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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Friday, January 7, 2022

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7 Industrial robots; household cleaning and laundry robots with artificial intelligence; Robotic exoskeleton suits being machines, other than for medical purposes; robotic vacuum cleaners; robotic cleaning machines in the nature of floor cleaning machines; industrial sewing robots; control mechanisms for industrial robots; industrial robots for loading and unloading; Parts of industrial robots, namely, robotic arms for industrial purposes; robotic washing machines, electric, for household purposes; Industrial robots for art exhibitions; Industrial robots for pipeline inspection; industrial robots for military purpose; Industrial robots for machine tools; industrial paint-spraying robots; Electric servo actuators for use in robotic welding for industrial use; automatic control mechanisms for robots; Module system comprised of industrial robots being robotic palletization carriers; pneumatic controls for industrial robots; driving devices for industrial robots; gears for robot; motion control mechanisms for industrial robots; actuators for robots, namely, linear actuators, pneumatic valve, and hydraulic valve actuators; control mechanisms for robots; Industrial robots for promoting products; industrial robots for processing stone; industrial robots for processing resins; industrial robots for assembling electronic circuit; industrial robots for transporting tube for blood test; Robots to help with daily household chores being automatic cleaning devices, namely, cleaning machines for floors, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers; Robots for doing daily chores; Helping robots for household purposes; Industrial robots for serving customers; industrial robots for serving customers for art exhibitions; autonomous mobile robots for industrial use in the nature of palletizers, case elevators, automatic pallet dispensing machines and automatic slip sheet dispensing machines; Industrial autonomous mobile robots for providing automated material handling for customers in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics environments; Robots for building construction; Robots for building maintenance; Robots for installing drywall; Robots for painting; Walking assistive robots, other than for medical purposes; Wearable robots for industrial purposes; robots for pet care being machines for grooming, washing and feeding pets; industrial robots for serving food and drinks in restaurants
9 Laboratory robots; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence for use in scientific research; security surveillance robots; teaching robots; telepresence robots; Robotic electrical control apparatus for humanoid robots and robots; downloadable and recorded software for controlling robots; downloadable and recorded application software for robots, namely, for operating robots; Downloadable and recorded application software for robots, namely, software for operating robots for use in restaurant automation; downloadable and recorded software for robots for performing household functions; downloadable application software for robot programming; data processing robot; educational data processing robot; downloadable and recorded software for controlling kitchen automation robots; downloadable and recorded software for Controlling Serving Robots for Restaurants
10 Robotic exoskeleton suits for medical purposes; surgical robots; nanorobots for medical purposes; medical robots used in laparoscopic surgery; cupping robots; walking aids for medical purposes; body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes; Wearable walking assistive robots for medical purposes; Robotic arms for use by mobility-impaired individuals; Medical device, namely, a remote manipulation system consisting of a Robotic arm, knob, deflection lever, and buttons, to facilitate remote catheterizations; Medical robots for use in cognitive therapy for children; Medical robots with attached spoons for assisting physically disabled persons with eating
11 Robotic air purifiers for household purposes; robotic humidity controller for household purposes; robotic cooking devices, namely, multicookers for household purposes; robotic cooking devices, namely, electric cookers for household purposes; robotic air conditioners for household purposes; robotic cooking apparatus and installations, namely, robotic cooking ovens, robotic electric grills, robotic cooking stoves, robotic electric pressure cookers, robotic electric slow cookers, robotic electric rice cookers, robotic temperature-controlled food dispensers, robotic temperature-controlled spice dispensers, robotic temperature-controlled beverage dispensers; robotic range hoods for household purposes
The English translation of "SAMSUNG" in the mark is "three stars".

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