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Monday, May 9, 2022
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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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40 Waste management services and information about waste management services and recycling; information about processing of plastics; recycling services; material treatment services in connection with recycling; upcycling in the nature of waste recycling; recycling of waste; waste treatment conversion; sorting of waste and recyclable materials; treatment and processing of plastic; plastic recycling services, in particular recycling plastic scrap; providing information, advice and consultancy services relating to the recycling of materials, in particular to the recycling of plastic and plastic scrap; recycling of goods for third parties; rental of machines and apparatus for use in the treatment and the recycling of plastic
39 Transport and storage of waste and recycling materials; collection and transportation of goods, in particular collection of plastic and plastic scrap; collection of industrial waste, in particular collection of plastic and plastic scrap; plastic and plastic scrap collection for recycling; collection of containers for waste materials; garbage, trash, and waste collection; plastic scrap collection for recycling; information in relation with the collection and storage and transport of goods, in particular in relation with the collection and storage and transport of waste, of plastic and of plastic scrap for recycling
37 Trash and refuse clean-up; waste disposal for others; installation, repair and maintenance of machines and apparatus for use in the treatment and the recycling of plastic, and providing information in relation with the installation, repair or maintenance of said machines and apparatus; cleaning of factories and industrial premises; contract cleaning of factories; maintenance of cleaning machines; rental of industrial cleaning machines; providing information relating to building cleaning; cleaning plastic scrap
35 Cost price analysis, in particular cost price analysis regarding waste disposal, removal, handling and recycling; business management, namely, administrative management of recycling services; administrative processing of orders; accounting services; invoicing services; clerical services for taking sales orders; commercial information services, in particular commercial information and advice for consumers; commercial intermediation services, namely, mediation and conclusion of commercial transactions for others
42 Scientific and technological research and development in the field of recycling, in particular in the field of materials treatment and recycling plastic and plastic scrap; scientific and industrial analysis in the field of recycling; engineering services; design and development of new products and new technologies for others; testing of materials; quality control for others; environmental monitoring of waste storage and waste recycling areas; research in the field of environmental protection; technical consulting and advice provided by engineers with respect to plastics and rubber, particularly relating to the use, the processing and the recycling of these materials; consulting in energy efficiency and environmental protection pertaining to the processing and use of plastics; scientific, industrial or technological research in the field of the polymers industry and processing of plastics
The mark consists of a R in a stylized form.
The color(s) green and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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