Trademark: 97021287
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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Filing Date
Friday, September 10, 2021

Trademark Owner History

3 Abrasive rolls; Abrasive sand; Abrasive strips; Bath beads; Bath bombs; Bath pearls; Bay rums; Foot scrubs; Hair dressings for women; Nail grooming products, namely, tips, glue, lacquer and glitter; Pumice stones for personal use; Natural floor waxes
4 Candles; Tapers; Candle contained in a clamshell; Candle torches; Candle-making kits; Scented candles; Solid fire starters; Tea light candles; Tealight candles; Unity candles; Votive candles
6 Germanium; Keyboxes; Bottle caps of metal; Bottle fasteners of metal; Cash deposit boxes; Cashboxes; Metal beverage cans; Metal clips for general use; Metal doors; Metal hooks; Metal taps for beer kegs; Metal taps for casks; Pewter figurines; Pouch for holding water or nutritional liquids made of flexible foil; Preserve tins, sold empty; Safety deposit boxes; Tin cans, sold empty; Decorative metal mailbox covers; Metal bicycle locks; Metal bottle caps; Metal cabinet door catches; Metal kegs; Metal mailboxes; Metal pet tags; Metal stoppers for bottles; Metal zip ties; Non-metal lock boxes
7 Dynamos; Windlasses; Aerated beverage making machines; Aquarium pumps; Axial fan condensers; Axial flow blowers; Barley press rollers; Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical; Blades for electric food processors; Blanking presses; Bobbins for weaving looms; Bottle filling machines; Bottle sealing machines; Bottle stoppering machines; Braiding machines; Bubble making machines; Butter machines; Cam shafts; Can openers, electric; Canning machines; Carpet cleaning machines, namely, carpet extractors; Cereal processing machines; Cheese slicers, electric; Coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; Cordless vacuum cleaners; Crushers for kitchen use, electric; Darning machines; Dishwashers; Door closers, electric; Door closers, pneumatic; Door openers, electric; Door openers, pneumatic; Drain cocks; Drain jetters; Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; Dust separators; Edible paste making machines; Egg brooders; Egg incubators; Electric hammers; Electric juicers; Electric pepper mills; Electric planes; Electric pumps; Electric sweepers; Electrical coffee grinders; Engraving machines; Envelope-inserting machines; Envelope feeders; Escalators; Floor cleaning machines; Floor edgers; Food processors, electric; Food waste disposals; Forge blowers; Fruit core removing machines; Fruit presses, electric, for household purposes; Glue guns, electric; Grating machines for vegetables; Hand-held vacuum cleaners; High pressure washers; Honey extracting machines; Hosiery looms; Hot melt glue guns; Juice extractors, electric; Kitchen grinders, electric; Kitchen machines, electric, for making whipped cream; Knife grinding machines; Knife sharpening machines; Knitting machines; Macerator pumps; Machines for washing pets; Meat processing machines; Meat and food grinder attachments for electric mixers for household use; Milk filtering machines; Nail extractors, electric; Nail pullers, electric; Nozzles for particle blast cleaning machines and structural parts thereof; Nut-tapping machines; Oil separators; Packaging machines for food; Packing machines; Packing machines under vacuum; Paint sprayers; Paper shredding machines; Parquet wax-polishers, electric; Pasta making machines, electric; Pepper mills, other than hand-operated; Pillow cleaning machines; Pneumatically operated tire inflation machine; Portable saw mills; Power blowers for lawn debris; Power drill bits; Power staplers; Power-operated jacks; Power-operated sprayers; Powered hole openers used to enlarge holes in the ground; Press dies for metal forming; Pump diaphragms; Pump impellers; Punching machines; Punching presses for metalworking; Reapers; Reapers and threshers; Rice huskers; Rivet guns; Robotic vacuum cleaners; Rotary blowers; Salt and pepper mills, other than hand-operated; Sausage making machines; Scissors, electric; Screwdrivers, pneumatic; Sewing machines for household purposes; Sharpening machines; Shears, electric; Shoe polishers, electric; Shovels, mechanical; Sieves being machines; Smoothing presses; Snow blowers; Snow ploughs; Snowblowers; Soda-pop making machines; Soldering lamps; Soldering irons, electric; Spin driers, not heated; Spinning frames; Splash baffles for use in garbage disposals; Spraying machines; Stamping presses; Starter alternators; Steam cleaners for household purposes; Steam mops; Steamrollers; Stitching machines; Suction cups for milking machines; Suction nozzles for vacuum cleaners; Tin openers, electric; Tips for paint spray guns; Trash compactors; Vacuum cleaner bags; Vegetable grating machines; Vegetable peelers, electric; Waste compactors; Waste and trash separator machines; Water heaters being parts of machines; Wet-cleaning washers incorporating dryers; Wheel adapters for power-operated grinders; Whisks, electric, for household purposes; Window closers, electric; Window openers, pneumatic; Wrapping machines; Adhesive tape dispensing machines; Apparatus for aerating beverages; Apparatus for aerating water; Bicycle dynamos; Bottle capping machines; Electric bag sealers; Electric brooms; Electric can openers; Electric cheese slicers; Electric cherry pit removing machines; Electric coffee grinders; Electric date pit removing machines for household use; Electric door opening and closing system; Electric egg beaters; Electric feed grinders; Electric flour sifters; Electric flour sifters for household use; Electric food blenders; Electric food blenders for household purposes; Electric food choppers; Electric food grinders; Electric food processors; Electric food slicers; Electric fruit peelers; Electric fruit presses for household use; Electric fruit squeezers for household purposes; Electric garage door openers and closers; Electric garlic peeling machines; Electric gate openers; Electric glue gun applicator tips; Electric glue guns; Electric graters; Electric hedge shears; Electric hedge trimmers; Electric ice crushers; Electric ice shaving machines; Electric infant formula mixers for household use; Electric jacks; Electric juice extractors; Electric kitchen mixers; Electric knife sharpeners; Electric lawn trimmers; Electric mandoline slicers; Electric meat grinders; Electric milk frothers; Electric mixers for household purposes; Electric nail extractors; Electric nail guns; Electric nail pullers; Electric noodle making machines; Electric parquet wax-polishers; Electric pasta makers for domestic use; Electric pasta makers for household purposes; Electric pasta making machines; Electric pepper grinders; Electric pizza cutters; Electric planers; Electric potato peelers; Electric rotary hammers; Electric salt grinders; Electric salt mills; Electric sausage stuffers; Electric scissor sharpeners; Electric scissors; Electric screwdrivers; Electric shoe polishers; Electric skylight openers; Electric socket wrenches; Electric soldering irons; Electric spiral slicers; Electric steam mops; Electric steam mops for household purposes; Electric vacuum cleaners; Electric vegetable peelers; Electric whisks for household purposes; Electric window cleaning machines; Electric window openers; Electric cordless sweepers; Electric food preparation apparatus, namely, tumblers for marinating food; Electric hand-held hammers; Electric hand-held mixers for household purposes; Electric powered soldering irons; Electrical juice extractors for fruit; Electrical squeezers for fruit and vegetable; Electrically powered windlasses; Electrically-powered knitting machines; Electrically-powered kitchen appliance for dicing, mincing, slicing and chopping food; Fitted covers for swimming pool vacuum cleaners; Gas operated cutting blow pipes; Gas-operated blow torches; Gas-operated cutting blow pipes; Gas-operated soldering irons; Hand-held electric-powered food processors; Hot adhesive guns; Household sergers; Kitchen machines, namely, electric standing mixers; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus, namely, a combination meat tenderizer and marinator, for household use; Non-aerated beverage making machines; Pneumatic jacks; Pneumatic nail guns; Portable hoist systems; Portable rotary steam presses for fabrics; Power-operated basket presses; Power-operated coffee grinders; Power-operated meat grinders; Power-operated mini cultivators; Power-operated polishers; Power-operated potters' wheels; Power-operated pry bars; Power-operated rivet guns; Power-operated sharpeners; Power-operated spray guns; Power-operated sprayers for insecticides; Power-operated staple guns; Power-operated hand-held dispenser for attachment to liquid containers for use in dispensing liquids; Power-operated spray equipment for applying thermoplastic road marking paints; Rechargeable hedge cutters; Rechargeable sweepers; Spray guns for paint; Vegetable spiralizers, electric; Wet-dry vacuums
