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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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3 Cosmetics; beauty products other than for medical use; cosmetic masks; cosmetic foams; mineral oils being cosmetics, oils for cosmetic use, body oils being cosmetics; moisturizers being cosmetics; cosmetic creams; skin care creams being cosmetics; cosmetic preparations for skin tanning, sunscreen preparations being cosmetics, self-tanning products being cosmetics, after-sun gels being cosmetics; tonic lotions being cosmetics; cosmetic cleansers for the face; face creams being cosmetics; cosmetic powders for the face; beauty masks; make-up; cosmetic creams for the body; cosmetic preparations fostering slimming; astringents for cosmetic use; cosmetic preparations for baths; make-up products, make-up removing products; make-up powder; cosmetics for the lips, lipstick, lip gloss; mascara, eye liners being cosmetics, cosmetics for eyelashes, eyebrow cosmetics, pencils for cosmetic use, eyebrow pencils; nail care products, nail polish; almond milk for cosmetic use; bleaching preparations (decolorants) for cosmetic use, cosmetic dyes; tissues impregnated with cosmetic products; perfumery products, perfumes, amber being perfumery, musk being perfumery, eau-de-Cologne, scented waters, oils for perfumery, toilet water, extracts of flowers being perfumery, fumigation preparations being perfumes; soaps; cleansing milk for toilet use; douching preparations being toiletries for intimate hygiene, deodorant, or for sanitary purposes; oils for toilet use; products for hair and scalp cleaning, care and beauty not for medical use, particularly shampoos, hair cosmetics, hair lotions, hair sprays, hair dyes; shaving products, after-shave lotions, shaving soap, beard dyes, mustache wax; sachets for perfuming linen; air-fragrancing preparations, essential oils, ethereal oils; dentifrices, mouthwashes not for medical use, breath-freshening sprays; cosmetics for animals
4 Oils for lamps; candles; perfumed candles

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