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Wednesday, October 6, 2021
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Saturday, October 2, 2021

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7 Carburetors; Air-intake tubes and filters for after-market installation of automotive engines; Automotive exhaust pipe; Automotive engine blocks; Automotive parts, namely, engine seals; Brake linings for machines; Brakes for machines; Bushings for use as parts of machines; Camshafts for vehicle engines; Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines; Cylinder heads for engines; Fuel and air mixture regulators being parts of internal combustion engines; Ignition parts for internal combustion engines, namely, condensers; Ignition devices for motors of land vehicles; Ignition wires; Ignition wires for motor vehicles; Ignition wires for vehicle engines; Ignitions parts for internal combustion engines, namely, points; Intake and exhaust air flow vane assembly device for use in an internal combustion engine; Piston rings being engine parts; Spark plug ignition wires; Spark plugs; Sparking plugs for internal combustion engines; Sparking plugs not for land vehicles; Valves as machine components; Valves being engine parts for introducing fuel-air mixtures into the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines; Angle valves being parts of machines; Automobile engine valve covers; Automotive intake manifolds; Automotive parts, namely, turbocharger systems; Disc brakes being parts of machines; Disc brakes for machines; Electronic ignitions for vehicles; Emission reduction units for motors and engines, namely, PCV valves; Engine camshafts; Exhaust manifold for engines; Hydraulic valve actuators; Hydraulic valves being parts of machines; Ignition coils for automotive engines; Internal combustion engine parts, namely, pistons; Internal combustion land vehicle engine parts, namely, connecting rods; Land vehicle parts, namely, spark plug wires; Pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; Pneumatic valve actuators; Sparking plugs for automotive engines; Vehicle parts, namely, power valve for carburetors
9 Air-fuel ratio controllers for internal combustion engines; Auto racing helmets; Brake controllers; Electronic motor vehicle ignition tuning kits comprised of an electronic control unit that monitors engine performances and delivers re-calculated sensor values to the original engine control unit to increase engine performance; Engine cut-out devices; Engine hour meters; Vehicle breakdown warning lamps; Vehicle charging stations for electric land based vehicles; Vehicle drive training simulators; Vehicle locating, tracking and security system comprised of an antenna and radio transmitter to be placed in a vehicle; Vehicle mounted GPS sensor for determining the rate of motion for a vehicle; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic tire pressure monitors; Air/fuel ratio gauges; Apparatus for testing vehicle transmissions; Apparatus for testing vehicle brakes; Audio equipment for vehicles, namely, loud speakers for automotive audio systems; Audio equipment for vehicles, namely, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers and speaker housings; Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tyres; Automotive measuring instruments, namely, water temperature gauges, air fuel/ratio gauges, boost gauges, vacuum gauges and exhaust gas temperature gauges; Automotive testing equipment, namely, transmission testing and brake testing equipment; Batteries for vehicles; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Battery chargers for use with land based vehicles; Battery charging devices for motor vehicles; Boost gauges; Cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Computerized vehicle engine analyzers; Diesel-engine exhaust test instruments; Downloadable augmented reality software for use in mobile devices for integrating electronic data with real world environments for the purpose of improving driving performance; Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; Electric locks for vehicles; Electronic apparatus for testing automobile engine oil; Electronic control systems for engines; Electronic controls for gasoline engines for land vehicles; Emergency auto kits comprised of a battery charger and a hand held spotlight; Exhaust gas temperature gauges; Fuel gauges; Gasoline gauges; Heads-up displays (HUDs) in the nature of transparent electronic displays for use in land based vehicles; Keyless entry system and keyless ignition switch system for automotive vehicles comprised of a microprocessor, electronic signal receiver, and keyfob with electronic signal transponder; Laser object detectors for use on vehicles; Mileage recorders for vehicles; Navigation apparatus for vehicles; Navigation apparatus for vehicles in the nature of on-board computers; Navigational instruments for vehicles; Parts for anti-theft automotive alarms, namely, electronic sensors, remote control transmitters and receivers for remotely operating land vehicles; Petrol gauges; Power adapters for use in vehicle lighter sockets; Power adapters for use with land based vehicles; Pressure gauges; Radar object detectors for use on vehicles; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Remote controls for operating vehicle alarms; Safety and driving assistant system for mobile vehicles and vessels comprised of electronic proximity sensors and switches, high-resolution cameras, integrated circuits for the purpose of imaging processing, and display monitors; Safety harnesses other than for vehicles or sports purposes; Satellite and microwave communications apparatus to transmit communications from a vehicle to another vehicle, or from a vehicle to a satellite; Simulators for driving or control of vehicles; Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; Speedometers for vehicles; Theft alarms; Thermostats for vehicles; Tire pressure gauges; Ultrasonic object detectors for use on vehicles; USB charging ports for use in vehicles; Vacuum gauges; Vehicle engine parts, namely, thermostats; Voltage regulators for vehicles; Water tank level gauges; Water temperature gauges; Wireless transceivers with collection and display technology for the status and tracking of all vehicle types in local environments
12 Brake rotors for land vehicles; Brake air compressors for land vehicles; Brake air cylinders for land vehicles; Brake air valves for land vehicles; Brake blocks for land vehicles; Brake cables for vehicles; Brake calipers for land vehicles; Brake cylinders; Brake discs; Brake discs for motorcycles; Brake discs for vehicles; Brake disks; Brake drums; Brake drums for land vehicles; Brake drums for vehicles; Brake facings; Brake facings for vehicles; Brake hardware for vehicles; Brake levers for cycles; Brake lines for vehicles; Brake linings for land vehicles; Brake linings for motor cars; Brake linings for vehicles; Brake pads for automobiles; Brake pads for land vehicles; Brake pads for vehicles; Brake segments for motor cars; Brake segments for vehicles; Brake shoes for land vehicles; Brake shoes for motor cars; Brake shoes for vehicles; Brake systems for vehicles; Brakes for land vehicles; Brakes for motor cars; Brakes for vehicles; Braking systems for vehicles and parts thereof; Bushings for transmission shift cables for land vehicles; Suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; Suspension springs for motor cars; Suspension systems for land based vehicles; Air suspension valves for controlling suspension height for vehicles; Air springs for vehicle suspension components for cushioning driver's seats and cabs; Automobile parts, namely, structural automobile body parts; Automobile suspension devices, namely, coilovers; Automobile suspension system components, namely, spring perches; Automotive body kits comprising external structural parts of automobiles; Axles for air suspension systems in vehicles; Bodyworks for motor vehicles; Disc brake pads for vehicles; Disc brakes for land vehicles; Disc brakes for land based vehicles; Electronic brakes for vehicles; Emergency brake covers for motor vehicles; Hydraulic disc brakes; Land vehicle suspension parts, namely, coil springs; Land vehicle suspension parts, namely, equalizers; Land vehicle suspension parts, namely, leaf springs; Land vehicle suspension parts, namely, torsion/sway bars; Main brake cylinders; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake rotors; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake cables; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake calipers; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake levers; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake master cylinder assemblies; Parts of motorcycles, namely, brake pedals; Steering and suspension systems and parts for steering and suspension systems for vehicles, namely, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, ball joints with control arms, bushing kits, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends, sleeves, idler arms, center links, stabilizer kits, inner sockets and pitman arms; Vehicle brake discs; Vehicle brake pads; Vehicle suspension springs; Vehicle parts, namely, suspension struts; Wheel suspensions
The mark consists of ABD in capital letters of the displayed font overlaid above RACING in the separate distinct font and smaller size.

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