8 Drawknives; Nippers; Scissors; Secateurs; Air pumps, hand-operated; Beard clippers; Beard shaping tools; Beard trimmers; Bolt cutters being hand tools; Bread knives; Butcher knives; Butter curlers; Butter knives; Cake cutters; Cake levelers; Ceramic knives; Cheese planes; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Chef knives; Chucks for hand-operated tools; Claw hammers; Cleavers; Disposable tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Disposable tableware, namely, spoons; Diving knife holders; Diving knives; Dog clippers; Drawing knives; Ear-piercing guns; Ear piercing apparatus; Ear piercing guns; Earth rammers being hand tools; Egg slicers, non-electric; Electric irons; Electric ear hair trimmers; Electric nasal hair trimmers; Farriers' knives; Filleting knives; Fire tongs; Fireplace bellows; Fireplace pokers, shovels, and brushes sold as a unit; Fireplace shovels; Fireplace tongs; Fish forks; Fish scalers; Fish scoops; Fish slicing kitchen knives; Fish tape for pulling cables; Fish tapes being hand tools; Fishing knives; Fishing line cutters; Fishing pliers; Fixed blade knives; Flat irons; Flatware being knives, forks, and spoons; Flatware, namely, forks, knives, and spoons; Flexible head spanners; Folding knives; Forks being tableware; Forks being table cutlery; Frames for handsaws; French fry cutters; Fruit knives; Gardening scissors; Gardening shears; Golf course rakes; Grapefruit trimmers; Grapefruit knives; Grapefruit spoons; Grapefruit trimmer, namely, a kitchen knife with serrated edges; Hair clippers; Hair clippers for babies; Hair trimmers; Hand hooks; Hand jacks; Hand taps; Hand tools, namely, drills; Hand tools, namely, files; Hand tools, namely, grafting tools; Hand tools, namely, stretchers for wire and metal bands; Hand-operated choppers; Hand-operated hair clippers; Herb scissors; Hobby knives; Holing axes; Household knives; Household shears; Hunting knives; Ice axes; Ice hammers; Ice picks; Japanese chopping kitchen knives; Japanese thread clippers; Kitchen knives; Kitchen shears; Knee kickers being hand tools; Knife bags; Knife handles; Knife sheaths; Knife sheaths of leather; Knife steels; Knives being tableware; Knives for hobby use; Lawn maintenance equipment, namely, lawn rollers; Leather sheaths for knives; Lifting jacks, hand-operated; Locking pliers; Manicure sets; Manicure tools; Manual clippers; Manual drills; Masons' trowels; Mattocks; Meat claws; Milling cutters being hand tools; Miter boxes; Miter cutters being hand tools; Miter sanders being hand tools; Miter vises being hand tools; Mortars for pounding being hand tools; Mountaineering ice hammers; Mountaineering pickels; Multi-purpose shears; Nail buffers; Nail clippers; Nail files; Nail punches; Nut wrenches; Palette knives; Paring knives; Pedicure sets; Pestles for pounding being hand tools; Pick heads; Pickaxes and mattocks; Pin punches; Pincers being hand tools; Pitchforks; Pizza cutters, non-electric; Pizza slicers; Planing blades; Poultry scissors; Pruning scissors; Pruning shears; Pruning knives; Punches being hand tools; Punching dies; Ring spanners; Roll-up bags for knives; Sanding blocks being hand tools; Sanding pads for non-electric, hand-operated sanders; Scaling knives; Scalpels for hobby use; Scissors adapted to receive attachment guide combs for hair cutting and trimming; Scissors for household use; Scoops for restoration of candle wicks and for removing wax; Scoring knives for veneer sheets; Screw wrenches; Sculpting tools, namely, loops; Seam rippers; Serving knives; Sewing scissors; Shaving cases; Shear blades; Souvenir collector spoons; Spark plug sockets being hand tools; Spatulas being hand tools; Spatulas for spreading hot wax; Spatulas for use by artists; Spears; Spoons being tableware; Spoons for tea; Sport knives; Spreader in the nature of a small knife for butter or cheese; Steak knives; Stirring sticks for mixing paint; Swivel drivers; Table cutlery; Table forks; Table knives; Table knives, forks and spoons for babies; Tableware, namely, knives, forks and spoons; Tap wrenches; Taps being hand tools; Tatami mat choppers; Thin-bladed kitchen knives; Thread snips; Tommy bars; Tool aprons; Tool holders; Tweezers; Utility knives; Vegetable knives; Vegetable peelers, hand-operated; Vegetable shredders, hand-operated; Vegetable slicers; Vegetable slicers, hand-operated; Weeding forks being hand tools; Whetstone holders; Whetstones; Whittling knives; Adjustable spanners; Artificial eyelash tweezers; Battery-powered animal nail grinders; Crosscut saw blades; Electric beard trimmers; Electric cattle prods; Electric curling tongs; Electric depilatory appliances; Electric epilatory appliances; Electric eyebrow trimmers; Electric eyelash curlers; Electric hair clippers; Electric hair cutters; Electric hair straightener; Electric hair trimmers; Electric manicure sets; Electric manicure tools; Electric nail buffers; Electric nail clippers; Electric nail files; Electric pedicure sets; Electric pedicure tools; Electric and battery-powered hair clippers; Electric and battery-powered hair trimmers; Electric hair crimper; Electric hair curling irons; Electric hair straightening irons; Fishing tackle pliers; Fitted insulating covers for mountaineering ice axes; Forks and spoons being tableware; Gardening tools, namely, a manually operated tool for injecting solid fertilizer spikes into the soil; Hand operated food dicers; Hand operated lifting jacks; Hand operated plumbing snakes; Hand operated tools for crushing aluminum cans; Hand tools, namely, cutter bars; Hand tools, namely, picks; Hand tools, namely, ratchet wrenches; Hand tools, namely, reamers; Hand tools, namely, riveters; Hand tools, namely, sanding sponges; Hand tools, namely, hand-operated reaching devices for picking up and removing trash, litter and objects; Hand tools, namely, manually-operated grindstones; Hand-operated apple corers; Hand-operated bagel slicers; Hand-operated banana slicers; Hand-operated chisels; Hand-operated corn strippers; Hand-operated cutting tools; Hand-operated dog waste collection apparatus comprising a rod with a clamp at its end for holding a disposable bag that may be positioned beneath a dog to collect feces; Hand-operated dog waste collection tools; Hand-operated flooring staple removers; Hand-operated food processor; Hand-operated fruit corers; Hand-operated fruit segment cutting tools; Hand-operated fruit shredders; Hand-operated golf ball washers; Hand-operated grease guns; Hand-operated hoes; Hand-operated lawn aerators; Hand-operated lawn edgers; Hand-operated lawn rakes; Hand-operated mandoline slicers; Hand-operated mandolins for cutting food; Hand-operated milling cutters; Hand-operated nail pullers; Hand-operated pineapple eye removers; Hand-operated pipe cutters; Hand-operated pry bars; Hand-operated ratchet wrenches; Hand-operated riveting tools; Hand-operated rotary cutters; Hand-operated sanders; Hand-operated shears; Hand-operated slicers; Hand-operated snow pushers; Hand-operated sod lifters; Hand-operated sprayers for insecticides; Hand-operated staple guns; Hand-operated tools for reaching, grabbing, and handling small objects; Hand-operated vegetable corers; Hand-operated vegetable shredders; Hand-operated tools for grooming billiard cue tips; Hand-operated tools for installing and removing light bulbs; Hand-operated tools for grooming pool cue tips; Hand-powered cultivators for gardening; Hand-powered, three-prong cultivators for gardening; Iced tea spoons; Japanese grip scissors; Knives, forks, and spoons being tableware; Lawn and garden tools, namely, cultivators; Manually operated french fry cutters; Manually operated tree pruners; Manually-operated grease guns; Meat tenderizer, namely, a kitchen mallet; Multi-function, non-electronic, expandable hand tool comprised of push-pull and hook attachments with magnetic and non-magnetic ends for use in grasping objects and aiding individuals in getting dressed; Multi-purpose utensil, namely, a combination of a spoon and straw; Mustache and beard trimmers; Nail nippers; Nail pullers, hand-operated; Non-electric caulking guns; Non-electric cheese slicers; Non-electric curling irons; Non-electric depilatory appliances; Non-electric egg slicers; Non-electric epilatory appliances; Non-electric flat irons; Non-electric food slicers; Non-electric fruit peelers; Non-electric garlic choppers; Non-electric garlic cutters; Non-electric hair clippers; Non-electric pizza cutters; Non-electric potato peelers; Non-electric shavers; Non-electric vegetable peelers; Stainless steel table knives, forks and spoons; Sterile body piercing instruments; Tailor's shears; Wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated
9 3D spectacles; Eyewear; Gyrocompasses; Scales; Acceleration sensors; Accelerometers; Accumulator boxes; Accumulator jars; Accumulators, electric; Acetylene regulators; Acidity analysers; Acoustic alarms; Adapter plugs; Adapter cables for headphones; Alarm bells, electric; Alarm installations and alarms; Alarm sensors; Animal signaling rattles for directing livestock; Anti-glare spectacles; Automatic cash registers; Baby scales; Backpacks especially adapted for holding laptops; Bags adapted for laptops; Bank note acceptors for separating good bank notes from counterfeits; Bar code readers; Bathroom scales; Battery cases; Battery chargers; Beekeeping suits for protection against accident or injury; Beekeeping veils for protection against accident or injury; Beeper carrying cases; Betatrons; Bicycle safety lights; Binders for CDs; Binoculars; Body fat scales for household use; Bubble levels; Bullhorns; Burglar alarms; Calculating machines; Calculating scales; Calculators; Call bells; Calorimeters; Candy thermometers; Card readers for credit cards; Card reading equipment; Cards encoded with security features for identification purposes; Cases for compact discs; Cases for diskettes; Cases for eyewear; Cases for pocket calculators; Cases for telephones; Cash dispensers; Cash registers; Catchers' helmets; Cathode ray tubes; CD storage racks; Chargers for electric accumulators; Chargers for electronic cigarettes; Chess timers; Children's eye glasses; Clickers for training dogs; Coin acceptors for separating good coins from counterfeits; Coin changers; Compact disc cases; Compasses for measuring; Contacts, electric; Countdown timers and alarms to remind a person to take or give medication and/or to remind a person of daily routines, incorporated into a wristband; Counterfeit coin detectors; Dictation machines; Digital door locks; Digital pH meters; Digital photo frames; Disc storage containers; Diving gloves; Diving goggles; Dog whistles; Drying racks for photography; Ductility testers; DVD cases; DVD sleeves; Ear buds; Ear pads for headphones; Ear plugs for divers; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cases; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone pads; Earphone holders for keeping earphones in the ears; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions; Egg-candlers; Egg timers; Electronic locks; Electronic pens; Extension cables; Eye glass cases; Eyeglass frames; Eyewear cases; Eyewear for pets; Fingerprint imagers; Flash bulbs; Flash card adapters; Flash card readers; Flashlights for use in photography; Floatable sunglasses; Floating fish weighing scales; Folding rulers; Food timers; Frames for spectacles; Fridge magnets; Glacier eyeglasses; Gloves for divers; Gloves for protection against accidents; Goggles for scuba diving; Goggles for sports; Golf scopes; Golf club swing aids, namely, golf club balancing scales and scale parts thereof, to analyze, fit and/or make golf clubs; Gyroscopes; Hand geometry readers; Hard hats; Head guards for sports; Hem markers; Holders for compact discs; Karate head guards; Kitchen timers; Knee pads for workers; Lap-counting devices, namely, counters for