Trademark: 97133074
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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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Thursday, November 18, 2021

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20 Dividers for drawers; Accent pillows; Bamboo baskets for industrial purposes; Beach chairs; Bins of wood or plastic; Clips of plastic for sealing bags; Closet accessories, namely, belt racks; Closet accessories, namely, clothes bars; Closet accessories, namely, shoe racks; Closet accessories, namely, sliding clothes rails; Clothes hangers having sliding arms for use with shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks by placement through the neck hole; Container closures of plastic; Containers, not of metal for commercial use; Curtain rings; Decorative boxes made of plastic; Display racks for kitchen and bathroom organization; Drawer dividers; Drawer organizers; Drawers and dividers therefor; Fitted shelf dividers made of resin, acrylic, plastic, wood or metal; Fitted shelf dividers; Free-standing tool racks; Freestanding dividers made of acrylic resin for shelves not being furniture parts; Furniture drawer slides sold as integral parts of drawers; Hangers for clothes; Hat hooks, not of metal; Hat racks; Household decor and garden ornaments made primarily of textiles and also including beads; Inflatable figures for use as outdoor holiday decorations; Key holders being storage cabinets; Key racks; Keyboards for hanging keys; Letter boards comprised of woo for displaying custom messages; Letter boards for displaying custom messages; Magnetic non-metal hooks; Metal storage cabinets; Moving boxes of plastic; Non-metal and non-paper closures for containers; Non-metal recycling bins for commercial use; Non-metal step stools; Plastic boxes; Plastic card keys, not encoded and not magnetic; Plastic casters; Plastic clips for sealing bags; Plastic drawer lining material; Plastic suction cups; Plastic zipper tapes for use as closures for packaging containers and packaging bags of plastic; Shaving mirrors; Shelf dividers being furniture parts; Shelves for books; Shoe boxes for storage made of plastic; Shoe racks; Shower curtain hooks; Shower curtain rings; Storage tanks, not of metal or masonry; Three-dimensional holiday ornaments made from fabric; Tie racks; Toy boxes and chests; Wood knobs; Wooden stoppers for industrial packaging containers; Wooden tubs
21 Baking cups of paper; Baking dishes; Basting spoons; Bath accessories, namely, cup holders; Bath products, namely, loofah sponges; Bath sponges; Bowls; Bowls made of precious metal; Boxes of glass; Button hooks; Cake molds; Cake stands; Candle holders; Candle holders of precious metal; Candle snuffers of precious metal; Candlesticks; Candlesticks of glass; Candlesticks of precious metal; Candlesticks with wind protection; Candy boxes; Candy jars sold empty; Champagne buckets; Cleaning sponges; Clothes brushes; Cloths for cleaning; Cocktail glasses; Cocktail shakers; Cocktail sticks; Cocktail strainers; Coffee mugs; Cookie jars; Cotton ball jars; Crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays; Cupcake stands; Cups and mugs; Decorative plates; Dessert plates; Dinnerware; Dishers; Dishes; Dishwashing brushes; Disposable plastic gloves for general use; Drinking bottles for sports; Drinking cups and saucers; Drinking cups sold with lids therefor; Drinking flasks; Drinking glasses, namely, tumblers; Drinking straws of glass; Drinking troughs; Drinkware; Dusting cloths; Dusting gloves; Electric aromatherapy diffusers; Electric aromatherapy oil diffusers; Electric corkscrews; Empty popcorn tins for household use; Facial cleansing sponges; Feather-dusters; Floating drink holders; Flower vases; Household plastic gloves; Kitchen containers; Kitchen sponges; Kitchen utensils, namely, splatter screens; Laundry baskets; Laundry hampers for domestic or household use; Leather coasters; Manual cosmetic cleaners, namely, non-woven fabric wipes and sponges; Martini glasses; Mixing bowls; Mixing spoons; Mugs; Napkin holders and napkin rings not of precious metal; Non-electric aromatherapy diffusers for use in showers; Non-electric wine openers; Pads for cleaning; Paper and plastic cups; Paper baking cups; Paper plates and paper cups; Pastry bags; Perfume sprayers; Plastic household storage containers for bathroom and kitchen. Made of plastic, metal or other materials; Plastic containers, namely, cake boxes for household use; Plastic cups; Plastic household gloves; Plug-in diffusers for air fragrances; Pot and pan scrapers; Potpourri dishes made in whole or in part of precious metal; Rails and rings for towels, not of precious metal; Reusable self-sealing lids for household use for bowls, cups, containers and the storage of food; Reusable plastic, glass water bottles sold empty; Scrub sponges; Serving dishes; Serving tray liners; Silicone baking cups; Soap dispensers; Soap holders; Soup bowls; Sponge holders; Stands for dishes; Tea cups; Tea infusers; Tea light essential oil diffusers; Tea pots of precious metal; Tea strainers; Teacups (yunomi); Toothpaste tube squeezers; Vaporizers being electric aromatic oil diffusers; Wine buckets; Wine jugs; Wine openers

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Nov 23, 2021
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Nov 22, 2021
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