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Monday, November 15, 2021
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Thursday, November 11, 2021

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1 Coolants; anti-freeze; artificial sweeteners
3 Wipes and sponges impregnated with a cleaning preparation; cleaning preparations; drain openers; bleaching preparations for household use; laundry detergent and detergent pods; stain removing preparations; dishwashing preparations and pods; rinse agents for dishwashing machines; wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; non-medicated foot powder; foot deodorant spray; baby and body powder; non-medicated diaper rash creams and ointments; baby oil and lotion; skin soap, body wash, and bubble bath; hair shampoos and conditioners; hair detangling preparations; body wash; body lotion; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; nail polish remover; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; all-purpose cotton swabs for personal use; cotton balls, cotton pads, and cotton rounds for cosmetic purposes; gauze for cosmetic purposes; non-medicated mouth washes and rinses; sunscreen preparations; pre-shaving preparations; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic use
4 Charcoal lighter fluid; lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes; artificial fire logs; solid fire starters; wood chips and pellets for smoking and grilling; motor oils
5 Adult and baby diapers; Incontinence garments in the nature of underwear; disposable training pants; panty liners; feminine hygiene, menstruation, and sanitation pads; tampons; laundry sheets impregnated with fabric softener; petroleum jelly for medical purposes; aloe vera gel for therapeutic purposes; vitamin and mineral supplements; natural herbal and dietary supplements; probiotics; sleep aid preparations; glucose dietary supplements; digestives for pharmaceutical purposes; micro-nutrient preparations for the prevention of heart and brain ailments; food supplements, namely, anti-oxidants; cough treatment preparations; rubbing compound for medical and/or therapeutic use; preparations for treating colds and influenza symptoms; dietary supplements for urinary and digestive health; vitamin supplement in tablet form for use in making an effervescent beverage when added to water; nasal spray preparations; saline solution for sinus and nasal irrigation; decongestants and decongestant inhalers; antihistamines; allergy relief medications; nausea treatment preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for treating allergies and congestion; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of the respiratory tract and sinuses; pain relief medication; anti-arthritic compositions and preparations; antifungal preparations; hemorrhoidal ointments; antibiotic creams; antacids; pharmaceutical agents affecting digestive organs; diarrhea medication; laxatives and laxative suppositories; enema preparations; stool softeners; dietary fiber to aid digestion and for treating constipation; gels and muscle-rub preparations for the relief of pain; pregnancy test kits for home use; hand sanitizer and sanitizing preparations for household use; first aid kits; bandages for dressings; adhesive bandages; liquid bandages for skin wounds; hydrocolloidal bandages; medical adhesive tape; sports tape; gauze; wart removing preparations; corn and callus cushions, plasters, pads, and remover pads; moleskin for medical purposes; lice treatment preparations and shampoo; hydrogen peroxide for medical use; Epsom salts; rubbing alcohol; anti-itch ointments, creams, lotions, gels; and sprays; anti-inflammatory creams, sprays, and gels; hydrocortisone cream; calamine lotion; eye drops and artificial tears; ear wax removal drops and kits; throat lozenges and cough drops; medicated throat spray; contact lens solutions and cleaning preparations
6 Aluminum foil
8 Disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; razors and razor blades
9 Batteries
10 Heating and cooling patches for medical use; supportive bandages; external nasal dilators; thermometers for medical purposes; thermometer probe covers
11 Utility lighters for lighting grills, fireplaces and candles; light bulbs
16 Garbage bags; freezer bags, sandwich bags, and plastic storage plastic bags for household use; toilet tissue; plastic bags for oven and slow cooker cooking; paper bags; paper towels; facial tissue; bathroom tissue; paper napkins; wax paper; plastic wrap; paper coffee filters; adhesive tapes for stationery and household use; glue for stationary and household use
17 Duct and masking tape
18 Rawhides; rawhide bones and chews
