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Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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Friday, April 29, 2022

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9 Apparatus for scientific research and laboratory use; Teaching apparatus and simulators in the field of medicine and biochemistry; Recorded data sets in the field of medicine and biochemistry recorded on computer media; Recorded media, computer hardware, computer software, application software, virtual and augmented reality software and mobile applications for use in biochemistry and medicine; Computer software and cloud computing software for medical and biochemical purposes
5 Biochemical preparations for medical and veterinary purposes; Dietetic preparations and food supplements; Medical, dental and veterinary preparations; Sanitary preparations and articles; Medicines and natural remedies, pharmaceutical products and preparations for health care; Diagnostic agents and diagnostic reagents as medical and biochemical preparations; Molecular diagnostic test kits for medical purposes; Dressing materials for medical purposes; Covering materials and applicators for medical purposes
1 Chemical and biochemical substances other than for medical purposes, except solvents, chemical and biochemical materials and chemical and biochemical preparations and natural elements; Biochemical preparations for scientific purposes; Microbiological, biochemical and diagnostic reagents, tests and enzymes for use in science; Molecular diagnostic test kits for scientific purposes in biochemistry
44 Human health care, namely, medical, dental and pharmaceutical services; Medical clinic and health clinic services; Laboratory analysis services relating to the treatment of human beings; Performance of medical tests and services for diagnosing the condition of the human body; Hygienic and beauty care for human beings; Animal health care; Laboratory analysis services relating to the treatment of animals; Agricultural and water management services; Consultancy and information relating to the aforesaid services, as included in this class; Medical diagnostic services
10 Medical apparatus and instruments; Medical apparatus, instruments and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of human beings; Diagnostic, examination and monitoring equipment; Medical analysis equipment for the biochemical composition of the body
42 IT services, namely, development, programming and implementation of software in the field of medicine, biochemistry, and pharmacy; Development of computer hardware; Hosting computer software applications of others; Software as a service (SaaS) featuring software for medical, biochemical and medical purposes; Rental of software for data processing; Rental of computer hardware and equipment; IT consulting, directory assistance and information services; IT security, protection and repair services; Computer project management services; Technological services related to computers, namely, computer network services, and updating of computer system memory banks; Updating websites for third parties; Scientific and technological services, excluding solvent recycling services; Biochemical services; Biochemical research, analysis and engineering services; Analytical and (bio)chemical laboratory services; Performance of tests and analyses of diagnostic imaging for scientific research purposes; Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical research services; Development of pharmaceutical, biochemical and medical products; Laboratory testing of food and agricultural products; Medical and pharmaceutical testing, authentication and quality control for others; Environmental analysis services; Consultancy and information relating to the aforesaid services, as included in this class
The mark consists of a rounded square in the color red positioned over the word resolve, which is itself positioned over the word biosciences, and where within the rounded square are the lowercase letters re in white and where the letter r is joined to the letter e.
The color(s) red and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.

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