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Saturday, October 9, 2021
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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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36 Actuarial services; Advice on finance during retirement; Advice on fiscal assessments; Advice on fiscal valuations; Advice relating to investments; Advising others concerning investments in intellectual property assets and intangible business assets, both directly and indirectly through other entities; Agencies in the field of bonds and other securities; Agencies or brokerage for trading of securities, securities index futures, securities options, and overseas market securities futures; Annuity services, namely, account and investment administration; Annuity services, namely, account and investment administration and the investment and distribution of annuity funds; Annuity underwriting; Appraisal of real estate; Assessment and management of real estate; Automated securities brokerage; Banking; Banking and financing services; Banking consultation; Banking services; Brokerage for securities liquidation; Brokerage of shares and other securities; Brokerage of shares or stocks and other securities; Brokerage services for capital investments; Brokerage services for stocks and bonds; Brokerage services in the field of securities and commodities investing; Business brokerage; Business brokerage services and related consulting pertaining to business sales, mergers, acquisitions and business valuations; Business brokerage services and related consulting pertaining to procurement, buying, selling and tendering information and opportunities; Business credit reporting services; Business credit verification services; Business equity research; Business finance procurement services; Business liquidation services; Business liquidation services, financial; Business, stock option and pension valuation services; Capital investment; Capital investment consulting; Capital investment services; Cash flow services, namely, providing cash to mortgage holders or other notes at a discounted rate in return for ownership of the mortgage or note; Clearing and reconciling financial transactions via a global computer network; Commercial lending services; Computer analyses of stock exchange information; Conducting financial feasibility studies; Consultancy of capital investment; Consultancy services relating to insurance; Consultation in art as an investment; Consulting and information concerning insurance; Consulting on the subject of intellectual property valuation; Consumer credit consultation; Corporate finance services, namely, consultation in the field of asset sales; Corporate finance services, namely, consultation in the field of capital structure; Credit and financial consultation; Credit and loan services; Credit consultation; Credit counseling services; Credit inquiry and consultation; Credit rating services; Credit recovery and collection; Credit reporting agency; Credit reporting services; Credit risk management; Credit scoring services; Credit union services; Crowdfunding; Crowdfunding services in the nature of accepting and administering monetary contributions from a group of individuals; Debt collection; Debt management consultation; Debt management services; Debt recovery and collection agencies; Debt recovery services; Debt settlement negotiation services; Electronic banking via a global computer network; Electronic funds transfer by telecommunications; Electronic loan preparation services; Electronic transfer of money; Electronic transfers of money; Equipment financing services; Equity capital investment; Estate planning; Estate trust management; Estate trust planning; Evaluation of credit bureau data; Evaluation of real property; Factoring agencies; Factoring agency services; Fiduciary representatives; Fiduciary services, namely, fiduciary representative services; Fiduciary tax payment processing services; Financial administration of retirement plans; Financial advice; Financial advice and consultancy services; Financial advice, namely, budget planning; Financial advisory and consultancy services; Financial advisory and consultancy services, namely, the creation of personalized strategies to achieve financial independence; Financial affairs and monetary affairs, namely, financial information, management and analysis services; Financial analyses; Financial analysis; Financial analysis and consultation; Financial analysis and research services; Financial analysis, namely, compiling and analyzing statistics, data and other sources of information for financial purposes; Financial appraisals in responding to requests for proposals (RFPs); Financial calculation services for others, namely, royalty calculation; Financial clearing houses; Financial consultancy; Financial consultancy and insurance consultancy; Financial consultation; Financial consultation in the field of environmental management, namely, advising business and individuals on issues of portfolio planning and investment planning; Financial consulting; Financial consulting and advising in the field of mergers and acquisitions; Financial consulting in the field of real estate note brokerage; Financial consulting services, namely, advising others regarding intellectual property investments; Financial consulting services, namely, expert analysis in finance; Financial counseling services, namely, helping others build a better working relationship with their money; Financial credit scoring services; Financial custody services, namely, maintaining possession of financial assets for others for financial management purposes; Financial data analysis; Financial due diligence; Financial due diligence services in the field of real estate; Financial evaluation of real estate; Financial exchange; Financial forecasting; Financial guarantees; Financial information; Financial information and advisory services; Financial information and evaluations; Financial information in the nature of rates of exchange; Financial information processing; Financial information provided by electronic means; Financial information services provided on-line from a computer database or a global computer network, namely, providing information in the field of financial classification of companies and securities; Financial investment analysis and stock research; Financial investment brokerage; Financial investment brokerage services; Financial investment services, namely, administering the issuance, underwriting and distribution of securities; Financial loan consultation; Financial management; Financial management via the Internet; Financial planning; Financial planning consultation; Financial planning for retirement; Financial planning services, namely, developing and managing charitable giving programs on behalf of wealthy individuals or families; Financial planning, namely, the creation of personalized strategies to achieve financial independence; Financial portfolio analysis services; Financial portfolio management; Financial