Trademark: 97063561
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Monday, October 11, 2021
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Thursday, October 7, 2021

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3 All purpose cleaning preparations; Detergents for household use; Dish detergents; All-purpose cleaners; Bar soap; Deodorant soap; Detergent soap; Dishwasher detergents; Glass cleaners; Laundry soap; Non-medicated soaps; Non-medicated bar soap; Non-medicated liquid soap; Non-medicated liquid soaps; Laundry detergent; body oil; non-medicated bath salts
5 All-purpose sanitizing preparations; All purpose deodorizing preparations for household, commercial or industrial use; All purpose disinfecting and deodorizing preparations; Antibacterial spray; Deodorizing room sprays; Disinfectant bathroom cleaners; Spray sanitizer for personal use; Antibacterial liquid soap; Disinfectant soap; Medicated cosmetic soap
6 Metal cabinet hardware, namely, drawer handles, pulls and knobs, and cabinet door handles, pulls and knobs; Metal hooks
8 Scissors
9 Measuring rulers
10 Therapeutic weighted products, namely, weighted blankets
14 Jewelry cases; Jewelry organizer cases
15 Tibetan singing bowl
16 Pens, paper clips, binder clips, and clips; Contact paper; Scrapbooks; cardboard boxes; Decals and stickers; Books and series of books; Paper daily planners, paper calendars, stickers, decals and greeting cards, paper stationery, paper party decorations, book marks, gift wrap paper, paper bags, printed rebus puzzles, flash cards, Educational publications, namely, activity cards in the field of math, blank cards, craft paper, drawing rulers, boxes of cardboard or paper, writing paper pads and book covers
18 Backpacks; Canvas shopping bags; Reusable shopping bag
20 Drawer organizers; Empty baskets for storage; Cane webbing kit; Shelves; Clothes hangers; Plastic bins and storage containers, for commercial use; Furniture shelving units and component parts thereof, namely, shelves, expandable shelves and shelf dividers; non-metal closet hooks and turntables used for space organizing; Home furnishings, namely, chairs, tables, beds, mirrors and interior window blinds; Storage products, namely, storage racks, plastic storage drums, metal storage cabinets; shelves for storage; furniture
21 Decorative trays for household purposes; Kits consisting of a decorative trays, scissors, paper clips, and pens; Kitchen jars sold empty; Plastic bins and storage containers for household use; Brooms; mops; dust-pans; salt shakers; sugar bowls; tea sets; flower vases; dishware; Make-up brush holders; Soap brackets; Soap dishes; Soap dispensers; Soap holders and boxes; Dishes for soap
24 Kitchen towels; Dish cloths; towel sets
27 Wallpaper
35 Promoting the goods and services of others by means of distributing advertising on the Internet; online retail store services featuring a wide variety of lifestyle products and storage products of others; retail store services featuring a wide variety of lifestyle products and storage products of others
41 Education services, namely, providing online classes, seminars, informal online programs, workshops in the fields of personal lifestyle; information relating to entertainment and education provided online from a computer database or the internet; Providing podcasts in the fields of personal lifestyle and interior design; Online journals, namely, blogs featuring information in the fields of personal lifestyle and interior design; entertainment services in the nature of a television series featuring content related to personal lifestyle, interior design and home renovation
45 Consulting services in the field of personal lifestyle; providing a website featuring information relating to consulting and guidance in the field of personal lifestyle; providing information and news in the field of personal lifestyle

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Oct 11, 2021
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