use during sporting activities; Laptop carrying cases; Light pens; Luggage scales; Magnet clips for attachment to toy cars for display of toy cars as decorative magnets; Magnifying glasses; Measuring tapes; Meat thermometers; Mirror and star diagonals; Mouse mats; Night vision goggles; Noisemeters; Pens with conductive point for touch screen devices; Personal digital assistants; Pet collar accessories, namely, safety blinkers; Pet collar accessories, namely, signaling bells; Pet collar accessories, namely, safety lights; pH meters; Plastic and cardboard cases for storing record albums; Pocket-sized electronic calculators; Pollutant sensors; Protractors; Pulse generators for testing electric current; Range finders for golf; Safety eyewear; Safety goggles; Sandglasses; Scales with body mass analyzers; Scuba goggles; Scuba masks; Scuba snorkels; Side guards for eyeglasses; Slide projectors; Smartphone mounts; Smoke alarms; Smoke detectors; Snowboard helmets; Solar-powered battery chargers; Sports eyewear; Sports glasses; Sports whistles; Sports training eyeglasses; Spotting scopes; Steelyards; Sunglasses for pets; Survival suits; Swim goggles; Swim masks; Swimming face masks; Swimming goggles; Switch boxes; Talking scales; Tape measures; Teaching robots; Telescopes; Temperature indicators; Temperature sensors; Time clocks; Timers; Touch screen pens; Trackballs; Virtual reality goggles; Voltage stabilizers; Voltage stabilizing power supply; Voltage regulators; Voltage regulators for electric power; Warning bells; Anti-intrusion alarms; Automatic switchboards; Bark control devices for training dogs; Battery chargers for electronic cigarettes; Bicycle helmets; Bicycle speedometers; Carrying cases specially adapted for pocket calculators and cellphones; Cases for diskettes and compact disks; Chains for eyeglasses; Charging appliances for rechargeable equipment; Digital bathroom scales; Digital notepads; Digital spoon scales; Directional compasses; Electric bark control dog collars; Electric buzzers; Electric door bells; Electric door chimes; Electric fence chargers; Electric flasher switches; Electric shaver chargers; Electronic book reader; Electronic calculators; Electronic card readers; Electronic collars to train animals; Electronic day planners; Electronic desk calculators; Electronic diaries; Electronic key cards; Electronic kitchen timers; Electronic notepads; Electronic notice boards; Electronic padlocks; Electronic personal organizer; Electronic pocket translators; Electronic scoreboards; Electronic timers; Electronic automatic coin dispensers; Eye glass chains; Hand-held electronic scales; Hand-held security wands; Hand-held shakers for use when herding animals; Hand-held electronic dictionaries; Hand-held security device that disables assailants using flashing light emitting diodes; Hunting binoculars; Magnifying peepholes for doors; Motorcycle goggles; Navigational buoys; Pocket translators; Portable emergency intercoms; Portable digital luggage scales; Snow goggles; Sport whistles; Sports helmets; Time and date stamping machines
10 Acupressure bands; Acupressure mats; Baby bottle that plays sounds using wireless technology; Bags for the collection and disposal of emesis waste; Bags specially adapted for holding crutches; Bottle holders for holding babies' bottles, namely, holders for holding babies' bottles during feeding in the nature of flexible braces for wearing around the neck of the person holding a feeding baby; Douche bags; Ear plugs for noise reduction; Ear plugs for swimming; Massage balls; Pacifiers for babies; Pill crushers; Pouches specially adapted for holding pacifiers; Electric scalp massagers for household use
11 Freezers; Aeroponic grow cabinet in the nature of a closed environment with lights, exhaust system, aeroponic misting chamber and automated control system; Air cooling apparatus; Arm rests for use with toilet seats; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying hand-held electric hair dryers; Barbecue smoker accessories, namely, convection plates; Bath tub jets; Biogas fermentation reactors, namely, percolating fermenters and dry fermenters; Broiling pans; Burners for lamps; Coffee roasters; Cooking ovens; Cryogenic vaporizers; Decorative grills made of non-metal non-combustible materials for use in decorating evacuation ducts, air inlets, and hot air outlets of fireplaces; Decorative ceramic cover for electric candle warmers; Deep fryer, electric; Dehumidifiers; Disposable aluminum burner bibs for cooking ranges; Disposable aluminum oven liners for catching spills; Dough proofing and retarding units, namely, heating, cooling and humidity controlling units for processing dough; Electric bulbs; Electric coffee brewers; Electric discharge tubes for lighting; Electric lamps; Electric skillets; Electric light bulbs; Filters for drinking water; Fire table; Flashlight holders; Fog machines; Fondue pots with heat source; Food steamers, electric; Gas cookers; Heating boilers; Heating elements; Hot plates; Hot tubs; Hot water heaters; Hybrid water heater; Hydroponics grow box in the nature of a closed environment equipped with lights, exhaust system, hydroponics growing container and odor control system; Ice machines and apparatus; Lamp shades; Lampshades; LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications; Magnifying lamps; Microwave ovens for household purposes; Plate warmers; Portable showers; Portable stoves; Radiator caps; Reading light apparatus that attaches to a pair of reading glasses; Reading lights; Red LED flashlights for illumination purposes; Sauna heater rocks; Solar energy based cooling apparatus; Steam tables for food serving and keeping; Strip lighting for indoor use; Suspension pendulums for suspension lamps; Tactical flashlights; Toilet bowls; Toilet trainer seats, namely, smaller training seats for attachment to full-size toilets and toilet seats for training purposes; Toilet accessories, namely, plastic handles that are affixed to toilet seats; Touchless hand drying apparatus; Waffle irons, electric; Water filtering apparatus; Water jets for use in bathtubs, hot tubs; Water purifying units, for potable water for bathtubs, hot tubs; Water sterilizers; Wood burning stove louvers, blowers, and dampers, and ash pans for wood burning stoves; Wrist lights for illumination purposes; Accessories for fireplaces, namely, ventilation hoods for fireplaces for use in ventilation and deflecting heat from the top of a fireplace; Automatic flush valves for toilets; Automatically operated electric lighting apparatus for use with animal feeders; Battery-operated tap lights; Disinfecting ultraviolet lamps housed in a container or cover for disinfecting objects placed therein; Disposable sterilization pouches, not for medical use; Electric candles; Electric coffee makers; Electric cookware, namely, broilers; Electric crepe makers; Electric cupcake makers; Electric dehydrators; Electric dish dryers; Electric French presses; Electric hot plates; Electric household dryers for cloths, shoes, gloves, socks, garments, linen; Electric panini grills; Electric pressure cookers; Electric quesadilla makers; Electric sandwich makers; Electric tortilla makers; Electric towel warmers; Electric waffle maker; Electric apparatus for making coffee; Electric cookware, namely, roasters; Electrical track lighting containing speakers integrated into the light fixture; Hand held shower heads; Heating and cooling panels used for indoor heating and cooling purposes; Hot water bottle holder with pouch of microwavable material for sustained warmth; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus for cooking, baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, searing, browning, barbecuing and grilling food; Outdoor portable lighting products, namely, headlamps; Portable utility lights; Portable electric warm air dryer; Portable non-metal, pre-assembled, insulated buildings used solely for cooling purposes; Power-operated vaporizers for household purposes; Pressure-activated pop-up water sprinklers mounted on non-metal fence panels and posts; Solar-powered all-weather lights
12 Bags adapted for strollers; Bicycle-mounted pet seat; Bicycle bells; Bicycle pumps; Bicycle tags; Bicycle grip tape; Canopies for baby strollers; Covers for baby strollers; Cycle bells; Diving bells; Luggage racks for cycles; Patches for repairing inner tubes; Push scooters and structural parts therefor; Push scooters for children; Pushchair covers; Rubber baby-buggy bumpers; Umbrellas to be affixed to baby stroller; Bags adapted for pushchairs; Bicycle saddle covers; Bicycle seat posts; Bicycle water bottle cages; Fitted bicycle covers; Fitted footmuffs for strollers; Fitted footmuffs for pushchairs; License plate holders; Water bottle cages for bicycles
14 Bracelets; Chokers; Clocks; Earrings; Jewelry; Peridot; Timepieces; Ankle bracelets; Bead bracelets; Bib necklaces; Boxes for timepieces; Clock and watch hands; Clock cases being parts of clocks; Cuff bracelets; Jewelry cases; Meditation beads; Monetary coin sets for collecting purposes; Necktie fasteners; Nylon bracelets; Nylon ankle bracelets; Plastic key chains; Presentation boxes for jewellery; Presentation boxes for gemstones; Timepieces and chronometric instruments; Travel clocks; Watch bracelets; Watch chains; Watch faces; Watch pouches; Watchbands; Wooden jewellery boxes; Alarm clocks; Caskets for clocks and jewels; Decorative key fobs of imitation leather; Decorative key fobs of leather; Imitation leather key chains; Necklace and earring combinations that can be worn separately or as one piece; Non-metal and non-leather key chains; Table clocks
