Trademark: 97207702
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Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Friday, January 7, 2022

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3 Cosmetics; Baby lotion; Baby oils; Baby powder; Baby shampoo; Baby suncreams; Bath foams; Bath gel; Bath melts; Bath milk; Bath milks; Bath oils; Bath oils and bath salts; Bath oils for cosmetic purposes; Bath salts; Beauty balm creams; Beauty creams; Beauty creams for body care; Beauty gels; Beauty lotions; Beauty masks; Beauty milks; Beauty serums; Beauty soap; Body lotions; Body masks; Body milk; Body scrubs; Body washes; Cosmetics and cosmetic preparations; Cosmetics and make-up; Cosmetics in general, including perfumes; Cosmetics in the form of milks, lotions and emulsions; Essential oils; Facial cleansers; Facial cleansing milk; Facial concealer; Facial cream; Facial creams; Facial emulsions; Facial lotion; Facial makeup; Facial masks; Facial moisturizers; Facial oils; Facial scrubs; Facial washes; False nails; Hair butter; Hair creams; Hair gel; Hair gel and hair mousse; Hair gels; Hair oils; Hair shampoo; Hair sprays; Hair sprays and hair gels; Hand cleaning gels; Hand cream; Hand creams; Hand lotions; Hand scrubs; Hand soaps; Lip balm; Lip balm; Lip conditioners; Lip cream; Lip gloss; Lip glosses; Lip liner; Lip stains; Lip tints; Massage creams; Massage lotions; Massage oil; Nail art stickers; Nail cosmetics; Nail cream; Nail gel; Nail polish; Nail polishing powder; Skin bronzer; Skin cleansers; Skin cleansing lotion; Skin conditioners; Skin cream; Skin creams; Skin lotions; Skin moisturizer; Skin toners; Adhesives for affixing false nails; Adhesives for false eyelashes, hair and nails; Aromatic essential oils; Artificial eyelashes; Baby hand soap; Baby bubble bath; Body mask cream; Body mask lotion; Bubble bath; Cosmetic facial masks; Cosmetic masks; Cosmetic massage creams; False eyelashes; Foam bath; Magnetic false eyelashes; Non-medicated bath preparations; Non-medicated bath salts; Non-medicated beauty soap; Scented bathing salts; Skin masks

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Jan 13, 2022
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Jan 11, 2022
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