research; Financial research and information services; Financial restructuring services; Financial retirement plan consulting services; Financial risk assessment services; Financial risk management; Financial risk management consultation; Financial securities exchange services; Financial services in the nature of an investment security; Financial services, namely, a total portfolio offering for high net worth clients consisting of both separate accounts and mutual funds for equity and fixed income investments; Financial services, namely, administration of transactions involving funds drawn from securities, stocks, funds, equities, bonds, cash, or other types of financial investments in retirement plans using a credit or debit card over a global data network; Financial services, namely, assisting others with the completion of financial transactions for stocks, bonds, securities and equities; Financial services, namely, business fundraising for others; Financial services, namely, business fundraising provided over a computer network such as the Internet; Financial services, namely, commodity trading and managed futures advisory and management services; Financial services, namely, conducting a securities and derivatives exchange; Financial services, namely, conducting an online exchange of interest rate products via the internet and intranet systems; Financial services, namely, coordination, within a single account, of an investment portfolio's maintenance, trading, rebalancing, and tax management needs; Financial services, namely, corporate workout, debt restructuring, receivership, and loan resolution for commercial loans; Financial services, namely, credit repair and restoration; Financial services, namely, debt settlement; Financial services, namely, funding research awards in the field of energy; Financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds for others, including private and public equity and debt investment services; Financial services, namely, investment fund transfer and transaction services; Financial services, namely, issuance and management of certificates backed by loan portfolios which are subsequently managed to insure the integrity of the certificates; Financial services, namely, loss mitigation services for under- or non-performing mortgage loans; Financial services, namely, microfinance lending services; Financial services, namely, money lending; Financial services, namely, mortgage planning; Financial services, namely, mortgage refinancing; Financial services, namely, operation and management of hedge funds, commodity pools and other collective investment vehicles, and trading for others of securities, options, futures, derivatives, debt instruments and commodities; Financial services, namely, providing a virtual currency for use by members of an on-line community via a global computer network; Financial services, namely, providing on-line stored value accounts in an electronic environment; Financial services, namely, raising debt and equity capital for others; Financial services, namely, raising money for the hedge funds of others; Financial services, namely, real estate note brokerage; Financial services, namely, savings programs for youths; Financial services, namely, the purchase of residential mortgages on behalf of others and the issuance of mortgage-backed securities; Financial services, namely, vehicle title loans; Financial services, namely, wealth management services; Financial trust operations; Financial trust planning; Financial valuation of intellectual property assets; Financial valuation of personal property and real estate; Financial valuations; Financing and loan services; Financing loans for security and surveillance systems; Financing of fractional leases; Financing of fractionally-owned goods; Financing of industrial activities; Financing of loans; Financing of purchases; Financing of real estate development projects; Fiscal assessment and evaluation; Fiscal valuation; Fiscal valuations and assessments; Fund investment consultation; Fundraising for others for the purpose of purchasing companies; Funds investment; Funds verification services; Global investment research services; Hedge fund investment services; Holding company services performed for third parties, namely, investment management; Home appraisal services; Home banking; Home equity insurance underwriting services; Home equity loans; Housing services, namely, real property acquisition and consumer financing to facilitate home ownership; Incubation services, namely, providing financing to freelancers, start-ups, existing businesses and non-profits; Incubation services, namely, rental of office space to freelancers, start-ups, existing businesses and non-profits; Individual retirement account services; Information, advisory, consultancy and research services relating to finance and investments; Installment loans; Insurance information and consultancy; Insurance risk management; Intellectual property valuation services; Intellectual property venture fund development and formation services for others; Intellectual property venture fund management services; Internet banking services; Investment advice; Investment advisory services; Investment banking services; Investment brokerage; Investment by electronic means; Investment clubs; Investment consultancy; Investment consultation; Investment management; Investment management of and distribution of annuities; Investment management of and distribution of variable annuities; Investment management services in the field of acquiring joint ventures; Investment of funds; Investment of funds for others; Investment risk assessment services; Issuance and administration of annuities; Issuance of tokens of value; Issue of tokens of value; Issuing of credit cards; Issuing stored value cards; Land acquisition services; Land acquisition, namely, real estate brokerage; Land assembly and acquisition services; Land valuation; Lease-purchase loans; Lending consultant services; Leveraged buy outs and investments in financially distressed or underperforming companies; Loan financing; Loan origination services; Mailing list brokerage services; Maintaining escrow accounts for investments; Maintaining mortgage escrow accounts; Maintaining mortgage impound accounts; Management of a capital investment fund; Management of buildings; Management of portfolios comprising securities; Management of portfolios of transferable securities; Management of private equity funds; Management of securities portfolios; Membership club services, namely, providing information to members in the fields of real estate, mortgages and debt elimination; Merchant banking and investment banking services; Merchant banking services; Monetary exchange; Monetary strategy consultation and research; Monitoring financial markets for investment purposes; Mortgage banking; Mortgage banking services, namely, origination, acquisition, servicing, securitization and brokerage of mortgage loans; Mortgage brokerage; Mortgage compliance consulting services concerning financial requirements for mortgages