16 Bookmarks; Collages; Crayons; Decalcomanias; Envelopes; Erasers; Globes; Inkstands; Lithographs; Markers; Paintbrushes; Paintings; Posterboard; Sketches; Stationery; Stencils; Stickers; Account slip pads; Address plates; Albums for coins; Albums for photographs; Albums for stickers; Art etchings; Art mounts; Art pads; Art pictures on canvas; Art prints; Art pictures in the nature of drawings; Artists' brushes; Artists' charcoal; Artists' easels; Artists' pastels; Artists' watercolour saucers; Arts and craft paint kits; Arts and craft clay kits; Banknote clips; Binder clips; Binders for the office; Binding combs; Binding spines; Blackboard erasers; Blackboards; Blank journals for writing; Blank notepads; Blueprint holder; Book jackets; Bookmarkers, not of precious metal; Bookmarks of leather; Boxes for drawing instruments; Cake decorating stencils; Calendar desk pads; Calendar refills; Calendar stands; Calendar desk stands; Canvas for printing; Canvas panels for artists; Canvas stretcher bars for artists; Cap erasers; Cases for checks; Cases for drawing instruments; Cat box liners in the form of plastic bags; CD shredding machines for home and office use; Celestial globes; Cellulose acetate film for packaging; Chalk erasers; Chart pointers, non-electric; Chart pointers, non-electronic; Check book cases; Check book covers; Check book holders; Cigar bands; Clipboards; Clips for letters; Coffee decorating stencils; Coin albums; Coin mats; Coin wrappers; Collators for office use; Color prints in the nature of lithographs; Colored craft and art sand; Coloured craft and art sand; Copyholders; Correspondence holders; Correspondence racks; Corrugated board; Corrugated boxes; Corrugated record storage boxes; Corrugated containers; Crossword puzzles; Date indicators; Desk baskets for desk accessories; Desk file trays; Desk mats; Desk mount boards for reading and writing; Desk mounted stationery cabinets; Desk pads; Desk tidies; Desktop organizers; Desktop cabinets for stationery being office requisites; Desktop document file stands; Desktop document racks; Desktop document stands; Directory boards; Document covers; Document file racks; Document file trays; Document files; Document holders; Document markers; Document stamp racks; Dot matrix printer ribbons; Drafting instruments; Drawing brushes; Drawing compasses; Drawing curves; Drawing instruments; Drawing instruments for blackboards; Drawing instruments for whiteboards; Drawing instruments, namely, compasses, curves, triangles; Drawing materials for blackboards; Drawing pads; Drawing pins; Drawing rulers; Drawing shields; Drawing squares; Drawing T-squares; Drawing tablets being drawing pads; Drawing templates; Drawing trays; Drawing triangles; Driver's license cases; Driver's license holders; Dry erase markers; Dry erase writing boards and writing surfaces; Easels for artists; Easels for use by artists; Electric erasers; Electric staplers for offices; Envelope sealing machines for offices; Eraser dusting brushes; Erasing shields; Event albums; Exercise book covers; Fabric glue for household use; Felt-tip markers; Felt tip markers; Fiber-tip markers; Fiberboard boxes; Fibre-tip markers; File boxes for storage of magazines; File boxes for storage of business and personal records; File folders; File folders featuring magnetic closures; File folders featuring three-ring binders, magnetic closures; File pockets for stationery use; File sorters; File trays; Finger-stalls for office use; Fingerprint kits; Fingerstalls being office requisites; Flip chart cases; Floor signs being decals; Folders being stationery; Folders for blueprints; Folders for letters; Food bag tape for freezer use; Food container bags for use in toasters; Framed graphic art reproductions; Framed lithographs; Framed photographs; Framed and matted art pictures featuring pressed flowers; Framed art etchings; Framed art pictures; Framed art prints; Freezer bags; Garbage bags of vinyl for household use; Gelatin glue for stationery or household purposes; General purpose plastic bags; Gesso, namely, plasters in the nature of artists' materials; Gift bags; Gift boxes; Glitter for stationery purposes; Glue sticks for stationery or household use; Glue for stationery or household purposes; Glue for stationery or household use; Glue for the office; Glues for office use; Glues for the office; Graining combs; Graphic fine art prints; Graphic prints; Graphic prints and representations; Grocery bags; Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes; Gummed tape for stationery or household use; Hand-operated punches being office requisites; Handrests for painters; Hanging folders; Highlighting markers; Holders for disposable house training pads for pets; Hole punchers for office use; Hole punches for office use; Holographic decals; Holographic stickers; Illustrated notepads; Impression stamps; Imprinters for office use; Index dividers; Ink erasers; Label printers being addressing machines; Label printing machines; Label printing machines for household or stationery use; Lap boards for reading and writing; Latex glue for stationery or household use; Lawn and leaf disposal system comprising a bag, a bag support, and a handle for attaching to the bag, sold as a kit; Leaf disposal bags; Leather book covers; Leather bookmarks; Leather-covered diaries; Legal pads; Letter clips; Letter holders; Letter racks; Letter trays; Lettering stencils; Liquid packaging board; Lithographic crayons; Lithographic prints; Lithographic stones; Lithographic works of art; Loose-leaf binders; Loose-leaf pads; Loose leaf binders; Magnetic boards; Magnetic bookmarks; Magnetic bumper stickers; Magnetic boards for scheduling activities and appointments; Map pins; Map tacks; Marker caddies; Marking tabs; Marking templates; Mat boards; Memo pads; Memo sorters; Memorandum boards; Merchandise bags; Microwave cooking bags; Mini photo albums; Modeling clay; Modeling clay for children; Modeling paste; Modeling materials and compounds for use by children; Money clips; Money clips made of metal; Money clips, not of metal; Mounting boards; Mounts for stamps; Nail stamping plates; Nail stencils; Name badge holders; Name badges; Nibs for writing instruments; Noteboards; Notebook covers; Notebook dividers; Numbering guides; Numbering machines; Numbering stamps; Office binders; Office glues; Office hole punchers; Office stationery; Office check writing and engraving machines; Office decollating machines; Office labeling machines; Office lettering machines; Office type composing machines; Oil pastels; One-finger writing instruments; Original art pictures on canvas; Padfolios; Page holders; Paint boxes for use in schools and brushes sold as a unit; Paint brush holders; Paint brushes; Paint rollers; Paint trays; Paintbrush handles; Paintbrush rests; Painters' brushes; Painting mitts for applying paint; Painting sets for children; Painting tablets; Palettes for painting; Pantographs being drawing instruments; Pantographs for drawing; Papier mâché figurines; Party favor gift boxes sold empty; Passbook covers; Passport cases; Passport cases of leather; Passport covers; Passport covers of leather; Passport holders; Passport holders incorporating RFID blocking technology; Passport holders of leather; Pastel crayons; Pastels for artists; Pastes for stationery or household purposes; Pastry decorating stencils; Permanent markers; Personal organizers; Personalized stickers; Photo-engravings; Photo albums; Photo mats; Photo stands; Photo storage boxes of metal; Photo mounting corners; Photo storage boxes; Photograph albums; Photograph corners; Photograph mounts; Photograph stands; Photograph storage boxes; Photographic albums; Photographic prints; Pictorial prints; Pictures in the nature of drawings; Plastic garbage bags; Plastic wrap; Plastic films used as packaging for food; Pochade boxes; Pocket secretaries; Polymer modeling clay; Polypropylene foil for wrapping; Portraits in the nature of drawings; Postage meters for office use; Poster board; Postmark stamps; Pouches for writing instruments; Prescription reminder pads; Presentation folders; Print blocks; Print letters; Print letters and blocks; Printers' type; Printers' type, printing blocks; Printing blocks; Printing type; Push pins; Reading easels; Reading guide strips; Refuse bags; Ring binders; Roller date stamps; Rubber erasers; Rubber stamp; Rubbish bags; Rubbish bags of vinyl for household use; Sandwich bags; Scented facial tissue; Scented toilet tissue; Score pads; Scrapbook pages; Scratch pads; Scribble pads; Sealing stamps; Sealing compounds for stationery purposes; Sealing machines for offices; Seals for the office; Silicone food storage bags for household use; Silk screen prints; Silk screen stencils; Silkscreen stencils; Sketch pads; Sketching pads; Slate boards for writing; Sleeves for holding and protecting stamps; Sous-vide cooking bags; Square rulers for drawing; Stamp albums; Stamp cases; Stamp pads; Stamp stands; Stands for writing implements; Staple removers; Stapler holders; Staplers being office requisites; Staples for offices; Stapling presses; Stationery boxes; Stationery cases; Stationery folders; Stationery-type portfolios; Statuettes of papier mâché; Stencil cases; Stencil plates; Stenciling machines; Stencils for face painting; Stencils for decorating food and beverages; Stencils used in the production of electronic circuit boards and other electronic components; Stencils used to apply designs onto tennis rackets; Stick markers; Stick-on whiteboards and dry-erase boards; Sticker albums; Stickers; Stickers and sticker albums; Stickers and transfers; Stickers for use as social distancing markers; Table runners of cellulose; Thumb tacks; Thumbtacks; Trash bags; Trays for sorting and counting money; Ungraduated rulers; Watercolor boards; Watercolor pictures; Watercolour pictures; Wet erase markers; Wet erase writing boards; Whiteboard erasers; Wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; Writing brushes; Writing grips; Writing implements; Writing instruments; Writing pads; Writing pads featuring a rough surface; Writing tablets; Writing utensils; Writing board erasers; Writing brush holders; Writing brushes for calligraphy; Writing brushes for ground calligraphy; Writing implements; Writing utensils made of fibres; Art and photograph portfolio cases; Artists' watercolor saucers; Bags for microwave cooking; Blackboard drawing instruments; Calligraphy nibs; Clips for name badge holders; Colored art and craft sand; Coloured art and craft sand; Decorative glitter for stationery purposes; Decorative stickers for helmets; Desk blotters; Desktop stationery boxes; Desktop stationery cabinets; Disposable napkins; Disposable housebreaking pads for pets; Disposable housebreaking pads for use in training puppies; Document laminators for office use; Document page markers; Dry erase writing boards; Electric office staplers; Hand-held labeling devices; Holders for sticky tapes; Leather appointment book covers; Leather bookmarkers; Leather passport cases; Leather passport covers; Leather passport holders; Leather-bound blank journals; Magnetic bookmarkers; Magnetic three-ring binders; Metallic gift wrap; Non-electric chart pointers; Non-metal photo storage boxes; Office perforators; Office requisites, namely, envelope sealing machines; Painting palettes; Paintings in the nature of gouaches; Personalized writing journals; Photograph album pages; Photograph mounting corners; Photographic or art mounts; Picture framing mat boards; Plastic sandwich bags; Print engravings; Printers' galley racks; Printing cliches; Prints in the nature of lithographs; Reinforced stationery tabs; Retractable reels for name badge holders; Small blackboards; Stencils for decorating cappuccino; Stencils for decorating coffee; Stencils for decorating pastry products; Stickers and decalcomanias; Terrestrial globes; Three-ring binders; Watercolour saucers for artists
