Trademark: 97043426
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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Friday, September 24, 2021

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2 Dye, printing ink; colorants for use in the manufacture of printing ink; Pigments; Ink for skin dressing; Paints; paint thinners; Anti-rust preparations for preservation; anti rust oils; Raw natural resins; synthetic resin paints; colorants for food and beverages; tattoo colors; food coloring; colorants for use in the manufacture of paint; colorants for use in the manufacture of paper
4 Candles; dust removing preparations; beeswax; carnauba wax; paraffin; motor fuel; motor oil; firelighters; industrial wax; industrial oils and fats; oils for paints; wicks for oil lamps; oils for lighting; oils, waxes for use in the manufacture of other products; hookah charcoal; cigarette lighter fluid
5 Nutritional supplements; Dietary and nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplement shakes; Nutritional supplement energy bars; Liquid nutritional supplement; Nutritionally fortified beverages for medical purposes; Sterilizing preparations; Depuratives for the body; Diapers for pets; Contact lenses (Solutions for use with -); medicated animal washes; tobacco-free cigarettes for smoking cessation purposes
7 Industrial machines; Tools (Hand-held -), other than hand-operated; Distribution machines, automatic / vending machines; Shoe polishers, electric; Washing machines for clothes; cigarette machines for industrial purposes; coffee grinders; guns; metalworking machines; motors other than for land vehicles; electrically powered kitchen appliances
12 Cars, cart, bicycle; Air pumps (vehicle accessories); Wheelchairs; adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes; all terrain vehicles; automobile tires; bicycle frames; electric bicycles; camera drones; covers for vehicle steering wheels; cup holders for vehicles; golf carts; mobility scooters; motor scooters; motorcycles; mudguards; pet strollers; prams; push scooters; seat covers for vehicles; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles
15 musical instruments; reeds; straps for musical instruments; strings for musical instruments; strands for musical instruments; conductors batons; cases for musical instruments; bows for musical instruments
34 Tobacco and cigarettes; Matches; Smokers (Lighters for -); Cigarette filters; hookah tobacco; hookahs; electric hookahs; electronic cigarette refill cartridges sold empty; flavorings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes; cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes; electronic cigarette lanyards; cigarette ash receptables; cigarette tubes; electronic cigarettes; filtered cigars and cigarettes; cigarette papers; cigarette lighters; cigarette tobacco; cigar and cigarette boxes
40 Food processing; Assembly of products for others; Pottery firing; custom tailoring; photographic film development; Framing of works of art; Paper finishing; Metal treating; custom 3D printing for others; photographic printing
44 Medical clinic services; Food nutrition consultation; Animal grooming; Gardening; Opticians' services; Rental of sanitation facilities; Beauty salon; providing self-service pet washing facilities; body piercing; tattooing; animal-assisted therapy; music therapy services; art therapy; massage therapy services; acupressure therapy; sound healing therapy

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Sep 28, 2021
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