Trademark: 97025257
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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Monday, September 13, 2021

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3 Lip balm
4 Candles
9 Protective cases for smartphones; Protective covers and cases for cell phones; Parts and fittings for mobile phones, namely, pop sockets and finger holders for mobile phones; Sunglasses; Headphones; Chargers for smartphones; USB chargers adapted for car cigarette lighter sockets; Blank USB flash drives
11 Flashlights
12 Automotive windshield shade screens
14 Bracelets; Necklaces; Jewelry watches; Watches; Key chains; Pins being jewelry
16 Pens; Printed notepads; Writing paper pads; Printed calendars; Printed cook books
18 Tote bags; Backpacks; Umbrellas; Duffle bags
20 Hand mirrors
21 Mugs; Cups; Travel mugs; Water bottles sold empty
22 Lanyards for holding badges or keys
24 Towels
25 Hats; Bathing caps; Berets; Headwear; Hat frames; Mantillas; Shower caps; Top hats; Turbans; Skull caps; Visors being headwear; Wimples; Aprons; Ascots; Pants for babies; Bandanas; Bathrobes; Swimsuits; Bathing suits; Bathing suits for men; Bathing trunks; Bibs, not of paper; Boas; Bodices; Breeches; Camisoles; Coats for men; Coats for women; Coats; Bras; Collars; Collar liners for protecting clothing collars; Shoulder wraps; Corsets being clothing; Cycling shoes; Cycling shorts; Cycling caps; Cuffs; Wristbands as clothing; Detachable collars; Dress shields; Dresses; Dressing gowns; Ear muffs; Fishing vests; Fur stoles; Heelpieces for footwear; Hoods; Hosiery; Jackets; Jerseys; Pinafores; Pinafore dresses; Clothing layettes; Leggings; Leg warmers; Liveries; Maniples; Masquerade costumes; Mittens; Money belts; Muffs; Neckties; Overalls; Smocks; Topcoats; Pants; Drawers as clothing; Paper hats for use as clothing items; Parkas; Pelerines; Pelisses; Petticoats; Pocket squares; Pockets for clothing; Ponchos; Pullovers; Jumpers; Pajamas; Ready-made linings being parts of clothing; Saris; Sarongs; Sashes for wear; Sashes; Scarves; Shawls; Shirt yokes; Shirt fronts; Shirts; Short sleeved shirts; Singlets; Sports jerseys; Ski gloves; Skirts; Skorts; Slips being underclothing; Sleep masks; Sock suspenders; Socks; Spats; Boot gaiters; Stocking suspenders; Socks and stockings; Sweat-absorbent stockings; Stockings; Stuff jackets; Suits; Braces as suspenders; Suspenders; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Sweat-absorbent underclothing; Knitwear, namely, sweaters; Sweaters for adults; Teddies being underclothing; T-shirts; Tights; Togas; Trouser straps; Trousers; Underwear; Underclothing; Uniforms; Veils; Waistcoats; Vests; Wet suits for water-skiing; Bath sandals; Bath slippers; Beach shoes; Boot uppers; Boots; Boots for sport; Esparto shoes or sandals; Fittings of metal for footwear in the nature of heelpieces; Fittings of metal for footwear in the nature of shoe eyelets; Fittings of metal for footwear in the nature of toe caps; Football shoes; Footwear; Footwear uppers; Galoshes; Gymnastic shoes; Half-boots; Heelpieces for footwear; Heels; Inner soles; Lace boots; Non-slip soles for footwear; Sandals; Shoes for adults; Ski boots; Slippers; Shoe soles; Sports shoes; Studs for football shoes; Tips for footwear; Welts for footwear; Wooden shoes
26 Buttons; Novelty buttons; Basketballs
28 Golf balls
34 Lighters for smokers; Cigarette lighters; Matches
The color(s) light blue, red, green, orange, white, pink and black is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of an artistic rendering of a slice of cake with light blue icing and orange, yellow, white, pink and green sprinkles on top of the slice of cake is a red cherry with a green stem, on the side of the cake is the word CAKE in light blue font, surrounding the cake is a black border.

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