18 Backpacks; Beachbags; Billfolds; Briefbags; Briefcases; Footlockers; Gripsacks; Handbags; Harnesses; Hipsacks; Holdalls; Luggage; Martingales; Muzzles; Numnahs; Phylacteries; Pullmans; Purses; Reticules; Suitcases; Umbrellas; Whips; Amenity bags sold empty; Animal harnesses for horses, dogs, cats; Attache cases made of imitation leather; Attaché cases; Back packs; Backpacks for pets; Baggage tags; Bags for sports; Bags for umbrellas; Bags of leather for packaging; Banknote holders; Beach bags; Beach parasols; Beach umbrellas; Belt bags; Belt bags and hip bags; Belt clips for holding walking canes; Book bags; Boston bags; Boxes of leather or leatherboard; Bracelet bags; Bum bags; Business cases; Cane handles; Canes and walking sticks; Cantle bags; Canvas shopping bags; Cases for keys; Cases of imitation leather; Cases of leather or leatherboard; Chain mesh coin purses; Chain mesh purses; Chicken saddles; Children's shoulder bags; Clutch purses; Clutch bags; Clutches; Coats for cats; Coats for dogs; Coin purses; Collars for cats; Collars for pets; Collars of animals; Courier bags; Covers for parasols; Covers for horse saddles; Crossbody bags; Document cases; Document suitcases; Dog apparel; Dog bellybands; Dog coats; Dog collars; Dog collars and leads; Dog leads; Dog leashes; Dolly bags; Drawstring bags; Drawstring pouches; Dry bags; Duffel bags; Duffel bags for travel; Duffle bags; Ear bonnets for horses; Evening bags; Exercise sheets for horses; Fanny packs; Fashion handbags; Fastenings for saddles; Feed bags for animals; Felt pouches; Fitted protective covers for handbags, briefcases, valises, suitcases, and briefcase-like portfolios; Fitted protective covers for luggage; Flight bags; Fly masks for horses; Folding briefcases; Folding walking sticks; Frames for umbrellas or parasols; Garment bags for travel; Garment bags for travel made of leather; Garments for pets; General purpose bags for holding dance equipment; Gentlemen's handbags; Girths of leather; Gladstone bags; Golf umbrellas; Grip bags; Grooming organizers for travel; Gym bags; Handbag frames; Handbag organizer inserts specially adapted to handbags; Handbags made of suede, imitation leather; Handbags for ladies; Handbags for men; Handbags incorporating RFID blocking technology; Handles for canes; Harness fittings; Harness for horses; Harnesses and saddlery; Harnesses for guiding children; Hat boxes of leather; Haversacks; Hiking bags; Hiking poles; Hiking rucksacks; Hiking sticks; Hip bags; Hobo bags; Hoof guards; Horse bits; Horse blankets; Horse bridles; Horse collars; Horse fly sheets; Horse halters; Horse leg wraps; Horse quarter sheets; Horse rugs; Horse saddles; Horse wraps; Horse fly veils for horses; Hunters' game bags; Hunting bags; Hunting crops; Imitation leather bags; Imitation leather sold in bulk; Interchangeable decorative covers for accessorization purposes that are specially adapted to handbags; Key cases; Key cases; Key holders being key cases; Key pouches; Kit bags; Knap sacks; Knee-pads for horses; Knitted bags, not of precious metals; Labels of leather; Leather bags; Leather binders for travel purposes; Leather boxes; Leather briefcases; Leather cases; Leather envelopes for merchandise packaging; Leather handbags; Leather key cases; Leather leads; Leather leashes; Leather pouches; Leather purses; Leather sheets for arts and crafts; Leather shopping bags; Leather straps; Leather strips for arts and crafts; Leather suitcases; Leather thongs for fastening or securing items; Leather travelling bag sets; Leather and imitation leather; Leather and imitation leather bags; Leather cases for keys; Leather for furniture; Leather for harnesses; Leather or leather-board boxes; Luggage inserts, namely, packing cubes; Luggage label holders; Lumbar packs; Lunge reins; Make-up bags sold empty; Make-up cases sold empty; Mesh shopping bags; Mesh bags for shopping; Messenger bags; Minaudieres in the nature of small clutch purses; Mountaineering sticks; Music cases; Nail caps for cats; Nail caps for dogs; Neckwear for dogs; Net bags for shopping; Nordic walking poles; Nosebags for animals; Outdoor umbrellas; Overnight bags; Overnight cases; Pads for horse saddles; Parasols; Pet accessories, namely, canvas, vinyl and leather pouches for holding disposable bags to place pet waste in; Pet products in the nature of a restraining device, namely, tie-out stakes and tie-out chains; Plein air umbrellas; Pommel bags; Pouches and bags sold empty for attachment to backpacks; Pouches for holding school supplies that fits over the back of a chair; Pouches of leather; Pouches of leather for packaging; Poultry blinders to prevent fighting; Purse frames; Purse organizer inserts specially adapted to purses; Purses incorporating RFID-blocking technology; Purses, not of precious metal; Raincoats for pet dogs; Rattan canes; Reins for guiding children; Reusable shopping bags; Roll bags; Rubber parts for stirrups; Ruck sacks; Rucksacks; Rucksacks for mountaineers; Rucksacks on castors; Saddle covers; Saddle horn bags; Saddle trees; Saddlebags; Saddlery of leather; School backpacks; School bags; School book bags; School satchels; Schoolbags; Shaving bags sold empty; Shoulder bags; Shoulder straps; Sling bags; Slouch handbags; Small backpacks; Small bags for men; Small purses; Small rucksacks; Small suitcases; Small clutch purses; Souvenir bags; Sports bags; Sports packs; Sportsman's hunting bags; Straps for holdalls; Straps for luggage; String bags for shopping; Suit bags; Suitcases with built-in shelves; Table umbrellas; Tack racks for equestrian equipment; Tanned leather; Telescopic umbrellas; Ticket pouches; Tie cases; Tips specially adapted for walking sticks, hiking sticks, walking staffs, and wading staffs; Toiletry bags sold empty; Toiletry cases sold empty; Tool bags sold empty; Tool bags, empty; Tote bags; Training forks for horses; Training leads for horses; Travel baggage; Travel bags; Travel cases; Travel bag organizer inserts specially adapted to travel bags; Traveling bags; Travelling cases of leather; Travelling trunks; Trekking sticks; Umbrella covers; Umbrella hats in the nature of wearable umbrellas; Umbrellas and parasols; Umbrellas for children; Vanity cases sold empty; Vanity cases, not fitted; Wading staffs; Waist bags; Waist packs; Waist pouches; Walking cane handles; Walking staffs; Walking stick seats; Walking stick handles; Walking sticks; Wallets, not of precious metal; Wearable strap-on pouch; Weekend bags; Wrist mounted purses; Wristlet bags; All purpose sport bags; All-purpose sport bags for use by climbers, campers, athletes; Boxes of vulcanised fibre; General purpose sport trolley bags; General use physician bags sold empty; Handles for walking-sticks; Horse tail bags; Horse tail wraps; Leashes for guiding children; Leather luggage tags; Leather shoulder straps; Leather trimmings for furniture; Leather and imitation leather sport bags and general purpose trolley bags; Leather bags for merchandise packaging; Leather bags, envelopes, and pouches for merchandise packaging; Leather pouches for merchandise packaging; Leather, unwrought or semi-wrought; Men's clutch bags; Multi-purpose purses; Overnight suitcases; Protective fitted liners for backpacks and luggage; School knapsacks; Schoolchildren's backpacks; Unfitted vanity cases; Worked or semi-worked hides and other leather
20 Beehives; Bookcases; Coatstands; Corkboards; Corks; Cots; Couches; Cradles; Cribs; Cupboards; Desks; Dreamcatchers; Footstools; Hutches; Lecterns; Mannequins; Playpens; Vitrines; Anti-roll cushions for babies; Baby bolsters; Baby bouncers; Baby changing mats; Baby changing platforms; Baby changing tables; Baby head support cushions; Baby walkers; Bag closures in the nature of an elastic band; Bag closures not of metal; Baker's bread baskets; Baker's racks; Bakers' bread baskets; Bamboo blinds; Bamboo curtains; Bamboo furniture; Bamboo pillows; Bamboo poles; Banqueting chairs; Bar carts; Barbers' chairs; Bath kneeling pads; Bath pillows; Bath seats for babies; Bathroom vanities; Bathroom and shaving mirrors; Bathtub grab bars not made of metal; Bathtub rails not made of metal; Beach chairs; Beach tables; Bead curtains for decoration; Bean bag chairs; Bean bag pillows; Bicycle racing number plates not made of metal; Bins of wood or plastic; Bins, not of metal; Bird houses; Bird repellent spikes not of metal; Blank plastic adhesive labels; Blank, printed, or partially printed plastic labels attached to elastic bands; Book holders; Book rests; Book stands; Booster seats; Bottle closures, not of metal; Bottle fasteners, not of metal; Bottle racks; Boxes of wood or plastic; Bulletin boards; Camping tables; Capsule-shaped furniture featuring built-in multimedia equipment; Capsules sold empty for beauty care and cosmetic products; Cask hoops not of metal; Cask stands, not of metal; Casks not made of metal; Casks, not of metal; Cat scratching pads; Cat scratching posts; Cedar panels for use as drawer liners; Chair cushions; Chair pads; Chaise longues; Children's mats used for sleeping; Clevis fasteners not of metal; Clips of plastic for sealing bags; Clips, not of metal, for sealing bags; Clothes hangers; Clothes hangers having sliding arms for use with shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks by placement through the neck hole; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Clothes rods; Clothesline fastener having a plastic frame and plastic gripping paws; Clothesline spreader having a plastic frame; Coat hangers; Coat racks; Coat stands; Coathooks, not of metal; Collars, not of metal, for fastening pipes; Computer keyboard trays; Costume display stands; Costume stands; Cowry shells; Crate covers for pets; Crayfish traps not