Trademark: 97064125
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Monday, October 11, 2021
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Thursday, October 7, 2021

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1 Water softening pellets; distilled water
3 Ammonia for cleaning purposes; bleaching preparations for household purposes; dish detergent; laundry detergent; laundry sheets impregnated with fabric softener
4 Lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes
5 Disposable baby diapers
6 Aluminum foil
8 Plastic cutlery, namely, knives, forks, and spoons
16 Garbage bags; freezer bags; sandwich bags; plastic wrap; toilet tissue; paper towels and napkins
21 Disposable dinnerware, namely, plates, bowls, and serving trays; cups
29 Milk; dried milk powder; coffee creamer; whipped topping; cheese; cheese substitutes; margarine; margarine substitutes; butter; sour cream; frozen, processed, dried, preserved, canned or bottled fruit; jellies, jams, and fruit preserves; applesauce; fruit-based filling for pies; frozen, processed, dried, preserved, cooked, pickled, canned or bottled vegetables; hash browns and French fries; instant mashed potatoes; sauerkraut; tomato paste; dried beans; canned beans, and canned pork and beans; chili, and chili with beans; canned fish, meat and chicken; wieners; bacon and bacon bits; sausages; beef patties; fish sticks; broth; soups; cooking oil and oil-based cooking spray; shortening; olive oil for food; peanut butter; shelled, roasted and processed nuts; trail mix consisting primarily of processed nuts, dried fruit and also including chocolate; potato chips
30 Bakery goods; biscuits, bread, pancakes, and waffles; dough; mixes for making baking batters; mixes for making baking batters, pancakes, and waffles; pizzas; cookies and crackers; bread crumbs; flour; pie crust; taco shells; corn meal; hominy; processed oats and oatmeal; ready-to-eat cereal; rice, pasta and noodles; packaged meal mixes consisting primarily of pasta or rice; canned meals consisting or primarily pasta; flavored, sweetened gelatin desserts; dessert puddings; marshmallows; chocolate chips; tea; tea bags; instant coffee, coffee pods, ground coffee, and coffee beans; sauces; ketchup; salsa; mustard; relish; vinegar; baking soda; cornstarch for culinary purposes; mayonnaise, and mayonnaise-based sandwich spread; salad dressings; salt; pepper; seasonings and seasoning mixes; spices and spice blends; dried herbs and dried herbs in powdered form; vanilla extract; sugar and sugar substitutes; honey; syrup for flavoring food or beverages; cocoa powder; hot cocoa mix; croutons; popcorn, unpopped popcorn, and microwave popcorn; pretzels; corn-based snack foods; tortilla chips; snack mix consisting primarily of tortillas, pretzels and cheese-flavored corn snacks; trail mix consisting primarily of processed nuts, dried fruit, and also including chocolate; ice cream
31 Dog, cat, and other pet food; dog biscuits; bird food; cat litter; animal litter
32 Fruit drinks and juices; vegetable juices; soft drinks; drinking water; fruit concentrates used as ingredients of beverages
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Oct 11, 2021
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