21 Cleaning sponges; cleaning and scouring pads; cleaning pads; cleaning cloths; dusters; duster sleeves for cleaning; household gloves for general use; disposable plastic and latex gloves for general use; disposable dinnerware, namely, plates and bowls; drinking straws; cups; plastic storage containers for household or domestic use; toothpicks; salt and pepper shakers; paper baking cups; cupcake baking cups; toothbrushes; dental floss; salt and pepper shakers
25 Insoles
29 Milk; lactose-free milk; nut milk; coconut milk; evaporated milk; condensed milk; buttermilk; whipping cream; whipped cream; whipped topping; non-alcoholic egg nog; half and half; coffee creamer; dried milk powder; butter; butter substitutes; margarine; margarine substitutes; cooking oils; oil-based cooking spray; olive oil for food; shortening; dips and dip mixes; sour cream; yogurt; processed, preserved, pickled, frozen, dried, dehydrated, canned, or cooked vegetables; sauerkraut; tomato paste; instant potatoes; frozen French fries, tater tots, and hash browns; olives and processed stuffed olives; processed water chestnuts; preserved, frozen, dried, canned, or processed fruits; fruit-based filling for cakes and pies; flaked coconut; fruit-based snack food; nut- and dried fruit- based snack bars; eggs; egg whites; egg substitute; cheese; cream cheese; cheese spreads; food package combinations consisting primarily of cheese, nuts and/or processed fruit; processed or roasted nuts; nut butters and spreads; nut-based spread; fruit butters; fruit-based jellies, jams, marmalades, and preserves; dried beans; canned beans; canned pork and beans; stews; chili; broth, chicken stock, and soups; soup mixes; bouillon; meat; sausages; bacon and bacon bits; poultry; jerky; canned fish; frozen or preserved fish; shellfish, not live; corn dogs; mozzarella sticks; appetizers, namely, breaded and fried jalapeƱo peppers; beef patties; sandwiches; potato chips; processed nuts; snacks and salad toppings consisting primarily of processed nuts and dried fruit; trail mix consisting primarily of processed nuts, dried fruit and also including chocolate; trail mix consisting primarily of processed nuts, seeds, and dried fruit; processed sunflower seeds
30 Bakery goods; breads; pancakes and waffles; dough; flour; cornmeal; hominy; grits; processed oats; oatmeal; ready-to-eat cereal; cake and cookie mixes, and mixes for bakery goods; waffle and pancake mixes; pizza; pizza crust and pizza crust mixes; frozen breakfast sandwiches; pie shells and crusts; bread crumbs and cracker crumbs; cookies and crackers; stuffing mixes containing bread; croutons; toaster pastries; baking soda; baking powder; yeast; cornstarch for culinary purposes; chocolate; flavored and sweetened gelatins; dessert pudding and pudding mixes; marshmallows and marshmallow creme; ice cream, ice cream desserts, and sherbet; fruit ice bars and frozen confections, namely, ices; cones for ice cream; frosting; tortillas, tortillas chips and strips, taco shells, and tostadas; pico de gallo sauce and salsa; ketchup; mustard; salad dressings and salad dressing mixes; mayonnaise; vinegar; applesauce; rice; pasta and noodles; packaged meals and meal kits consisting primarily of pasta or rice; prepared entrees consisting primarily of pasta; sauces and sauce mixes; gravy and gravy mixes; tamales; relish; sugar and sugar substitutes; salt; pepper; seasonings and seasoning mixes; seasoned coating for meat, fish, poultry; mixes for making batters for fried foods; spices and spice blends; vanilla and vanilla extracts; dried herbs; dried herbs in powdered form; processed seeds for use as a seasoning; meat tenderizers for household purposes; unpopped popcorn; popcorn and microwave popcorn; snack mix comprised of candy-coated popcorn and processed nuts; mixes in the nature of concentrates, syrups or powders used in the preparation of water- and milk- based beverages; chocolate drink and hot cocoa mixes; tea and tea bags; instant coffee, ground coffee, and coffee beans; coffee-based drink mixes; coffee sold in single-serving or portion-controlled containers for use in brewing machines; pods, namely, cartridges containing coffee for making coffee beverages, coffee-based beverages, tea, tea-based beverages, corn syrup; table syrup; honey; candy; granola-based snack bars; high-protein cereal bars; grain-based food bars also containing dried fruits; burritos; tamales; non-medicated lozenges
31 Edible dog treats and chewing bones; dog food; dog biscuits; cat food; bird food; litter for animals; fresh fruit and vegetables
32 Bottled water; fruit drinks and juices; concentrates for making fruit juices; non-alcoholic cider; vegetable juices; soft drinks; club soda; seltzer and tonic waters; syrups to flavor water
34 Cigarette and cigar lighters; electronic cigarette lighters; matches

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