of metal; Cremation urns; Crushed seashells for decorative use on driveways; Decorations of plastic for foodstuffs; Decorative bead curtains; Decorative boxes made of plastic; Decorative boxes made of wood; Decorative decoys made of plastic; Decorative non-metal bolt covers for bolts used to secure toilets to floors; Decorative nonmetal mailbox covers; Decorative polymer spheres for use in flower arrangements; Decorative window finials; Decorative wooden wall letters for spelling names and words; Desktop statuary made of plaster, plastic, wax, wood; Diaper changing mats; Diaper changing stations; Dispensers for dog waste bags, fixed, not of metal; Display boards; Display cases; Display cases for merchandise; Display head panels for caskets for displaying pictures and information about deceased; Dividers for drawers; Door bells not of metal, non-electric; Door knockers, not of metal; Door stops, not of metal or rubber; Drapery hardware, namely, traverse rods, poles, curtain hooks, curtain rods and finials; Drawer dividers; Drawer organizers; Drawer organizers for silverware; Drawer pulls of plastic or wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials; Drawers and dividers therefor; Drawing tables; Dressers; Embroidery frames; Fans for personal use, non-electric; Faucets, not of metal, for casks; Fire fenders; Fireplace screens; Fishing chairs; Fitted crib rail covers; Flower-stands; Fodder racks; Folding chairs; Folding floor screens; Folding shelves; Folding tables; Foot rests; Foot stools; Gate hardware, namely, non-metal gate latches; Gazing globes; Gift package decorations made of plastic; Hand-held flagpoles, not of metal; Hand-held flat fans; Hand-held folding fans; Hand-operated, non-metal retractable reels for hanging signs, pictures and mobiles; Hand fans; Handling pallets, not of metal; Hangers in the nature of non-metal hooks used to hang a purse or bag from a table; Hat boxes for storage made of plastic; Hat hooks, not of metal; Hat racks; Hat stands; Head positioning pillows for babies; Head support cushions for babies; Head supporting pillows; Head supporting pillows for attachment to child car seats; Head supporting pillows that may be attached to car seats, baby strollers; High density mobile filing and storage shelving; Hinges, not of metal; Holiday ornaments, namely, molded plastic Easter eggs; Hose hangers not of metal; Identification bracelets, not of metal, for admission to events; Identity plates, not of metal; Imitation foods comprised of plastic; Imitation foods for display made of plastic materials, namely, imitation desserts, imitation candy, imitation cakes; Imitation tortoiseshell; Infant body support mats not for medical purposes; Infant cradles; Infant sleep positioner cushions not for medical or therapeutic purposes; Infant walkers; Inflatable chairs; Inflatable figures for use as outdoor holiday decorations; Inflatable neck support cushions; Inflatable pillows; Inflatable pillows used under swimming pool covers to prevent winter ice damage; Inflatable plastic signs; Inflatable publicity objects; Interior window blinds; Interior window coverings, namely, vertical and horizontal louvers; Interior window shades; Internal venetian blinds; Jerrycans, not of metal; Jewellery organizer displays; Jewelry organizer displays; Jewelry wax molds; Kennels for household pets; Kennels with carriers; Key cabinets; Key caps, namely, plastic or rubber caps used to cover the tops of keys; Key holders being storage cabinets; Key racks; Keyboards for hanging keys; Kitchen-type cabinets for outdoor use; Kitchen cabinets; Kitchen dressers; Kneeling chairs; Kneeling pads for household and garden use; Knobs, not of metal; Lap desks; Latches, not of metal; Leather picture frames; Locking plastic cap that covers bung openings in plastic and metal containers for tamper evidence; Locks, other than electric, not of metal; Locks, not of metal, for vehicles; Love seats; Magazine racks; Magnetic non-metal hooks; Magnetized photo frames; Maple syrup taps, not of metal; Marble tables; Maternity pillows; Mats for infant playpens; Mats, removable, for sinks; Meerschaum, raw or partly worked; Memorabilia display frames to hold baseballs; Mirrored cabinets; Mooring buoys, not of metal; Mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; Mouldings for picture frames; Movable wall partitions; Moving-aisle filing and storage shelving; Nagamochi chests; Nameplates, not of metal; Neck-supporting pillows; Neck pillows; Neck support cushions; Nesting boxes for household pets; Non-electric fans for personal use; Non-electric non-metal door bells; Non-electric, plastic devices for attachment to dishwashers to visually remind users that dishes are clean; Non-electric, plastic scoreboards for sports; Non-electric, plastic sports scoring device using manual dials that allow spectators to keep track of scores and other data at sports events; Non-metal bottle caps; Non-metal cabinet door catches; Non-metal cabinet stops; Non-metal caps for bottles; Non-metal carpet tacks; Non-metal child safety products, namely, string and cord winders for use on blinds, curtains, drapes, window coverings, and door coverings; Non-metal clips for fastening pairs of socks for laundering; Non-metal clips for general use; Non-metal clips for use with gas pump fuel nozzles; Non-metal cloches for protecting plants; Non-metal cylinders for compressed gas or liquids, sold empty; Non-metal dock cleats; Non-metal dog tags; Non-metal door bolts; Non-metal door handles; Non-metal door knockers; Non-metal door latches; Non-metal door trims; Non-metal hangers for electrical cords; Non-metal pet tags; Non-metal and non-paper closures for containers; Non-metal and non-paper closures for bottle, container, bag; Non-metal and non-paper insulated shipping containers for transporting frozen materials; Non-metallic bottle caps; Non-metallic sealing caps; Nonmetal cups fitted with D-rings for placement on motorcycle grips to facilitate attachment of tie-downs during transport of the motorcycle; Nonmetal door and window hardware, namely, keys, guards and clasps; Nonmetal mirror hangers; Nonmetal taps for kegs; Nonmetal tent poles; Nonmetal upward migrating composting worm bin; Nonmetal and non-paper containers for storage or transport; Novelty pillows; Nursing pillows; Nuts, not of metal; Occasional tables; Oriental single panel standing partition (tsuitate); Ornaments made of dried starfish, not being Christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments made of seashells, not being Christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments of acrylic resins; Oyster shells; Pant hangers with articulated, spring-urged clamped members for holding pants; Paper blinds; Paper photo frames; Paper picture frames; Party ornaments of plastic; Patient care shower chairs; Peg boards made of plastic; Personal compact mirrors; Personal prayer altars; Pet caskets; Pet collar accessories, namely, fitted silencers for non-metal pet tags; Pet crates; Pet cushions; Pet furniture; Pet grooming tables; Pet ramps; Picture frame brackets; Picture frame moldings; Picture frame mouldings; Picture frames; Picture frames; Picture frames with plush decorative outer surface; Picture and photograph frames; Placards of plastic; Placards of wood; Placards of wood or plastic; Plant racks; Plant stands; Plastic anti-slip gripper mats for holding crockery and cutlery in place; Plastic bar code labels; Plastic baseball card collectors cases; Plastic bins; Plastic bottle caps for storing powdered nutritional supplements and for dispensing those supplements into the bottle; Plastic boxes; Plastic boxes for packaging consumer and retail items; Plastic cake decorations; Plastic cake toppers; Plastic caps; Plastic caps for pill bottles featuring a device that assists the patient with reminders, feedback, accountability and timely refills of the prescription, with or without wireless or cellular connection; Plastic card keys, not encoded and not magnetic; Plastic cases; Plastic casters; Plastic clips for sealing bags; Plastic cover for metal hose clamps; Plastic crates; Plastic decorative mounting hardware used in the assembling and securing of Christmas decorations, namely, hooks, stakes, supports and tree clips; Plastic door hangers for indicating the room occupant's activity; Plastic doorknobs; Plastic drawer lining material; Plastic ear tags for livestock; Plastic face shields for use when applying hair treatments; Plastic fasteners for holding bed sheets and linens in place; Plastic foam, wood and polymer materials in pre-shaped forms, with silhouette layouts for tools and badges, used for the transportation and storage of these goods; Plastic frame to support and accommodate use of leaf bags; Plastic garage door rollers; Plastic grave markers; Plastic handcuff strips; Plastic handcuffs in the nature of plastic strips to immobilize the hands of individuals; Plastic hang tags; Plastic holders for signboards; Plastic indicia tabs; Plastic insert for bottles and cans intended to keep bottled or canned material below the surface of a solution; Plastic inserts for papermill cores used to facilitate roll winding; Plastic inserts for use as container liners; Plastic key cards, not encoded and not magnetic; Plastic key chain tags; Plastic key tags; Plastic knobs; Plastic labels; Plastic lids; Plastic lids for cans; Plastic luggage lining material; Plastic mailing tubes; Plastic novelty license plates; Plastic nozzles used with high velocity air blowers to dry vehicles; Plastic ornaments for attachment inside of vehicles to visually remind occupants of low vehicle clearance; Plastic peg boards; Plastic perforated container that allows water to enter and exit used for cleaning jewelry in a dishwashing machine; Plastic pillow-like device to be worn on an arm while sleeping or at rest; Plastic point of sale containers for holding information cards related to vehicles for sale or businesses; Plastic pulls; Plastic shield for use when shampooing to protect face, eyes and ears from water and shampoo; Plastic shipping and storage boxes; Plastic squeeze tubes sold empty; Plastic stoppers for bottles; Plastic tire skates, namely, plastic wedges inserted under vehicle tires in order to move the vehicle smoothly; Plastic tissue box covers; Plastic trays for foodstuff packaging; Plastic trays for use when manually counting pills; Play yards; Playhouses for pets; Playpens