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Monday, October 4, 2021
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Thursday, September 30, 2021

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5 Hormones for livestock; nutritional supplements for livestock feed; animal feed additives; animal feed supplements; nutritional supplements for animal foodstuffs; animal vitamins; non-medical nutritional additives for animal foodstuffs; feeding stimulants for animals; glucose dietary supplements for animals; protein supplements for animals; mineral dietary supplements for animals; herbal and dietary supplements to aid in milk production in lactating animals; powders for killing fleas on animals; cattle washes; insecticidal animal shampoo; veterinary pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of bacterial skin infections, fungal skin infections, viral skin infections and parasitic skin infections; veterinary pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of parasites; lice treatment preparations; flea and tick powder; flea sprays; animal semen; sexed and non-sexed animal semen for artificial insemination; fertility enhancement preparations for animal use
6 Aluminum sticks for use in livestock shows; clips of metal for exhibitor numbers for livestock shows; metal gates and fencing panels; cattle chutes of metal; cattle tubs; cattle alleys; saw wire for dehorning cattle; ear tags of metal for livestock; ear tags of plastic for livestock; metal chains; stall panels of metal
9 Downloadable applications for tablet computers to access online auctions; downloadable applications for handheld computers to access online auctions; downloadable applications for mobile phones to access online auctions
21 Animal activated livestock feeders; animal activated livestock waterers; drinking troughs for livestock; feeding troughs for livestock; feeding troughs; feeding pans for livestock; brushes for livestock; combs for animals; curry comb; animal grooming gloves; water buckets for livestock; heated water bowls for livestock; weighing scales for livestock; weaning equipment for livestock; dehorners for cattle
25 Baseball caps and hats; cloth hats; fashion hats; hats; knitted hats; sports caps and hats; sun hats; woolly hats; headbands; cowboy hats; button down shirts; casual shirts; children's shirts; collared shirts; denim shirts; fleece shirts; long-sleeved shirts; men's shirts; muscle shirts; open-necked shirts; promotional t-shirts; shirts; short-sleeved shirts; short-sleeved t-shirt; sweat shirts; t-shirts; women's shirts; woven shirts; knitted sweaters; sweaters; hooded jackets; hooded pullovers; hooded sweatshirts; bomber jackets; denim jackets; denim coats; down jackets; fleece jackets; heavy jackets; jackets; jean jackets; knit jackets; blue jeans; denim pants; jeans; jeans coveralls; denim pants; corduroy trousers; leather trousers; over-trousers; rain trousers; short trousers; snow trousers; trousers; capri pants; cargo pants; casual pants; fleece pants; pant suits; jogging pants; leather pants; rain pants; short pants; sweat pants; waterproof jackets and pants; athletic shorts; bermuda shorts; board shorts; gym shorts; running shorts; shorts; shortalls; walking shorts; coveralls; bib overalls; overalls; working overalls; gloves; leather gloves; work gloves; leather jackets; leather coats; leather cowboy boots
31 Livestock feed; cattle; donor and recipient cattle for breeding purposes; cattle cake; cattle food; maize cake for cattle; mineral salts for cattle; salt for cattle; rape cake for cattle; mash for fattening livestock; animal feed; medicated and unmedicated animal feed; animal food pellets; animal starter feed; formula starter feed for calves; starter food for calves; sexed and non-sexed animal embryos; sexed and non-sexed animal embryos produced via in vitro fertilization
35 Auction services; auctioneering provided on the internet; auctioning via telecommunication networks; on-line auctioneering; on-line trading services in which seller posts products to be auctioned and bidding is done via the internet; online auction services; organization of Internet auctions; arranging and conducting of auction sales; auctioneering of property; carrying out auction sales; consignment sale of bovine and bovine genetics; consignment sale of bovine and bovine genetics provided on the internet
44 Cattle breeding services; cattle breeding and stud service; stud services for cattle; embryo transfer services; stud and breeding services for cattle; animal husbandry; livestock farming services; in vitro fertilization services for livestock

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Oct 4, 2021
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