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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
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Sunday, May 8, 2022

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28 Toy action figures; Toy aircraft; Toy airplanes; Toy animals; Toy balloons; Toy boats; Toy boxes; Toy brooches; Toy building blocks; Toy building structures; Toy building structures and toy vehicle tracks; Toy cars; Toy construction blocks; Toy construction sets; Toy drones; Toy face masks; Toy figures; Toy furniture; Toy gliders; Toy guns; Toy helicopters; Toy houses; Toy insect cages; Toy jewelry; Toy model cars; Toy models; Toy music boxes; Toy noisemakers; Toy pianos; Toy pirate hats; Toy pistols; Toy robots; Toy sling planes; Toy slingshots; Toy stamps; Toy stuffed animals; Toy swords; Toy telescopes; Toy tiaras; Toy tools; Toy vehicle tracks; Toy vehicles; Toy vehicles and accessories therefor; Toy vehicles with transforming parts; Toy water guns; Toy weapons; Toy whistles; Toys for domestic pets; Toys in the nature of whirligigs; Toys, namely, bean bag animals; Toys, namely, detonating caps; Toys, namely, percussion caps; Toys, namely, puppets and accessories therefor; Action figure toys; Arrows; Automobile engine models being toys; Baby multiple activity toys; Bath toys; Bathtub toys; Battery operated action toys; Bendable toys; Carry bags sold filled with children's toys; Cat toys; Children's activity tables containing manipulative toys which convert to easels; Children's multiple activity toys; Children's multiple activity toys sold as a unit with printed books; Children's wire construction and art activity toys; Clockwork toys; Clockwork toys; Clockwork toys; Construction toys; Construction toys incorporating magnets; Crib toys; Decorative toy mobiles and plush toys for children made of felt; Disc toss toys; Dog toys; Drawing toys; Drawing toys comprised of drawing boards, magnetic styluses, and metal particles; Educational toys in the nature of an illustrated wall map; Electric action toys; Electronic toy vehicles; Electronic action toys; Electronic learning toys; Electronic novelty toys, namely, toys that electronically record, play back, and distort or manipulate voices and sounds; Fantasy character toys; Fidget toys; Flying toys using electrostatic levitation; Flying saucers; Gift baskets containing plush toys; Hand clapper toys; Helical spring toys; Infant toys; Infant action crib toys; Infant development toys; Inflatable toys; Inflatable toys for swimming pools; Inflatable toys showing decorative pictures; Inflatable bath toys; Inflatable pool toys; Inflatable ride-on toys; Inflatable thin rubber toys; Interlocking construction toys; Kinetic motion desk toys; Knitted toys; Lever action toys; Magnetic building blocks being toys; Magnetic levitating desk toys; Magnetic putty being toys; Mechanical toys; Mechanical action toys; Molded toy figures; Music box toys; Musical toys; Newton's cradle desk toys; Non-riding transportation toys; Novelty toys for playing jokes; Novelty toys in the nature of placebo sprays for playing jokes; Novelty noisemaker toys for parties; Novelty plush toys for parties; Percussion caps being toys; Perpetual motion desk toys; Pet toys; Pet toys containing catnip; Pet toys made of rope; Plastic character toys; Play mats containing infant toys; Plush toys; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Pool noodle toys; Pop tube fidget toys; Pop up toys; Portable musical toys incorporating telecommunication functions; Positionable three dimensional toys for use in games; Positionable two dimensional toys for use in games; Printed positionable toys for use in children's board games; Printing toys; Pull toys; Punching toys; Push toys; Remote control toy glider, airplane and sailplane equipment, namely, airplane; Remote control toy glider, airplane and sailplane equipment, namely, glider; Remote-controlled submarines being toys; Ride-on toys; Ride-on toys and accessories therefor; Rideable toys and accessories therefor; Rubber character toys; Sand toys; Sandbox toys; Scale model kits; Sketching toys; Soft knitted toys; Soft sculpture toys; Soft sculpture plush toys; Spinning fidget toys; Squeezable squeaking toys; Squeeze toys; Stacking toys; Stands for rideable toys; Stress relief exercise toys; Stuffed toys; Stuffed and plush toys; Talking toys; Tesselation toys; Tossing disc toys; Transforming robotic toys; Vending machine toys; Water toys; Water squirting toys; Water-squirting toys; Wind-up toys; Wind-up walking toys; Zen garden desk toys
The mark consists of a semi/half circle, two lines/wings expand on each side of the bottom of the circle, the word GAME is in the middle of it and the word Artifacts is on the bottom side of the semi circle.
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.

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