for babies; Plush figures for use as outdoor holiday decorations; Portable baby bath seats for use in bath tubs; Portable back support for use with chairs; Portable bassinets; Portable bath seat; Portable beds for pets; Portable cradles; Portable desks; Portable folding stadium seats; Portable kennels; Portable non-metal risers for performance groups; Portable outdoor privacy screen for sunbathing; Pot racks; Pouf ottomans; Presentation boards; Printed plastic labels for use in identifying and marking the contents of pipes; Racks for holding placemats which may be affixed to a refrigerator; Ring bearer pillows; Rivets, not of metal; Runners, not of metal, for sliding doors; Sash fasteners, not of metal, for windows; Sash pulleys, not of metal; Saw horses; Scratching posts; Scratching posts for cats; Screen-printed plastic letters; Screens of reed; Screens of reed or substitutes for reed; Screw tops, not of metal, for bottles; Screwnails not of metal; Serving trolleys; Slanted shelves; Slatted indoor blinds for windows; Sleeping mats; Sleeping pads; Stoppers for bottles, not of glass, metal or rubber; Stoppers of cork; Stoppers of cork imitations; Stoppers of cork or cork imitations; Storage and organization systems comprising shelves, drawers, cupboards, baskets and clothes rods, sold as a unit; Suction cup hangers and hooks made of silicone polymer; Surveying equipment, namely, non-metal boundary markers for topographical use; Tie racks; Tissue box covers of wood; Toilet footstool to place one's feet on while sitting on a toilet; Toilet mirrors being hand-held mirrors; Tool and tool accessory trays not made of metal sold empty and parts and fittings therefor; Towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal; Towel dispensers, not of metal, fixed; Towel hooks not of metal; Towel racks; Towel stands; Towel stands; Toy boxes and chests; Toy chests; Toy organizers comprised of shelves and removable storage bins sold as a unit; Travel cots; Travel pillows; Tree protectors, not of metal; Troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; Umbrella stands; Wind chimes; Winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; Wine crates of wood; Wine racks; Wood barrels; Wood substrates for use in making signs; Wood substrates, namely, composite panels, particleboard and fiberboard for use in manufacturing of signs
21 Carafes; Currycombs; Dusters; All purpose portable household containers; Animal-activated animal waterers; Animal-activated pet feeders; Animal-activated pet feeders that include dispensers for releasing pet toy feeder balls with pet food and pet treats therein; Animal grooming gloves; Animal litter boxes; Animal litter pans; Ant habitats; Ant vivaria; Apparatus for cleaning musical instrument strings comprised of a two-sided hinged device internally coated with microfiber that closes on strings and is moved manually up and down neck of instrument; Aquarium covers; Aquarium fish nets; Aquarium ornaments; Aquariums; Artificial aquarium landscapes; Atomizers for household use; Autoclaves, non electric, for cooking; Automatic personal rehydration system comprising a plastic bladder sold empty for holding liquid; Automatic pet feeders; Automatic pet waterers; Automatic soap dispensers; Baby bathtubs; Back scratchers; Bait buckets sold separately or with a pump affixed thereto for aerating live bait; Bait stations sold empty for feeding rodenticides to rodents; Baked good tins sold empty for domestic use; Bakeware; Baking cups of paper; Baking dishes; Baking mats; Bamboo baskets for household purposes; Barbecue mitts; Barbecue tongs; Barbecue turners; Baseball plate brushes; Basins in the nature of bowls; Basins in the nature of receptacles; Baskets for household purposes; Baskets for household purposes, not of metal; Baskets for waste paper littering for household purposes; Basting brushes; Basting spoons; Bath accessories, namely, cup holders; Bath brushes; Bathroom fittings, namely, dispensing units for household purposes for dispensing wrapping materials for sanitary waste such as diapers, nappies, feminine hygiene products and incontinence products; Bathroom holders for holding razors; Bathroom pails; Battery-operated cookie presses; Battery-operated lint removers; Battery-powered applicators for applying cosmetics to eyelashes; Beakers, namely, wide-mouthed drinking cups for household use; Beer funnel and tubing sold together as a unit for drinking beer; Beverage urns, non-electric; Beverageware; Billiard table brushes; Bird baths being bowls for birds to bathe in; Bird cages; Bird cages for domestic birds; Bird feeders; Bird feeding tables; Birdcages; Biscuit cutters; Blacking brushes; Bobeches; Body scrubbing puffs; Boot jacks; Boot stretchers of wood; Boot trees; Bootjacks; Bota bags; Bottle openers; Bottle squeegees; Bottle stands; Bottle stoppers specially adapted for use with wine bottles; Bowl cozies; Bowls; Boxes for candies; Boxes for dispensing paper towels for household use; Boxes for sweets; Brandy snifters; Bread baskets for domestic use; Bread baskets for household purposes; Bread bins; Bread boards; Bread boxes; Brooms; Brushes for basting meat; Brushes for footwear; Brushes for pets; Buckets; Buckets with an insert that prevents spills, splashes and drips, used to contain paint as well as other liquids; Busts of earthenware; Butlers' trays; Butter-dish covers; Butter-dish and cheese-dish covers; Butter coolers; Butter crocks; Butter dishes; Butter pans; Button hooks; Buttonhooks; Caddies for holding hair accessories for household and domestic use; Caddies for holding for cosmetics, cleaning brushes, toys for household use; Caddy bags, namely, organizers specially adapted to be wrapped around trash receptacles for holding cleaning supplies; Cafeteria trays; Cages for pets; Cake pans; Cake plates; Cake servers; Cake stands; Cake tins; Camera lens cleaning kits comprised of a brush and also including wipes and a liquid solution; Camping grills; Candle extinguishers; Candle holders; Candle rings; Candle rings not of precious metal; Candle snuffer and tray combination; Candle snuffers; Candle warmers; Candlesticks; Candy boxes; Candy boxes, not of precious metal; Candy jars sold empty; Canister sets; Canteens; Car washing mitts; Carboys; Cardboard cups; Carpet beaters, not being machines; Carpet rakes; Carver rests; Carving boards; Casseroles dishes; Cast stone containers for household and garden use; Cat litter boxes; Cat litter pans; Cattle hair for brushes; Cattle troughs; Caviar coolers; Censers; Ceramic discs for use as purchase tokens; Ceramic figurines; Ceramic grinding beads for use in wet milling; Ceramic sculptures, vases, vessels, bowls, plates and pots; Ceramic tissue box covers; Chalices; Chamber pots; Chamois leather for cleaning; Champagne buckets; Champagne flutes; Charcuterie boards for serving and cutting charcuterie; Chargers being dinnerware; Cheese-dish covers; Cheese board and knife set; Cheese boards; Cheese covers; Cheese domes; Cheese graters; Cheese graters for household purposes; China ornaments; Chocolate molds; Chocolate moulds for household purposes; Chopping boards for kitchen use; Chopstick cases; Chopstick rests; Chopsticks; Christmas tree watering device in the nature of a funnel; Ciboria; Cinder sifters for household purposes; Citrus squeezers; Cleaning brushes for household use; Cleaning combs; Cleaning pans for grill cooking grids and cooking grates, namely, grill soakers; Cleaning sponges; Coal buckets for household use; Coal hods; Coal scuttles; Coasters, not of paper or textile; Cocktail picks; Cocktail shakers; Cocktail sticks; Cocktail stirrers; Cocktail strainers; Coffee cups; Coffee cups, tea cups and mugs; Coffee filters not of paper being part of non-electric coffee makers; Coffee grinders, hand-operated; Coffee mugs; Coffee percolators, non-electric; Coffee pod holders; Coffee pots; Coffee pots not of precious metal; Coffee scoops; Coffee servers; Coffee services in the nature of tableware; Coffee services not of precious metal; Coffee services of ceramic; Coffee services of china; Coffee stirrers; Coffeepots, non-electric; Coin banks; Colanders for household use; Cold packs used to keep food and drink cold; Collapsible buckets; Collapsible non-electric kettles; Collapsible portable beverage container holder; Collapsible storage containers for domestic use; Comb cases; Combs; Commemorative plates; Compacts sold empty; Concession dispensing equipment, namely, condiment pump dispensers; Concession dispensing equipment, namely, portable chilled beverage dispensers; Confectioners' decorating bags; Confectioners' molds; Containers for household or kitchen use; Cookery molds; Cookie cutters; Cookie jars; Cookie molds; Cookie sheets; Cookie stamps; Cooking forks; Cooking funnels; Cooking graters; Cooking pans; Cooking pot sets; Cooking pots and pans; Cooking pots for use in microwave ovens; Cooking sieves; Cooking skewers; Cooking skewers of metal; Cooking spoons; Cooking strainers; Cooking utensil, namely, batter dispenser; Cooking utensils, namely, barbecue branders; Cooking utensils, namely, grill covers; Cooking utensils, namely, grills; Cooking utensils, namely, wire baskets; Cookware for use in microwave ovens; Cookware, namely, pots and pans; Cookware, namely, roasting pans; Cookware, namely, steamers; Coolers for wine; Cooling buckets for wine; Cooling racks for baked goods; Cork holders; Corkscrews, electric and non-electric; Corn cob holders; Corn picks; Cosmetic brushes; Cosmetic spatulas; Cosmetic spatulas for use with depilatory preparations; Cosmetic utensils in the nature of thread for eyebrow threading; Countertop holders for paper towels; Coupes; Couscous cooking pots, non-electric; Covers for bird perches; Covers for dishes; Covers, not of paper, for flower pots; Cream jugs; Cream and sugar set; Creamer pitchers; Crockery, namely, pots, dishes, drinking cups and saucers, bowls, serving bowls and trays; Cruet sets for oil and vinegar; Cruet stands; Cruet stands for oil and vinegar; Cruet stands for oil or vinegar not of precious metal; Crumb-sweepers; Crumb brushes; Crumb trays; Crushers for kitchen use, non-electric; Crystals used for metaphysical and psychic purposes; Cup cake molds; Cup lids; Cupcake baking cups; Cupcake molds; Cupcake stands; Cups; Cups and mugs; Cups, not of precious metal; Curling iron stands; Curry combs; Cutting boards; Cutting boards for the kitchen; Decanter