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Monday, January 10, 2022
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Thursday, January 6, 2022

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9 teaching robots; educational software; downloadable animation; downloadable electronic study books or papers; downloadable multimedia file; downloadable database management software applications; downloadable mobile coupons; electronic publications, downloadable; computer software for use in relation to digital animation and special effects of images; animated cartoons; downloadable emoticons for mobile phones; pouches specially adapted for batteries; boiler control instruments; smartphones; eyeglasses; computer software concerned with children's education; ear phones; computer software for internet chatting; computer software for application and database integration; apparatus for video conference system; computer software to enhance the audiovisual capabilities of multimedia applications; computer software for transmitting/broadcasting audio/video/multimedia contents; computer software to enhance the audio-visual capabilities of multimedia applications, namely, for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures; digital media streaming devices; DVDs; home theater systems; DVD player for home theater; speakers for home theater; home theater projectors; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images
16 printed curricula; histological sections for teaching purposes; educational publications; teaching materials (except apparatus); pictures; stationery; glue for stationery or household purposes; binding materials for books and papers; stickers; children's instructional books; babies' bibs of paper; printed correspondence course materials; photographs (printed); paper name badges; paper patterns; printed publications; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); modeling clay for children; study books or papers; toilet paper
35 job and personnel placement services for tutoring; advertising and promotional services; providing academic course administration services for academic institutions; Business intermediary services relating to the purchase and sale of educational software; Retail store services featuring educational publications; Retail store services featuring digital music downloadable from the Internet; Business intermediary services relating to the purchase and sale of electronic publications, downloadable; Sales agency services for downloadable electronic study books or papers; news clipping services; retail services provided by hypermarket services; Retail store services featuring stationery; retail department store services; supermarkets; offer services (trade agency); providing academic course administration services relating to on-line course registration; on-line data processing services; providing on-line auction services; arranging subscriptions of the online publications of others; promoting the goods and services by means of operating an on-line comprehensive shopping mall; compilation of directories for publishing on the Internet; rental of vending machines; business intermediary services relating to mail order by telecommunications; telephone answering and message handling services; retrieval services for internet data; Wholesale store services featuring printed publications; computerized accounting services; pay per click advertising; retail convenience stores; Retail store services featuring study books or papers; dissemination of study books or papers for others
38 education broadcasting; provision of telecommunication facilities for educational purposes; provision of teleconferencing facilities for educational purposes; transmission of downloadable electronic publications; transmission of downloadable electronic newspapers; transmission of news; data transmission and data broadcasting; providing the access to databases (education/internet broadcasting); data communication; transmission of messages and images between mobile telecommunications devices; electronic mail of English essay educational broadcasting; online message telecommunications; providing internet chatrooms for location-based social networking service (SNS); audio, video and multimedia broadcasting via the Internet and other communications networks; live transmissions accessible via home pages on the internet (webcam); internet education broadcasting; radio/television broadcasting provided via internet; education broadcasting via internet; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications services); teletext broadcasting via television/mobile devices/tablet computer/computer/handheld devices; digital media streaming services; streaming of data; video streaming services; providing streaming services of movies/music/video/gaming and multimedia content; streaming services of movie trailer via wired and wireless communication; streaming of audio and video content over the internet and wireless networks; streaming of audio and video content on the internet; video streaming services via the internet; data streaming services via the internet; streaming of video/audio material via internet; streaming of electronic games via internet; streaming of digital media content for others via computer networks; transmission and reception (transmission) of database information via the wired or wireless telecommunication network; internet broadcasting services; television broadcasting; video-on-demand transmission services
41 gaming services; publication of texts, books, magazines and other printed matter; educational services; organization and presentation of live performances; multimedia publishing of printed matter, books, magazines, journals, newspapers, newsletters, tutorials, maps, graphics, photographs, videos, music and electronic publications; night club entertainment services; news reporters services; organizing, arranging and conducting of seminars, workshops (training)and exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; translation; providing photographic studios; rental of records or recorded magnetic audio tapes for language training; providing facilities for movies, shows, plays, music or educational training; providing audio or video studio services; distance learning services provided on-line; education courses through the internet; entertainment in the nature of animated and live action television series; electronic library services; electronic publishing services; kids theme park services in the framework of franchising; training and instruction; television show production; distribution (other than transportation) of television programmes; providing information in the field of education; providing online electronic publications, not downloadable; film production services; production and distribution of sound, movie and video recordings; production of television programs for broadcast on mobile telephones; production and distribution of animation TV series; videotaping; language interpretation; production and distribution of radio and television programs; film distribution
42 design and development of virtual reality software; operating search engines; development of game software; designing websites for advertising purposes; programming of educational software; graphic design; data warehousing; hosting a web site for the electronic storage of digital photographs and videos; hosting multimedia educational content; digitization of books; software development, programming and implementation; testing, inspection and research services in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs; image processing software design; hosting of podcasts; hosting on-line web facilities for others for conducting interactive discussions; development and maintenance of web sites; development of web site for infant-related community; product research and development; fashion design; marine, aerial and land surveying; hosting the web sites of others on a computer server for a global computer network; server hosting; hosting of digital content online
45 online social networking services; licensing of computer games; mother helpers services; information about personal wardrobe styling services; interment services; pet funeral services; babysitting; missing persons location information; fraud and identity theft protection services; fraud detection services in the field of banking; providing information via interactive on-line web sites in the field of dating and to facilitate introduction of individuals and development of relationships and friendships; video dating services; on-line dating club services; on-line dating services; wedding chapel services; providing horoscope information via computer networks; pet sitting; animal adoption services; on-line social introduction services; personal shopping for others; licensing of digital data; video monitoring of facilities, viewable through a global computer network (on-line monitoring); granting of licenses relating to the copying of broadcast television programmes; legal services relating to the protection and exploitation of copyright for film, television, theater and music productions
The mark consists of letters and shapes.

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