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Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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5 Dietary and nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplement energy bars; Medicinal herbs; Powdered nutritional supplement drink mix; Herb teas for medicinal purposes
29 Processed fruits, fungi, vegetables, nuts and pulses; Edible nuts; Dried nuts; Preserved nuts; Snack foods based on nuts; Snack mixes consisting of processed fruits and processed nuts; Edible oils; Nut oils; Nut toppings; Nut-based spreads; Mixtures of fruit and nuts; Nut and seed-based snack bars; Fruit- and nut-based snack bars; Powdered nut butters; Butter made of nuts; Peanut butter; Cocoa butter; Preserved pulses; Dried pulses; Frozen vegetables; Cut vegetables; Snack foods based on vegetables; Coconut milk powder; Fruit Powders; Fruit purees; Vegetable powders; Vegetable purees; Edible seeds; Seed butters; Berries, preserved; Rice milk; Hemp milk used as a milk substitute; Mushrooms, prepared; Sweet corn-based snack foods
30 Confectionery; Nut confectionery; Nut flours; Sandwich spread made from chocolate and nuts; Confectionery bars; Cereal bars and energy bars; Cereal based food bars; Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit (confectionery); Chocolate; Chocolate powder; Chocolate bars; Cocoa; Cocoa preparations; Cocoa powder; Cocoa drinks; Foods with a cocoa base; Extracts of cocoa for use as flavours in foodstuffs; Flavourings made from vegetables (other than essential oils); Dried herbs; Preserved herbs; Processed herbs; Herb sauces; Spices; Spices in the form of powders; Spice extracts; Spice preparations; Spice mixes; Mixed spice powder; Condiments in powder form; Tea; Beverages based on tea; Coffee; Cereals; Cereal seeds, processed; Foodstuffs made from cereals; Processed grains; Food preparations based on grains; Rice; Rice biscuits; Rice mixes; Rice-based snack food; Licorice; Wheatgerm; Natural sweeteners; Syrup for food; Maple syrup; Corn-based snack foods
31 Raw nuts; Fresh pulses; Fresh fruit; Fresh vegetables; Fresh herbs; Fresh mushrooms; Unprocessed rice
32 Non-alcoholic drinks; Fruit drinks; Fruit smoothies; Vegetable drinks; Vegetable smoothies; Nut and soy based beverages; Smoothies containing grains and oats; Syrups for making beverages
35 Advertising; Advertising services to promote public awareness of environmental issues and initiatives; Promoting public awareness of environmental matters; Marketing; Organisation, operation and supervision of loyalty and incentive schemes; Social and environmental reporting services; Providing product information relating to the impact of products on environmental preservation; Rating the environmental qualities and impact of the products of others for the purpose of making purchasing decisions; Business management; Business administration; Cost price analysis; Cost management accounting; Information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid; Business consulting in the field of environmental management, namely, advising businesses and individuals on issues of environmental impact, conservation, preservation and protection, and economic analysis for business purposes; Providing information relating to the price of products and its calculation; Advisory services relating to the calculation of prices for products so that they incorporate environmental and social costs; Business advisory services relating to the internalisation of environmental and social costs

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