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Thursday, October 7, 2021
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Monday, October 4, 2021

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1 Chemically-treated nonmedical test strips for testing water; Reagent bearing test strips for testing swimming pool water
5 Medical diagnostic test strips for blood analysis, urine analysis, saliva analysis
10 Medical test kits for diabetes monitoring for home us; Braces for limbs and joints, for medical use; Orthopedic braces; Medical braces for joint, elbow, Wrist, and ankle; Braces for teeth; Supports for joint, elbow, Wrist, and ankle for medical use; Massage apparatus; Electric massage apparatus for household use; Massaging apparatus for personal use; Surgical apparatus and instruments for medical use; Apparatus and instruments used in foot surgery; Medical instrument for cardiovascular diagnostics; Medical diagnostic instruments for the analysis of body fluids; Medical apparatus and instrument for diagnostic use, namely, apparatus for medical diagnostic testing in the fields of cancer or other tissue-based diagnostic testing, cytology and cell-based testing; ; Medical apparatus and instruments for monitoring vital signs, blood properties and respiratory events; Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus; Medical apparatus and instruments relating to neurovegetative reactivity; Medical devices, namely, patient monitors and patient sensors for monitoring and measuring blood properties and respiratory events; Medical apparatus and instruments for monitoring blood properties and respiratory events; Devices for monitoring blood glucose for medical purposes; Blood pressure monitors; Blood oxygen monitors; Back supports for medical purposes; Splints; Electronic muscle stimulators for medical purposes; Compression garments
The mark consists of an animated butterfly with a circle surrounding it. The stylized words "Just Fitter" appear to the right of the butterfly.

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Oct 7, 2021
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