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Monday, January 10, 2022
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Thursday, January 6, 2022

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9 Video games in the form of computer programs recorded on data carriers; Video games on disc; Downloadable computer games; Computer gaming software; Downloadable game software; Computer game software, downloadable; Computer game software for use on mobile devices; Programs for computers; Computer software, recorded; Software; Mobile apps; Computer software applications, downloadable; Electronic data carriers; Magnetic data media; Optical data media; Magnetic data carriers bearing recorded software; Optical data carriers bearing recorded software; Data carriers for computers having software recorded thereon; Compact discs; DVDs; Downloadable comics; Electronic magazines; E-books; Pre-recorded DVDs featuring games; Software for smartphones; Video films; Downloadable digital music; Optical discs featuring music; Records; Compact discs featuring music
16 Comics; Writing instruments; Posters; Stickers; Printed matter; Magazines in the fields of games and gaming; Books; Strategy guide books for computer games; Rule books for playing games; Strategy guide magazines for card games
21 Mugs; Glasses, drinking vessels and barware
25 Clothing; Shoes; Hats; Underwear
28 Table-top games; Electronic board games; Role playing games; Compendiums of board games; Video game consoles; Hand-held game consoles; Hand-held consoles for playing video games; Automatic electronic games; Joysticks for video games; Controllers for game consoles; Game controllers for computers; Gaming keypads; Computer game joysticks; Controllers for video game machines; Video game apparatus; Home video game machines; Electronic games apparatus; Computer game apparatus; Puzzles; Playing cards; Toy figures; Collectable toy figures
38 Broadcasting of motion picture films via the Internet; Transmission of multimedia content via the Internet; Telecommunication services provided via Internet platforms and portals
41 Provision of games by means of a computer based system; Electronic games services provided from a computer database or by means of the internet; Games services provided via computer networks and global communication networks; Internet games (non-downloadable); Organization of electronic game competitions; Provision of on-line computer games; Electronic game services provided by means of the internet; Video game services; Providing on-line information in the field of computer gaming entertainment; Providing online comic books, not downloadable; Providing online nondownloadable comic books and graphic novels; Organisation of training; Arranging of conferences; Providing information on-line relating to computer games and computer enhancements for games; Entertainment services for matching users with computer games; Production of cinematographic films; Production of special effects for films; Special effects animation services for film and video; Production of entertainment in the form of a television series; Production of television and cinema films; Videotape production; Production of sound and music recordings; Providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services
42 Development of video and computer games; Design and development of computer game software; Design of games; Design of computer game software; Design and development of video game software; Advisory and consultancy services relating to computer and video games software; Design and development of software in the field of mobile applications; Research, development, design and upgrading of computer software; Computer software development for others; Design and development of virtual reality software; Design of board-games; Animation and special-effects design for others; Smartphone software design
45 Licensing of computer games; Licensing of computer software
The mark consists of the term "REBEL" atop and touching the term "WOLVES"; all in fairly standard font with a shaken appearance. Three wolves are silhouetted in front of the letters "WOLVES".

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