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Friday, October 8, 2021
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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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9 electronic injection and ignition control assembly for internal combustion engines; electronic turbo pressure control assembly; water level indicators; ballast lamps; adapter; pressure gauges; traffic-light apparatus; electrical wires; speedometers; electric coils; holders for electric coils; calibration apparatus or instrument; electronic speed controllers; temperature measuring devices; gasoline meters; speed indicators; adapters; integrated circuits; connectors; sequential fully programmable Electronic Control Unit (ECU); display and conditioner for broadband O2 (oxygen) sensor; data acquisition system with integrated broadband O2 display and conditioner; pulse control module in various stages; low impedance injector drive units; high power capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) ignition system assembly; Automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges, air fuel/ratio gauges, boost gauges, vacuum gauges and exhaust gas temperature gauges
12 electronic injection for vehicles; carburetor converters for electronic fuel injection; ignition controls; electronic, electric and mechanical parts for vehicles; drive control system; gear lever; electrical Bowden cable for vehicles; electronic turbo pressure assembly for engines; gear boxes for vehicles, torsion converters; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; transmissions for vehicles; turbines; coils, valves and steering wheels for automobiles; hose clamps; command for vehicles; manual transmission shift lever; parts for land vehicles in the form of wiring, to wit, wires, terminals and connectors joined together for transmitting electric power and signals fitted on part of automobile bodies; active drive control and power-shift function assembly; vehicle parts, fittings and components
The mark consists of the stylized letters FT connected at the top thereof underneath which there appears the stylized wording ELECTRIC POWER. To the right of the stylized FT and above the wording ELECTRIC POWER there appears a stylized depiction of an electric socket plug.

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Oct 8, 2021
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