Trademark: 97207517
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Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Friday, January 7, 2022

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7 Pumps as parts of machines, motors and engines; compressed air machines; compressed air pumps; electric food blenders; juice extractors, electric; whisks, electric, for household purposes; electric vegetable peelers; electric fruit peelers; electric knife sharpeners; electric milk frothers
9 Loudspeakers; audio speakers; wireless speakers; cordless speakers; cabinets for loudspeakers; horns for loudspeakers; megaphones; microphones; sound transmitting apparatus; sound recording apparatus; portable media players; chargers for electric accumulators; galvanic cells; battery chargers; batteries; batteries, electric, for vehicles; accumulators, electric; solar batteries; solar panels for the production of electricity; solar panel chargers; power banks, namely, electrical storage batteries; battery packs; lithium ion batteries; battery charge devices, namely, power stations; inverters; switches, electric; digital projectors; LCD projectors; movie projectors; multimedia projectors; electrical adaptors; power inverters; inverters for power supply; laser level measuring apparatus
11 Lighting apparatus and installations for outdoor purposes; light bulbs; electric lamps; lamps; flashlights; electric flashlights; lanterns for lighting; ceiling lights; lighting apparatus for vehicles; LED flashlights; lamps for tents; flat panel lighting apparatus; fans for air conditioning apparatus; electric fans for personal use; electric fans; portable electric fans; wearable electric fans; clip fans; portable misting fans; misting systems for outdoor cooling; portable air conditioners; gas grills; charcoal grills; barbecue grills; electric grills; roasting jacks; roasting spits for cooking ovens; electric roasters; roasters powered by propane gas; charcoal roasters for household purposes; coffee roasters; barbecues; bread baking machines; kettles, electric; coffee machines, electric; electric egg boilers; food steamers, electric; barbecue smokers; electric frying pans; electric tea pots; air fryers; cooling appliances and installations for outdoor purposes; electric coolers; portable coolers, electric; portable refrigerators; ice machines and apparatus; ice making machines; personal cooling mats; electric heating apparatus for outdoor purposes; heat guns; heating pads, electric, not for medical purposes; blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; electrically heated clothing; electrically heated gloves; electrically heated vests; electrically heated scarfs; electrically heated chairs; electrically heated sleeping bags; portable grills; electric toasters; cooking ovens; electric food warmers; radiators, electric; electric pocket warmers for warming hands; portable electric heaters; desiccating units for drying personal items; laundry dryers, electric; electric air dryers; fabric steamers; hair dryers for household purposes; hand-held electric hair dryers; electric hair dryers; air purifying apparatus and machines; air purifiers; humidifiers; dehumidifiers; water purification installations; heating apparatus for dispensing hot beverages; drinking water equipment, namely, coolers and hot and cold dispensing consoles; drinking water dispensers
21 Thermally insulated containers for food or beverages; portable cool boxes, non-electric; ice pails; non-electric portable coolers; insect traps; diffuser vessels for insect repellents; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; ultrasonic mosquito repellers; ultrasonic pest repellers; camping grills; cooking utensils, namely, grills; barbecue mitts

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