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Friday, September 17, 2021
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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1 Chemical additives for fuel; Chemical additives for fuel treatment; Chemical additives for gasoline; Chemical additives for motor fuels; Chemical additives for use with internal combustion engine fuels; Chemical additives for diesel fuel; Chemical fuel tank additives for encapsulating water molecules to a burnable state in petroleum fuels and bio-fuels; Chemical gasoline additives; Chemically blended additives used to reverse phase separation in ethanol-blended fuel in above-ground and underground storage tanks; Chemicals, namely, stability additives, cold flow improvers, dehazers, acid reduction aids, corrosion inhibitors, and combustion improvers used in biodiesel, biodiesel blends, and biorefined fuels; Detergent additives for fuels; Detergent additives to gasoline; Fuel injection cleaner chemical additive; Octane booster fuel chemical additive
4 Fuel; Fuels; Gasoline; Alcohol fuel; Alcohol and mixed alcohol fuel; Aviation fuel; Biodiesel fuel; Diesel fuel; Ethanol fuels; Fossil fuel substitutes, namely, biofuels; Fuel from crude oil; Fuel oil; Fuel for aircraft/ships; Fuel for motor vehicles, namely, diesel; Fuel for motor vehicles, namely, gasoline; Fuel with an alcohol base; Fuels from biological sources; Fuels and biofuels blended with chemicals and/or biological products; Fuels with an alcohol base; Hydrocarbon fuels; Industrial gasoline; Liquid fuels; Mineral fuel; Mineral motor fuel; Mixed alcohol fuel; Motor fuel; Renewable fuels

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