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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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10 Apparatus for the treatment of cellulite; liposuction apparatus; light therapy apparatus; medical apparatus and instruments for skin improvement with LED light; laser light instruments for medical treatment; Medical skin wrinkle remover using LED light; medical ultrasound apparatus; ultrasonic therapy apparatus; ultrasonic massaging apparatus for medical purposes; low-frequency medical equipment; low-frequency therapy equipment and apparatus; low-frequency skin care apparatus for medical purposes; low frequency skin esthetic apparatus for medical purposes; endoscopic equipment; endoscopic apparatus for medical purposes; catheters; introducer sheaths for medical use; medical guidewires and parts and fittings therefor; needles for medical purposes; rigid and flexible medical endoscopes; needles for surgical purposes; Medical device using microneedle; Medical device for skin treatment using microneedle; surgical and wound treating equipment; skin regeneration therapy apparatus; machines and apparatus for hair growth functional scalp treatments; medical skin enhancement apparatus using lasers; laser operating machines; laser therapy apparatus; lasers for surgical purposes; lasers for medical purposes; medical laser skin care equipment; laser instruments for medical use; medical laser for skin treatment; lasers for ophthalmic purposes; lasers for skin treatment; medical apparatus and instruments for hair removal; medical apparatus and instruments; medical instruments; medical apparatus; surgical apparatus and instruments for medical use; medical apparatus and instruments for the treatment of skin; medical apparatus and instruments for use in surgery; skin diagnostic equipment for medical purposes; medical skin care apparatus; high frequency therapy apparatus; high-frequency skin care equipment for medical purpose; high frequency electromagnetic therapy apparatus; medical instruments for interstitial thermotherapy of biological tissue; surgical apparatus and instruments; lasers for surgical and medical use; cannulae for anaesthetics with receptacles; cannulae; medical diagnostic apparatus and instruments; medical apparatus and instruments other than for dental purposes; medical guidewires; massage apparatus (for medical purposes); ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes; injectors for medical purposes; injection needles for medical use; inhalers for medical purposes (sold empty); infrared radiator units for therapeutic purposes; electric acupuncture instruments; galvanic therapeutic appliances; medical instruments for cutting tissue; ultrasonic therapy machines and apparatus; ultrashort wave therapy machines and apparatus; medicinal catheters; balloon catheters; medical surgical instruments for use in dermatoplasty; hypodermic syringes; lamps for medical purposes; anaesthetic inhalers (sold empty); filters for blood and blood components; filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes; medical infrared filters; medical visible light filter; vaginal specula; vaginal dilators; vaginal syringes; colposcopes; obstetrical forceps; obstetric apparatus; dilators for obstetrics and gynecology
44 Personal therapeutic services relating to cellulite removal; cellulite treatment services; removal of body cellulite; liposuction services; advisory services relating to health care; managed health care services; professional consultancy relating to health; individual medical counselling services provided to patients; hair removal by electrolysis; human hygiene and beauty care; providing medical advice in the field of weight loss; advisory services relating to weight control; obesity care services; obesity clinic; diet planning and supervision; dietary advice; dietetic advisory services; providing information relating to physical examinations; advisory services relating to nutrition; nutritional and dietetic consultancy; nutrition counseling; provision of information relating to nutrition; services for the planning of weight reduction programmes; weight reduction services; consultancy services relating to slimming; weight control treatment; provision of medical information; information services relating to medical products; providing health information; providing medical information in the field of dermatology; providing information about beauty; Medical information provider in the field of medical laser technology; Medical information service business related to treatment through laser technology; Beauty information provider on skin care through laser technology; provision of medical information from a web site; providing health information via a web site; medical information services provided via the Internet; Treatment industry using microneedles; Medical laser treatment industry; laser vision surgery services; surgery using laser; spine surgery; provision of medical services; Laser hair removal service; aesthetician services; skin care salons; dermatological services for treating skin conditions; medical services for treatment of the skin; beauty therapy; light therapy services; depilatory services; laser removal of tattoos; scar treatment; cosmetic laser treatment of varicose veins; hair restoration; body contouring services for medical purposes; Facial contouring surgery for medical purposes; laser skin rejuvenation services; laser skin tightening services; beauty consultancy; Medical consultation for laser treatment; Beauty consulting business using laser; hospital services; dermatology services; ophthalmology services; plastic surgery services; surgery; medical care; medical consultations; providing information in the field of medicine; ambulant medical care; hygienic and beauty care; services for the care of the skin; advisory services relating to pharmaceutical products; cosmetic dentistry services; animal hospitals; beauty salon services; massage services; consultancy in the field of cosmetics; cosmetic procedures for medical purposes; rental of medical apparatus and installations; providing laser therapy for treating medical conditions; Skin disease treatment for medical purposes; leasing skin care equipment; skin beauty salons; skin beauty consultancy; cosmetic skin tanning services for human beings; laser hair removal services
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