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Monday, November 22, 2021
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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7 Tin openers, electric; Kneading machines; Cleaning appliances utilizing steam; High pressure washers; Machines for the mineralization of drinking water; Electric vacuum cleaners; cordless sweepers; Tambours for embroidery machines; Gears for weaving looms; 3D printing pens; Vacuum cleaner bags; Suction nozzle for vacuum cleaners; Brushes for vacuum cleaners; Air condensers; Electric lawn mowers; Electric food cutters; Electric knives; Vacuum packing machines; Electric brooms; Electrical juice extractors for fruit and vegetables; Electrical squeezers for fruit and vegetable; Dust filters and bags for vacuum cleaners; 3D printers; Offset printers; Hoses for vacuum cleaners; Sewing machines; Churns; Electric kitchen appliances for household use, namely, electric blenders, electric food choppers and electric food processors, electric mixers, electric coffee grinders, electric food slicing machines, electric graters; Thermal blenders; Automatic packing machines for food; Ironing machines; Electric noodle making machines; Electric wax-polishing machines for household purposes; electric machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing; Electric window cleaning machines; Electric ice crushing machines; Washing machines; Dishwashing machines; Floor cleaning machines; Whipping machines; Bread cutting machines; Grinding machines; Electric kitchen grinders; Swaging machines; Electric food processors; Nail extractors, electric; Spin dryers, not heated; Electric vacuum sealers for household use; Packaging machines for food for household use; Power saws; Crushers for kitchen use, electric; Vacuum cleaner tubes; Electric fans for vacuum cleaners
11 Lighting equipment, heating, steam, cooking, refrigeration, drying, ventilating, water, as well as sanitary facilities; regulation and safety accessories for water and gas appliances; regulating and safety fittings for water and gas appliances; Electric heating pads, other than for medical treatment; Electrical heating pads, other than for medical use; Heating apparatus, electric; Heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuel; Light-emitting diodes lighting apparatus; Flat panel lighting apparatus; water purifying and filtering apparatus; Air conditioning apparatus and installations; Cooking installations; Refrigerating appliances and installations; Drying installations; Ventilation apparatus and installations; Air conditioning, air cooling and ventilation apparatus and instruments; Bath fittings; Air deodorizing apparatus; Apparatus for cooling beverages; Air purifying apparatus; Fabric steamers; Wine cellars, electric; Electric rice cookers; Rotisseries and barbecues; Shower baths; Hot tubs; Electric hot-water bottles; Water bed heaters; Light bulbs; Electric coffee makers; Halogen heaters; Electric radiant heaters; Water heaters; Solar water heaters; Baby bottle warmers; Bed warmers; Ventilation hoods; Fume hoods for household purposes; Electric blankets not for medical purposes; Cooking stoves; Gas stoves; Electric cooking stoves; Freezers; Gas lighters; Electric space cooling apparatus; Stoves being heating apparatus; Gas stoves; Kerosene stoves; Oil stoves; Portable fire pits; Deep fryers, electric; Chocolate fountains, electric; waffle irons, electric; Cool boxes, electric; cooking, electric; Hot air ovens; Gas cooking ovens; Electric cooking ovens for domestic use; Microwave ovens; Heating installations; Hot water heating installations; Water cooling installations; Lamps; Steam cleaners for domestic use; Lanterns; LED landscape lights; Electric blankets; espresso coffee machines, electric; Sous-vide cookers, electric; Beverage cooling machines and ice dispensers; Ice machines; refrigerating apparatus and machines; Electric rice cookers; Autoclaves, electric, for cooking; Electric cooking pots; Electric bread makers; Grills; Electric grills; Pasteurizers; Electric hotplates; Electric griddles; Radiators; Refrigerators; Sandwich makers and electric frying pans; Hair dryers for home and salon use; Electric clothes dryers; Electric heated towel racks; Electric sandwich toasters; Toasters; Electric toasters for household purposes; Electric cooking utensils; Fans; Electric woks; Electric yogurt makers. Convection heaters; Convection heaters; Convection ovens
21 Utensils for household and kitchen use, namely, graters, kitchen tongs; cooking pots; containers for household and kitchen use; Non-electric pans, combs and sponges for household purposes;, namely, cleaning sponges, brooms, cleaning brushes, dustpans; cleaning cloths; cleaning rags; brushes, namely, bath brushes, scrubbing brushes, tub brushes, washing brushes, tooth brushes, lip, hair and nail brushes, shaving brushes, toilet brushes, dishwashing brushes; materials for manufacturing brushes, namely, synthetic fibers for the manufacture of brushes, namely, toothbrushes, hair brushes and cleaning brushes; cleaning materials, namely, cleaning sponges, brooms, cleaning brushes, dustpans; cleaning cloths; cleaning rags; steel wool; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; glassware, namely, glass cups and glass bowls; porcelain, namely, mugs, eggs, flower pots, holiday ornaments, drawer pulls; figurines of porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes, namely, mugs, sauce pans, statuettes of earthenware, figurines of earthenware; mugs; sauce pans. Spatulas for pans and pots
The color(s) red and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the word "wurden" with a capital W in black stylized font with a red line above the letter "u".

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