for mortgage lenders and servicers and mortgage brokers; Mortgage financing services; Mortgage foreclosure mitigation and loan default mitigation services, namely, acquisition and lease-back of real estate; Mortgage foreclosure services; Mortgage lending; Mortgage procurement for others; Mortgage refinancing; Mortgage services, namely, buyer pre-qualification of mortgages for mortgage brokers and banks; Mutual fund brokerage; Mutual funds and capital investment; News reporting services in the field of financial news; On-line banking services; On-line business fundraising services; On-line discount securities brokerage services; On-line escrow service for exchange of services; On-line financial planning services; Online banking; Online banking services accessible by means of downloadable mobile applications; Online, real-time tax payment processing, tax payment financial management, and tax payment financial analysis services; Paperless electronic banking services; Payment and funds verification services; Payment verification services; Philanthropic services concerning monetary donations; Private equity consultant services; Private equity fund investment services; Private placements of hedge funds, private equity funds, securities and derivatives for others; Processing of electronic wallet payments; Project financing; Providing a web site featuring personal financial information and financial advice; Providing a web site featuring the ratings, reviews and recommendations on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments posted by users; Providing a website featuring information in the field of banking; Providing an on-line computer database in the field of stock/securities market information; Providing emergency financial assistance for individuals and families; Providing financial advice via a website; Providing financial assessments of damages after a disaster; Providing financial information; Providing financial information and financial advice via a website; Providing financial information regarding rating changes that affect financial portfolios via e-mail notification alerts; Providing financial information via a web site; Providing financial information via a website; Providing financial risk management services for electronic funds transfer, credit and debit card and electronic check transactions via a global computer network; Providing financial services with respect to securities and other financial instruments and products, namely, money management services; Providing financial services with respect to securities and other financial instruments and products, namely, trading of and investments in securities and financial instruments and products for others; Providing fundraising services for others via a global computer network; Providing information and research in the field of finance and financial investments; Providing information in the field of finance; Providing information in the field of finance via a website; Providing information in the field of financial appraisals via a website; Providing information in the field of financial stock and equity markets; Providing information in the field of personal finance; Providing information in the field of personal finance via a website; Providing information in the field of real estate; Providing information in the field of real estate via a website; Providing information regarding policy rates for all types of insurance and electronic processing of insurance claims and payment data over a web based computer network; Providing information via a global computer network on the subject of non-residential building and facilities management; Providing information, commentary and advice in the field of finance, financial investments and financial valuations; Providing insurance information; Providing investors with financial information; Providing loans secured by commercial paper; Providing on-line financial calculators; Providing on-line information in the field of charitable monetary giving through financial and estate planning; Providing on-line news in the field of finance; Providing personal loans and lines of credit; Providing post-compliance financial reviews for the mortgage industry; Providing real estate listings and real estate information via a website; Providing stock market information; Providing stock/securities market information; Providing venture capital, development capital, private equity and investment funding; Providing working capital; Providing working capital financing to small businesses and small business owners; Provision of financial information; Provision of information and data concerning stock exchanges; Provision of stock market information; Public equity investment management; Quotation of stock market prices; Real estate appraisal; Real estate appraisal and valuation; Real estate brokerage services specializing in restaurants and other food service related businesses; Real estate consultancy; Real estate consultation; Real estate escrow services; Real estate financing services; Real estate funds investment services; Real estate investment consultancy; Real estate investment services; Real estate investment trust advisory services; Real estate investment trust services; Real estate lending services; Real estate management consultation; Real estate services to stop foreclosure, namely, mortgage debt management; Real estate services, namely, ad valorem appraisals; Real estate services, namely, mass appraisals; Real estate services, namely, tax appraisals; Real estate trustee services; Real estate valuation services; Real estate valuations; Real property reappraisal services; Rent-to-own financing; Repossession services in the nature of debt collection; Revolving loans; Securities arbitrage services; Securities brokerage; Securities brokerage services; Securities exchange price quotations; Securities lending; Securities trade execution services; Securities trading and investing services for others via the internet; Securities trading services for others via the Internet and the global information network; Securities underwriting; Security brokerage; Services of a stockbroker; Stock broking services; Stock exchange information services; Stock exchange price quotations; Stock exchange quotations; Stocks and bonds brokerage; Strategic corporate financial advisory services; Strategic financial advisory services; Trade credit services, namely, financing services and lines of credit for business customers; Trading in securities; Trading of securities index futures; Trust management accounts; Trust services, namely, investment and trust company services; Trustee services; Trusteeship representatives; Underwriting, issuance and administration of annuities; Venture capital advisory services; Venture capital financing; Venture capital fund management; Venture capital funding services to emerging and start-up companies; Venture capital services, namely, providing financing to emerging and start-up companies; Wholesale lending services

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