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Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Thursday, May 5, 2022

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30 Tea, tea beverages; bakery goods, cookies, crackers, rusks; cereal preparations, namely, processed cereals; preparations made from cereals, namely, cereal bars; cereal-based snack food, chips cereal products, namely, corn-based chips, grain porridge, millet porridge, semolina pudding, spelt porridge, cereal based food bars, ready-to-eat cereal-based snack food, cereal based foodstuffs for human consumption, namely, cereal based snack food; rice puddings; rice-based snack food, rice cake snacks; snack foods prepared from maize, snack food products made from maize flour; ready-made dishes containing pasta; rice-based prepared meals; pasta, noodles; gruel, with a milk base, for food
9 Baby alarms, namely, infant movement alarms; baby monitors, baby scales; graduated measuring batten, namely, graduated rulers, measuring rulers, instruments for measuring length
8 Cutlery for use by babies, namely, forks, spoons, knives; nail scissors
18 Slings for carrying babies, pouch baby carriers, slings for carrying infants, baby carriers slings or harnesses; backpacks
29 Processed fruits, fruit pulp, fruit purees, fruit mash, fruit bars, namely, fruit-based organic food bars, fruit chips, dried fruit, fruit-based snack food; processed vegetables, vegetable puree, vegetable pastes, vegetable chips, vegetables, dried, vegetable-based snack foods; snack foods based on legumes; prepared meals consisting primarily of vegetables, meat, chicken, milk products and/or fruit, namely, milk drinks containing fruits; milk, beverages based on milk and milk products, namely, milk-based beverages with chocolate, milk-based beverages containing milk concentrates, vegetable oil and added nutrients; milk products, namely, milk shakes, condensed milk, and milk powder
28 Games, namely, arcade games, paddles ball games, coin-operated video games, checkers, board games, dice games, parlor games, party games, mah jong games, dart games, backgammon games; toys, namely, rocking horses, musical toys, dolls, action figures; playing cards; gymnastic and sporting articles, namely, gymnastic apparatus, gymnastic horizontal bars, gymnastic parallel bars, gymnastic training stools, gymnastic vaulting horses; playthings for babies, namely, baby rattles; children's playthings, namely, model toy vehicles, toy jewelry; stuffed toys; gymnastic and sporting articles for babies, namely, baby gyms; gymnastic and sporting articles for children, namely, ricket balls, field hockey balls, golf balls, lacrosse balls, paddle balls, platform tennis balls, playground balls, racquet balls, rubber action balls, rugby balls, soccer balls, sport balls, baseballs, basket balls, billiard balls, bowling balls, foot balls, handballs, net balls, squash balls, table tennis balls, tennis balls, tether balls, volley balls, baseball gloves, bats for games, golf clubs, sports balls, tennis rackets, bows for archery, baseball batting gloves, batting gloves, boxing gloves, goalkeepers' gloves, handball gloves, hockey gloves, karate gloves, softball gloves, swimming gloves, waterski gloves; Christmas stockings used for creating advent calendars
5 Infant formula, foodstuff for babies, namely, baby foods; beverages for infants, namely, infant formula; dietetic substances for babies, namely, dietetic baby foods adapted for medical purposes; substitutes for mothers milk, namely, infant formula; babies' napkins, diapers of paper or cellulose for babies; absorbent sanitary articles, namely, sanitary towels, sanitary pads; non-prescription pharmaceuticals for babies, namely, pharmaceutical preparation for babies' skin; hygienic products for babies for medical use, namely, medicated soaps for babies; powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; anti-inflammatory ointments, medicinal ointments, namely, medicated lotions for babies, medicated nappy rash ointments, namely, medicated diaper rash ointment; pharmaceutical preparations for wounds; breast-nursing pads
16 Bibs of paper; photographic albums, baby books; paper towels; adhesive wall decorations of paper, namely, stickers, wall decals; wall decorations of paper, namely, party ornaments of paper; craft sets consisting of modelling clay for foot and hand imprints
26 Decorative articles for the hair, namely, namely, decorative ribbons, hair bands, hair bows, hair pins, hair scrunchies, hair barrettes, hair clips
3 Soaps, namely, bathing soaps, perfumed soaps, shaving soaps, non-medicated liquid soaps; soap for babies, namely, bathing soaps; cosmetics, non-medicated lip care preparations, not for medical purposes; salves non-medicated for body care; non-medicated diaper rash cream; non-medicated skin care preparations for babies, hair care preparations for babies, non-medicated baby body care products, namely, baby bath mousse, babies' body skin creams non-medicated, baby lotions, baby oils, baby powder, baby shampoo, sunscreen preparations, baby wipes; dentifrices, tooth care products, namely, toothpaste and non-medicated mouth wash and rinse; dentifrices for babies, tooth care products for babies, namely, toothpaste; cotton wool for cosmetic purposes, cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; pre-moistened cosmetic wipes
