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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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Friday, September 10, 2021

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4 Additives, non-chemical, to motor fuel; Alcohol and mixed alcohol fuel; Alcohol fuel; All purpose lubricants; All purpose penetrating oil; Animal oils for industrial purposes; Anthracite; Aromatherapy fragrance candles; Artificial fireplace logs; Artificial petroleum; Automobile lubricants; Automotive engine oils; Automotive greases; Automotive lubricants; Aviation fuel; Backfire torches containing diesel oil or kerosene and a wick for use in starting backfires to control fires and for controlled burns; Bagasse for use as fuel; Basal diluent used in industrial vegetation management and forestry; Base oils; Baseball glove conditioning oil; Beef tallow for industrial purposes; Beeswax for use in further manufacture; Beeswax for use in the manufacture of candles; Beeswax for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Beeswax for use in the manufacture of ointments; Belt dressings; Benzene fuel; Benzine fuel; Biodiesel fuel; Biofuel; Biofuels; Biomass fuel; Biomass, namely, a lignocellulosic material used as a fuel for generating energy and electricity; Boiled oil for industrial purposes; Bone oil for industrial purposes; Bougies in the nature of wax candles; Briquettes of wood; Butane fuel; Butane gas cartridges sold filled; Butane gas for lighters; Candle contained in a clamshell; Candle torches; Candle-making kits; Candles; Candles and wicks for candles for lighting; Candles being of wax or liquid, for the illumination of carved pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, gourds, and other fruits and vegetables; Candles containing insect repellent; Candles for lighting; Candles for night lights; Canisters containing butane fuel; Carnauba wax; Casting wax for use in conjunction with microjet-based rapid prototype/modelmaking equipment; Castor oil for industrial purposes; Castor oil, not edible; Chafing dish fuel; Charcoal briquettes; Charcoal briquettes (tadon); Charcoal for use as fuel; Charcoal lighter fluid; Christmas tree candles; Cigarette lighter fluid; Coal; Coal based fuels; Coal briquettes; Coal dust being fuel; Coal gas; Coal naphtha; Coal tar oil; Coconut charcoal for fuel; Coconut oils for industrial purposes; Coke; Colored fire torches; Colza oil for industrial purposes; Colza oil for lubricating machinery; Combustible briquettes; Combustible briquettes; Combustible oil; Compressed natural gas; Conditioning oil for baseball gloves; Corn oils for industrial purposes; Cottonseed oils for industrial purposes; Crankcase oils; Crude oil; Crude oils; Cutting fluids; Cutting oil for industrial metal working; Cutting oils; Decorative tabletop fueled torches; Diesel fuel; Diesel oil; Drilling lubricants; Dust absorbing compositions; Dust binding compositions for sweeping; Dust laying and absorbing composition for use on unpaved roads; Dust-binding compositions; Electrical energy; Electrical energy from geothermal power; Electrical energy from renewable sources; Electrical energy from solar power; Electrical energy from wind power; Engine oils; Epoxidized oils used as a plasticizing and/or stabilizing additive primarily for use in vinyl compounds; Ethanol fuels; Firelighters in the nature of kindling woods; Fireplace logs; Firewood; Fish oil for industrial purposes; Fish oils for industrial purposes; Fluxant oil for use as an ingredient in asphalt; Fossil fuel substitutes, namely, biofuels; Fragrant wax for use in potpourri burners; Fuel; Fuel briquettes, namely, compressed carbon briquettes; Fuel for aircraft/ships; Fuel for lighters; Fuel from crude oil; Fuel gas; Fuel oil; Fuel pellets; Fuel products for stoves, namely, wood pellets, corn and grains; Fuel with an alcohol base; Fuel with an alcoholic base; Fuels; Fuels and biofuels blended with chemicals and/or biological products; Fuels for cooking; Fuels from biological sources; Fuels with an alcohol base; Fuels with an alcoholic base; Fuels, namely, oil sands; Fuels, namely, tar sands; Gas oil; Gas oil for domestic heating; Gaseous fuels; Gases for use as fuel; Gasoline; Gear oils; Gels comprised of plant-based oils and plant-based waxes for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries; Gels comprised of vegetable-based oils and vegetable-based waxes for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and toiletries; General purpose greases; Golf clubhead lubricants; Granular absorbent oil-based composition for absorbing spills from floors; Graphite as a lubricant; Graphite lubricants; Grease for arms being weapons; Grease for boots; Grease for footwear; Grease for leather; Grease for machines; Grease for shoes; Greases for boots and shoes; Greases for the preservation of leather; Greases used in the commercial baking industry to prevent dough from adhering to metal surfaces; Gun barrel oil; Hardened oils being hydrogenated oils for industrial use; Hardwood charcoal for smoking and grilling food; Heat transfer oils; Heating oil; Heavy oils; Hookah charcoal; Hookah coal; Hydraulic oils; Hydrocarbon fuels; Industrial and vehicular lubricants; Industrial gasoline; Industrial grease; Industrial greases; Industrial lubricants; Industrial oil; Industrial oil for batteries; Industrial oils; Industrial oils and fats; Industrial paraffins; Industrial wax; Instrument milk; Kerosene; Kindling; Lamp fuel; Lamp oil; Lamp oils containing insect repellent; Lamp wicks; Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Lanolin