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Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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Thursday, November 18, 2021

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9 Scientific, research, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded and downloadable media; computer software; computer hardware; computer programmes; computer memory devices; computer operation programs, recorded; computer programs, downloadable; computer programs, recorded; computer peripheral devices; digital solutions provider software; computer application software; computer software applications, downloadable; computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; computer software, recorded; computers; connected bracelets; couplers; covers for smartphones; covers for tablet computers; covers for personal digital assistants; data processing apparatus; detectors; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; personal digital assistants; downloadable image files; electronic publications, downloadable; encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; high frequency apparatus; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; integrated circuits; integrated circuit cards; interactive touch screen terminals; intercommunication apparatus; interfaces for computers; laboratory robots; magnetic data media; measuring apparatus; measuring devices, electric; measuring instruments; microprocessors; monitoring apparatus, other than for medical purposes; monitors; processors; readers; regulating apparatus, electric; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; remote control apparatus; scanners; surveillance robots; security tokens; wearable activity trackers; smart watches; smart rings; smartglasses; GPS tracking devices; personal tracking devices; vehicle, plant equipment and machinery tracking devices; electronic tracking apparatus and instruments; computer software for monitoring and tracking; computer hardware for tracking and monitoring activity; audiovisual teaching apparatus; biochips; biometric identity cards; black boxes; teaching robots; teaching apparatus; transmitters; transmitters of electronic signals; transmitting sets; USB flash drives; virtual reality headsets; wearable computers; wearable video display monitors; workforce management software; remote monitoring apparatus and instruments; cloud computer software; cloud network monitoring software; sensors for monitoring physical movement; software for remote monitoring and analysis; software for monitoring, analysing, controlling and running physical world operations
35 Business management of digital transformation consultancies; monitoring activity and data for business purposes; advisory services for business management; business efficiency expert services; business management and organisation consultancy; business project management services for oil and gas projects; professional business consultancy; providing business information; providing business information via a website; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; commercial or industrial management assistance; compilation of information into computer databases; compilation of statistics; computerized file management; data search in computer files for others; demonstration of goods; import-export agency services; market intelligence services; market studies; negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; negotiation of business contracts for others; provision of an online market place for buyers and sellers of goods and services; outsourcing services; procurement services for others; sales promotion for others; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; systemisation of information into computer databases; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; updating and maintenance of information in registries
38 Telecommunications services; providing access to databases; transmission of digital files; rental of access time to global computer networks; communications by computer terminals; communications by fibre optic networks; computer aided transmission of messages and images; providing information in the field of telecommunications; message sending; providing online forums; streaming of data; rental of telecommunication equipment; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; transmission of electronic mail; videoconferencing services; providing access to online portals
42 Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis, industrial research and industrial design services; quality control and authentication services; design and development of computer hardware and software; information technology consultancy; digital transformation consultancy services; Software as a Services; Platform as a Service; computer programming; computer rental; cloud computing; computer software consultancy; computer system analysis; computer system design; computer technology consultancy; rental of computer software; conversion of computer programmes and data, other than physical conversion; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; creating and designing website-based indexes of information for others; data encryption services; data security consultancy; development of computer platforms; digitisation of documents; duplication of computer programmes; electronic data storage; electronic monitoring of activity via the internet; hosting computer sites; information technology services provided on an outsourcing basis; providing information relating to computer technology and programming via a website; internet security consultancy; maintenance of computer software; mechanical research; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; off-site data backup; recovery of computer data; research and development of new products for others; research in the field of telecommunications technology; providing search engines for the internet; server hosting; conducting technical project studies; technological consulting; technological research; telecommunications technology consultancy; updating of computer software; rental of web servers; inspection services; monitoring for quality control purposes; electronically tracking and monitoring computer chips worn by people using computer technology; computer monitoring service which tracks application software performance, performs periodic maintenance and provides reports and alerts concerning such performance; installation of computer software; workforce management software, not downloadable; computer system monitoring services; monitoring of network systems; services for monitoring industrial processes; process monitoring for quality assurance; monitoring of events and activities which influence the environment within buildings and industrial buildings; non-downloadable software for monitoring, analysing, controlling and running physical world operations

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