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Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Friday, January 7, 2022

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2 Spray-applied corrosion-resistant coil coating designed to protect heat exchange units; anti-corrosive coatings
3 Chemical cleaners directed to the HVAC industry
7 Air cooled condensers; refrigerant compressors and refrigerator compressor racks; radiators for engines
9 Computer software for refrigeration equipment selection; capacitators, namely, condensing units, and capacitators, namely, condensers used in industrial refrigeration applications; refrigerated vending machines; laboratory equipment, namely, ultra low temperature refrigeration units for scientific research applications; central processing unit coolers
11 HVAC units; heat exchangers not being part of machines, namely, condensers, heater cores, radiators, water coils, evaporators, oil and gas coolers for residential and commercial air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and refrigeration systems; heat exchangers being parts of air conditioning systems for vehicles, namely, condensers and evaporators; Refrigeration equipment, namely, process chillers, cooling towers, unit coolers, air handlers and fluid coolers; packaged refrigeration systems, namely, refrigerators for commercial use; refrigeration systems controls, refrigerated cases; walk-in coolers; evaporators for industrial refrigeration applications; refrigerated reach-in coolers; evaporators for industrial refrigeration applications; ice making machines; refrigeration systems, namely, refrigerators transportable by vehicle or sea transport; Heat exchanger coils and tubing specifically adapted for refrigeration equipment, namely, process chillers, cooling towers, unit coolers, air handlers, fluid coolers, refrigerating display cases, and walk in coolers; electric heating elements; heat exchanger coils and tubing therefor; Heat exchanger coils not being part of machines and not for medical use; coated metal substrate component for air conditioners, particularly coated condensers and evaporators; commercial air conditioning and heat pump units and heating and cooling ventilation units; rooftop ventilation units used to filter, heat, cool, or dehumidify air for commercial or industrial use; air conditioning and heat pump units; gas-fired heating units for non-residential commercial purposes; gas fired and hot water space heaters for residential, commercial or industrial use; commercial air conditioning and heat pump units; heating, cooling and ventilating units; gas fired heaters for greenhouses; ventilation systems for schools and commercial use
12 Electric cars; oil coolers and radiators for automotive vehicles; battery thermal management systems for commercial, off-highway, and industrial vehicles
37 HVAC maintenance services, namely, applying a spray corrosive-resistant coating to HVAC cabinets for the purpose of protecting the internal components and external services of HVAC cabinets
40 Applying coating for metal substrates, particularly coating heat transfers fins for air conditioner condensers, evaporators, and related components and other metal parts
42 Providing online non-downloadable computer software for selecting heat exchangers for air conditioning and refrigeration applications

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