for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and ointments; Lanoline for industrial purposes; Leather preserving oil and grease; Light oils; Lighter fluid; Lighter fluid for charcoal; Lighting fuel; Lighting paper; Lignite; Ligroin; Linseed oil for use as a lubricant; Linseed oils for industrial purposes; Liquefied natural gas; Liquefied petroleum gas; Liquefied petroleum gases; Liquefied petroleum gases to be used for domestic and industrial purposes and in motor vehicles; Liquid fuels; Liquid vegetable oil used for groundwater remediation; Lubricants for aircraft engines; Lubricants for bicycle chains; Lubricants for dental instruments; Lubricants for industrial machinery; Lubricants for machines; Lubricants for musical instruments; Lubricants for use on household items; Lubricants, namely, grinding fluids; Lubricating graphite; Lubricating grease; Lubricating greases; Lubricating oil; Lubricating oil for motor vehicle engines; Lubricating oils; Lubricating oils; Lubricating oils and greases; Lubrication grease for vehicles; Lump charcoal; Marine lubricants; Mazut; Melt tarts, namely, scented wax to be melted slowly with a warmer; Methanol fuel; Methylated spirits for fuel; Mineral fuel; Mineral lubricating oils; Mineral motor fuel; Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care products; Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of metal cutting fluids; Mineral oil for use in the manufacture of paint; Mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes; Mineral oils for use in the manufacture of other products; Mineral spirits for use as an accelerant; Mixed alcohol fuel; Montan wax; Motor fuel; Motor oil; Motor oils; Motor vehicle lubricants; Mould releasing oils; Naphtha; Natural gas; Non-chemical additives for engine oils; Non-chemical additives for fuels; Non-chemical additives for fuels, lubricants and greases; Non-chemical additives for greases; Non-chemical additives for lubricants; Non-chemical additives for motor fuels; Non-chemical additives for oils and fuels; Non-chemical adsorbents for removing impurities from fuel; Non-chemical engine treatment preparations and additives for engine oils, gasoline and diesel fuels, transmission fluids and cooling systems; Non-chemical gasoline additives; Non-chemical motor oil additives; Non-mineral greases for industrial purposes; Non-mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes; Non-mineral oils for industrial purposes; Oil for the preservation of masonry; Oil for use in the preservation of masonry; Oils for lighting; Oils for the preservation of leather; Oils for the preservation of masonry; Oils, waxes for use in the manufacture of other products; Olive oils for industrial purposes; Oxygen liquified hydrocarbon gas for use in torches; Ozocerite; Ozokerite; Paper spills for lighting fires; Paraffin; Paraffin wax; Patio torches; Peanut oils for industrial purposes; Peat briquettes; Peat for use as fuel; Peat pellets for use as fuel; Pellets of compressed fiber manufactured from a plant crop to be used as fuel; Penetrating oil; Perfumed candles; Perilla oils for industrial purposes; Petrol; Petroleum; Petroleum based dust suppressing compositions; Petroleum jelly based sealant used for protection against corrosion for industrial and residential use; Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; Petroleum, raw or refined; Pharmaceutical grade white mineral oil used in the further manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Polyols for use as food grade lubricants; Premium specialty industrial lubricants; Producer gas; Propane; Propane for use as fuel; Propane gas sold in cylinders for use as fuel; Propane gas sold in cylinders for use in torches; Protective wax for fruits and vegetables; Quenching oils; Racing oil; Rape oil for industrial purposes; Reclaiming oil used in the process of devulcanization of rubber compounds; Renewable fuels; Scented candles; Scented wax for use in candle warmers; Sesame oil for industrial purposes; Sewing machine lubricating oils; Shelled corn for fuel; Skateboard wax; Ski wax; Snowboard wax; Solid film lubricants; Solid fire starters; Solid fuels; Solid lubricants for industrial purposes; Solidified gases being fuel; Solidified gases being fuels; Soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; Soybean oil for industrial purposes; Splints, namely, wood for use as fuel; Sumac wax; Sunflower oil for industrial purposes; Surfboard wax; Surgical milk; Synthetic gear oil; Synthetic lubricating oils; Synthetic, fire-resistant lubricants for industrial use; Tallow; Tallow candles; Tapers; Tea light candles; Tealight candles; Textile oil; Textile oils; Tinder; Two cycle engine oil; Unity candles; Vegetable oil for use in the manufacture of paints and/or soaps; Vegetable wax; Vegetable-based waxes for use in coating food products; Vinyl window lubricant; Votive candles; Wakeboard binding lubricants; Walnut oils for industrial purposes; Wax emulsions and wax powders for industrial applications; Wax for lighting; Wax for making candles; Wax for skateboards; Wax for skis; Wax for snowboards; Wax for surfboards; Wax for use in coating food packaging materials; Wax melts; Waxes being raw materials; Wicks for candles; Wicks for candles for lighting; Wicks for oil lamps; Wood briquettes; Wood chips for smoking and grilling; Wood chips for smoking foods; Wood chips for use as fuel; Wood heating pellets; Wood logs for fuel; Wood pellet fuel; Wood spills for lighting; Wood spills for lighting fires; Xylene fuel

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