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Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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Thursday, November 18, 2021

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5 Dietary supplements; dietary food supplements; nutritional supplements; plant extracts (dietary supplements); vitamin supplements; vitamin supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; nutritional drinks for dietary purposes; nutritional drinks being dietary food supplements
29 Milk; avocado milk; avocado-based beverages in this class; milk-based beverages (milk predominating); drinks made wholly or principally with milk; favoured milk; milk drinks; almond milk; peanut milk; oat milk; coconut milk; goats milk; rice milk; soya milk; milk drinks made predominantly from nuts; milk drinks made predominantly from dairy products; nut milk; bottled milk; bottled avocado milk; bottled milk-based beverages (milk predominating); milk powders (other than for babies); flavoured milk powder for making drinks; avocado-based dairy products; yoghurt; flavoured yoghurts; yoghurt products; yoghurt preparations; yoghurt powders; yoghurt based drinks and beverages; avocado-based yoghurts; non-dairy yoghurts; avocado-based dips; vegetable-based dips; dairy-based dips; avocado-based snack foods; fruit-based snack foods; vegetable-based snack foods; nut-based snack foods; vegetable-based food preparations; plant-based food preparations; fruit-based food preparations; nut-based food preparations; dairy products in powder form; vegetable-based food products in powder form; plant-based food products in powder form; fruit-based food products in powder form; nut-based food products in powder form
30 Ice cream; ice cream products; avocado-based ice creams; non-dairy ice creams; imitation ice creams; powders for ice cream; frozen yoghurt; yoghurt based ice cream (ice cream predominating); avocado-based frozen yoghurts; avocado-based yoghurt ice creams; mayonnaise; imitation mayonnaise; avocado-based mayonnaise; condiments; avocado-based condiments; confectionery; avocado-based confectionery
32 Non-alcoholic beverages; plant-based non-alcoholic beverages; avocado-based beverages; smoothies; avocado-based smoothies; concentrates for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic beverages in this class; powders for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic beverages in this class; vegetable extracts for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic drinks; fruit extracts for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic drinks

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