal history checks, driving licence checks, address checks, right to work checks, credit checks, adverse financial history checks, watch list checks (, namely, governmental sanctions, politically exposed persons, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering and CIA watch lists), education checks, professional qualifications checks, insurance checks; advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; database management services; management and compilation of computerised databases; business analysis; computer data processing services; management of commercial undertakings; document preparation; corporate identity services; preparation of commercial and business reports; data processing; computerised data processing; analysis of business data; compilation of business statistics; compilation of data into computer databases; business investigations; employment services; personality testing for the selection of personnel; business advisory services; retail and online retail services in relation to the sale of computer software and apps; business services; data management services; computerised data management; management and compilation of computerised databases; data processing; systemization of information into computer databases; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; computerised data verification; business data analysis; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid
45 Regulatory compliance assistance and consulting in the field of digital currency, cryptocurrency, virtual currency; fraud and identity theft protection services; financial identity monitoring services for fraud protection purposes; financial identity monitoring services for fraud protection purposes; consultation in the field of data theft and identity theft; monitoring of credit reports, the internet, and public records to facilitate the detection and prevention of identity theft and fraud; computer security services in the nature of providing authentication and validation of personal identity information and enabling consumers to confirm their identity and prevent identity theft and fraudulent activity on their credit reports; identification verification services, namely, providing authentication of personal identification information; providing user authentication services in e-commerce transactions; identification verification services, namely, providing authentication of personal identification information via secure storage and transmitting such information via a global computer network; computer assurance services relating to the development of security systems and contingency planning for information systems; Identity validation services; user verification services; providing a website featuring information on bitcoins, cryptocurrency, collateral for derivatives, derivative contracts, virtual currency, and digital currency
42 Design, development, consultancy, maintenance and programming services all relating to computer software in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain; software development services; design, development, and implementation of software for distributed computing platforms; design, development, and implementation of software in the field of blockchains; research and development of computer software; software development and product development consulting in the field of distributed computing platforms; software development and product development consulting in the field of blockchains, as cloud software/software-as-a-service

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