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Monday, October 11, 2021
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Thursday, October 7, 2021

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5 Herbal antioxidants; Herbal food supplements for people with special dietary needs; Herbal and plant extracts for medicinal purposes; Medicinal plant extracts; Herbal infusions; Mixtures of nutritional supplements for beverages in powder form; Fruit flavored powder drink mixes as food supplements; Caffeinated preparations as stimulants; Pharmaceutical preparations containing caffeine; Powdered meal replacements; Meal replacements in the form of nutritional bars for providing energy; Slimming tea for medical purposes; Artificial tea for medicinal purposes; Medicinal tea; food supplements; medicinal herbs; medicinal herbal teas
30 Coffee flavorings; Flavorings for tea; Herbal flavors for beverages; Coffee aromas; Cereal bars and energy bars; Energy bars made from cereals; Coffee-based beverages; Coffee-based beverages with milk; Coffee-based beverages containing milk; Coffee-based beverages containing ice cream (affogato); Tea-based beverages; Fruit-flavored tea-based beverages; Non-medicated tea-based beverages; Powdered beverages containing cocoa; Carbonated drinks; Iced coffee drinks; Non-medicated tea-based beverages; Beverages prepared with a basis of coffee substitutes; Prepared coffee drinks; Beverages mainly based on coffee; Cocoa Powder; Instant cocoa in powder; Cocoa; Coffee; Flavored coffee; Chocolate coffee; Coffee with milk; Decaffeinated coffee; Espresso coffee; Iced coffee; Brewed coffee; Freeze-dried coffee; Malted coffee; Ground coffee; Prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; Instant coffee; Coffee, teas, cocoa and their substitutes; Coffee; Green coffee; Smoothies; Cinnamon powder; Coffee capsules; Chai; Chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as coffee substitutes; Chicory; Chicory for use as a coffee substitute; Chocolate powder; Non-medicated caffeine-based glucose tablets; Coffee concentrates; Coffee pods; Tea pods; Chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans; Coffee essences; Tea essences; Tea essences for non-medical purposes; Coffee extracts; Malt coffee extracts; Coffee extracts for flavoring beverages; Coffee extracts for flavoring foods; Coffee extracts for use as coffee substitutes; Chicory extracts for use as coffee substitutes; Tea extracts; Non-medicated tea extracts; Tea leaves; Flowers or leaves as tea substitutes; Coffee based fillings; Coffee beans; Coffee beans coated with sugar; Ground coffee beans; Roasted coffee beans; Coffee oils; Herbal infusions; Mate; Mixtures of essences and extracts of coffee; Mixtures of malted coffee and coffee extracts; Coffee blends; Mixtures of coffee and chicory; Mixtures of coffee and malt; Mixtures of malted coffee and coffee; Mixtures malted coffee and cocoa; Chicory mixtures for use as coffee substitutes; Tea blends; Mugi-cha; Roasted barley and malt for use as coffee substitutes; Mint lozenges for non-medicinal purposes; Instant powder for making tea; Chicory preparations for use as coffee substitutes; Powdered cocoa preparations for beverages; Mint flavored chocolate drink preparations; Preparations for coffee-based beverages; Tea-based drink preparations; Vegetable preparations for use as coffee substitutes; Vegetable preparations replacing coffee; Coffee bags; Tea bags; Jasmine tea bags, for non-medicinal purposes; Tea bags non-medicinal; Tea bags for making non-medicated tea; Coffee substitutes; Vegetable-based coffee substitutes; Coffee substitutes; Coffee substitutes (made from cereals or chicory); Chicory based coffee substitutes; Tea substitutes; Tea substitutes; Tea; Tea made from burdock roots (Wooungcha); Tea to infuse; Acanthopanax tea; Chinese wolfberry berry tea; Orange flavored tea for non-medicinal purposes; Apple flavored tea; Asian apricot tea; Chrysanthemum tea (Gukhwacha); Lemon tea; Lime tea; Ginger tea; Ginseng tea; Tea at ginseng; Red ginseng tea; Jasmine tea; Jasmine tea for non-medical purposes; Rosemary tea; Linden tea; Barley leaf tea; Fruit tea; White tea; Roasted barley tea; Unshelled and dehydrated barley tea reduced to powder; Darjeeling tea; Powdered salted kelp tea; White lotus tea (Baengnyeoncha); Earl gray tea; Tea bags for non-medicinal purposes; Iced tea; Iced tea; Lapsong souchong tea; Black tea; Black tea; Non-medicated tea made from cranberry leaves; Non-medicated tea made from cranberry extracts; Non-medicated tea with cranberry extracts; Non-medicated cranberry leaf tea; Non-medicinal tea sold in bulk; Oolong tea; Tea oolong; Rooibos tea; Tea without theine; Sweetened tea without theine; Soluble tea; Soluble tea; Green tea; Japanese green tea; Aromatic teas; Fruit flavored teas; Non-medicated lemon flavored teas; Non-medicated teas containing lemon; Coffee; tea; cocoa; cocoa-based drinks; coffee-based drinks; tea-based drinks
32 Coffee flavored ale; Water-based beverages containing tea extracts; Energy drinks; Energy drinks for non-medical purposes; Energy drinks containing caffeine; Non-alcoholic fruit based drinks flavored with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; Powder for use in the preparation of fruit-based drinks; Powders for use in the preparation of coconut juice drinks; Powders for carbonated drinks; Powders for making non-alcoholic beverages; Powders for the preparation of beverages; Non-alcoholic tea flavored sodas; mineral waters (drinks); sparkling water; fruit based drinks; Juice; syrups for beverages; non-alcoholic preparations for making beverages; lemonades; fruit nectars; sodas

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Oct 11, 2021
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