25 Clothing, namely, shirts, layettes, pants, pajamas, shorts, skirts, dresses, socks, blouses, t-shirts, jackets, coats, belts, ties, underwear, pullovers, sweaters, bathrobes, bathing suits and trunks, tights, rompers; footwear, headgear in the nature of headwear, namely, namely, hats, headbands, ear muffs; caps, headwear, bonnets, head scarves; baby clothes, namely, one-piece garments for babies, tops and bottoms for babies; children's wear, namely, one-piece garments for children, nightwear for children, tops and bottoms for children, sleepwear for babies, scarves, neck scarfs mufflers, gloves as clothing; layettes; cloth bibs, not of paper, plastic baby bibs, cloth baby bibs; clothing wraps; screens for protecting the eyes against shampoo, namely, baby shower cap, shampoo visor
24 Bed linen; blankets for babies, blankets made of cotton, woolen blankets; gauze cloths; towels of textile, children's towels, bath towels, bath towels for children; bath mitts; diaper changing cloths for babies; insect protection nets for household purposes, insect protection nets for pushchairs for household purposes; wall hanging decorations of textile; sleeping sacks, sleeping bags for infants
12 Safety seats for babies for use in vehicles, bicycle safety seats for babies, vehicle safety harness for carry cots; wheeled transporters for babies, namely, strollers; parts and fittings for baby carriages, namely, pushchair hoods, stroller covers, covering for pushchairs
11 Electric baby bottle warmers, electric baby food warmers, sterilizers for babies' feeding bottles; heating cushions for babies not for medical purposes; electric radiant heaters, electric heat radiators for heating ambient air; toilet seats for babies and children
10 Dummies for babies, namely, pacifiers for babies, dummies for toddlers, namely, pacifiers for toddlers, dummy bands, namely, bands for attachment to infant pacifiers, pacifier clips; feeding bottle; feeding bottle teats; covers for baby feeding bottles made from woven fabric and/or plastic; teething rings; teething rattles for babies, incontinence sheets for use with babies; bottles or pouches for storing breast milk; breast pumps; finger guards for mouth care purposes; nasal aspirators; ear picks
21 Baby bath tubs; stands for babies' baths; feeding bottle brushes; non-electric heaters for feeding bottles; non-electric potty for children; training cups for babies and children; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons, for babies and children, namely, disposable serving spoons; cups for babies and children, namely, drinking cups, training cups; brushes, namely, hair brushes, brush goods, namely, bath brushes, bottle brushes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes; combs; sponges, namely, bath sponges, cleaning sponges; buckets, diaper pails; serving scoops as household or kitchen utensil, namely, serving scoops for ice cream; chamber pots
32 Mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages, namely, non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; waters, namely, drinking water, flavored water, seltzer water, soda water; fruit beverages and fruit juices, fruit juice spritzers; syrups and other preparations for making beverages, namely, concentrates and powders for making soft drink beverages and fruit drinks
20 Children's and babies' furniture; Moses baskets; beds, transportable beds; mattresses; seats adapted for babies, namely, baby bouncers; high chairs for babies; non-metal safety baby gates; portable bath seats; non-metal safety gates for babies and children; cradles, babies' bouncing chairs; infant walkers; baby changing platforms, baby changing mats, cushion pads as parts of changing tables; cushions, crawling rollers in the nature of cushions for babies, baby head support cushions; portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; chests, namely, toy chests, non-metal chests, toy boxes and toy chests; plastic containers for storage purposes for commercial and industrial use; wall decorations made of wood, namely, picture frames; wall decorations of plastic, namely, picture frames; carry cots
The wording 'Lupilu" has no meaning in a foreign language.
The mark consists of the underlined wording "LUPILU" with the letter "L" in lilac, the letter "U" in blue, the letter "P" in green, the letter "I" in yellow, the letter "L" in orange, the letter "U" in red, and the underline in a darker shade of blue.
The color(s) lilac, blue, green, light green, orange, red and dark blue is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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