tags; Decanters; Decorating bags for confectioners; Decorative ceramic tiles not for use as building materials; Decorative crystal prisms; Decorative pail personalized with an individual's name on the lid and decals, stickers, and other items on the pail unique to that individual; Decorative plates; Deep fryers, non-electric; Demijohns; Demitasse sets comprised of cups and saucers; Demitasse sets comprised of cups, saucers and stirring spoons sold as a unit; Denture baths; Deshedding combs for pets; Dessert plates; Dewar vessels; Diaper disposal pails; Diaper pails; Diffuser vessels for insect repellents; Dining plates of silica gel; Dinnerware; Dish covers; Dish cozies; Dish drainers; Dish drying mats; Dish drying racks; Dish stands; Dishers; Dishware; Dishwashing brushes; Dispensers for cellulose wipes for household use; Dispensers for cleaning and disinfecting solutions; Dispensers for facial tissues; Disposable aluminium foil containers for household purposes; Disposable beverage lid with an integrated press and plunger for placement on any cup for the purpose of infusing beverages; Disposable chopsticks; Disposable containers for household use; Disposable duster sleeves for cleaning; Disposable gloves for home use; Disposable latex gloves for general use; Disposable latex and nitrile gloves for general use; Disposable liner pads for animal litter boxes; Disposable paperboard bakeware; Disposable plastic gloves for general use; Disposable serving spoons; Disposable table plates; Dog food scoops; Double boilers; Double wall cups; Double wall cups with lids and straws; Dough scrapers; Dovecotes; Drain stoppers for sinks and drains; Drinking cups sold with lids therefor; Drinking cups; Drinking cups and saucers; Drinking cups for babies and children; Drinking flasks; Drinking horns made of metal; Drinking horns made of plastic; Drinking steins; Drinking straw dispensers; Drinking straw holders; Drinking straws; Drinking straws for babies and children; Drinking troughs; Drinking troughs for animals; Drinking troughs for livestock; Drinking troughs for poultry; Drinking vessels; Drinkware; Drip mats for tea; Dripping pans; Droppers sold empty for cosmetic purposes; Droppers for household purposes; Dryer balls sold empty used to disperse disinfectants to articles in a dryer; Drying racks for laundry; Drying racks for washing; Dumpling moulds for household use; Dust-pans; Dust bins; Dust gloves; Dust pans; Dustbins; Dusting brushes; Dusting gloves; Dutch ovens; Earthen pots; Earthenware basins in the nature of bowls; Earthenware floor vases; Earthenware jars; Earthenware mugs; Earthenware saucepans; Egg frying pans; Egg poachers; Egg rings; Egg separators, non electric, for household purposes; Egg yolk separators; Electric aromatherapy diffusers; Electric aromatherapy oil diffusers; Electric combs; Electric cork screws; Electric devices for attracting and killing insects; Electric devices for cleaning cosmetic brushes; Electric diffusers for insect repellents; Electric essential oil diffusers; Electric face cleansing brushes; Electric fragrance diffusers incorporating night lights; Electric hair combs; Electric hot combs; Electric lint removers; Electric make-up removing appliances; Electric rotary hair brush for styling a user's hair; Electric trouser presses; Electric warmers to melt scented wax tarts; Electric wine openers; Electrical applicators for applying cosmetics to the skin; Electrically-heated hair brushes; Empty popcorn tins for household use; Empty spray bottles; Eyebrow brushes; Eyelash brushes; Eyelash combs; Eyelash formers; Feather dusters; Feeding troughs; Feeding troughs for livestock; Feeding vessels for pets; Filaments for making brushes; File brushes; Filters for use in cat litter boxes; Finger-fitting gauze cot for removing debris from and cleaning the inside of nostrils; Finger bowls; Fire buckets; Fireplace brushes; Fish tanks; Fitted covers for buckets or pails; Fitted liners for ice buckets; Fitted picnic baskets, including dishes; Fitted trash receptacle covers; Fitted vanity cases; Flagons; Flasks; Flat-iron stands; Flatware being plates and saucers; Flatware, namely, plates and saucers; Floating drink holders; Floor brushes; Floor polish applicators mountable on a mop handle; Floor vases; Floor wax applicator mountable on a mop handle; Flower-pot covers, not of paper; Flower baskets; Flower bowls; Flower pots; Flower syringes; Flower vases and bowls; Flower and plant cultivation trays; Flowerpots; Fly catchers; Fly swatters; Fly traps; Foam applicator sticks for applying cosmetics, administering pharmaceuticals and cleaning machinery or computer hardware; Foam drink holders; Foam toe separators for use in pedicures; Foldable bath tubs for babies; Fondant cutters; Fondant rollers; Fondue pots without heat source; Food basters; Food steamers, non-electric; Fragrance lamps sold empty; Fragrance oil burners; Fried egg molds; Fruit bowls; Fruit muddlers; Fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; Frying pans; Frying pans; Funnels; Funnels for kitchen use; Funnels, namely, sprues of wax for jewelry casting; Garbage cans; Garbage pails; Garden gnome figurines comprised of terra cotta; Garden hose sprayers; Garden syringes; Gardening gloves; Garlic presses; Gas pressurized beverage siphon containers, namely, cream whippers, cream pitchers and soda water holders and gas cartridges sold empty; General purpose storage bins for household use; Glove stretchers; Gloves for household purposes; Gloves for pumping gasoline; Glue pots; Goblets; Golf brush; Grass sprinklers; Graters for household purposes; Graters for kitchen use; Gravy boats; Greenhouse syringes; Grill presses; Grill scrapers; Grills in the nature of cooking utensils; Grooming tools for pets, namely, combs and brushes; Gumpaste cutters; Gun cleaning patches and rags; Hair brushes; Hair color application brushes; Hair combs; Hair detangler brushes; Hair detangler combs; Hair picks; Hair tinting bowls; Hair tinting brushes; Hair, nail and tooth brushes; Hand-operated atomizer for household use; Hand-operated batter dispensers for household use; Hand-operated cherry pitters; Hand-operated claw crackers; Hand-operated coffee grinders; Hand-operated coffee grinders and pepper mills; Hand-operated cookie presses; Hand-operated cooking sieves and sifters; Hand-operated devices for scratching pets; Hand-operated flour sifters for household use; Hand-operated food grinders; Hand-operated grinders; Hand-operated lobster shell crackers; Hand-operated noodle machines; Hand-operated pasta makers; Hand-operated pastry blenders; Hand-operated pepper grinders; Hand-operated pepper mills; Hand-operated salt grinders; Hand-operated ski brushes; Hand-operated spice grinders; Hand basins in the nature of bowls; Hand operated sushi makers; Hand operated, non-electric pool cleaning pump in a stick-like shape which a user can manipulate to collect debris from a spa or pool through a simple pumping action that creates suction; Hand wash basins in the nature of bowls; Heat-insulated containers for beverages; Heat-insulated containers for household use; Heat-insulated vessels; Height adjustable ceiling-mounted drying racks for laundry; High temperature nylon and polyethylene pan liners that help prevent food from sticking to the pan while storing, warming and cooking food; Hip flasks; Holder for cutting board; Holders for cooking pot lids; Holders for flowers and plants; Holders for household irons; Holders for shaving brushes; Holders for toilet paper; Honey dippers; Honey pot and dipper sets; Honey stirrers; Horse brushes; Horse combs; Hot pots; Hot pots, not electrically heated; Hotdog cooking forks; Household containers sold empty for use with air fragrance reeds; Household containers for foods; Household containers for storing and organizing makeup; Household gloves for general use; Household plastic gloves; Household scouring pads; Household storage containers for pet food; Household strainers for juice, tea, wine, coffee; Household utensils, namely, graters; Household utensils, namely, sieves; Household utensils, namely, skimmers; Household utensils, namely, turners; Household utensils, namely, spatulas; Household utensils, namely, strainers; Household utensils, namely, pot and pan scrapers, rolling pins, spatulas, turners, whisks,strainers, peelers, ladels, scoops, pots, pans,; Hydration packs containing a fluid reservoir, delivery tube, and mouthpiece; Ice buckets; Ice cream scoops; Ice cube molds; Ice cube trays; Ice pails; Ice tongs; Incense burners; Indoor ant habitats; Indoor aquaria; Indoor insect habitats; Indoor insect vivaria; Indoor insect vivariums; Indoor terrariums; Indoor terrariums for animals or insects; Indoor terrariums for insects; Indoor terrariums for plants; Infant bathtubs; Inflatable bath tubs for babies; Inflatable drink holders; Inhalers, sold empty, not for medical or therapeutic use; Insect collecting cages; Insect habitats; Insect traps; Insect vivaria; Insulated bags for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulated carriers for food and beverages; Insulated containers for beverage cans for domestic use; Insulated containers for food or beverage for domestic use; Insulated containers for food or beverages; Insulated flasks; Insulated lids for plates and dishes; Insulated mugs; Insulated vacuum flasks; Insulating flasks; Insulating jars; Insulating sleeve holder for beverage cups; Insulating sleeve holder for bottles; Insulating sleeve holders for beverage cans; Ironing board covers; Ironing boards; Itch scratchers; Jar openers; Jars for cooking grease sold empty; Jugs; Juice box holders made of plastic; Juice extractors, non-electric; Juice strainers; Kettles, non-electric; Kitchen containers; Kitchen grinders, non-electric; Kitchen ladles; Kitchen mitts; Kitchen utensil crocks; Kitchen utensil, namely, non-metal flexible lid designed for draining or pressing liquids from a food can; Kitchen utensils, namely, pouring and straining spouts; Kitchen utensils, namely, splatter screens; Knife blocks; Knife boards; Knife rests; Knife rests for the table; Ladles for kitchen use; Ladles for serving wine; Large-toothed combs for the hair; Laundry baskets; Laundry bins for domestic or household use; Laundry hampers for domestic or household use; Laundry sorters for household use; Lawn sprinklers; Lazy susans; Leather coasters; Lemon squeezers; Light duty utility gloves; Lint brushes; Lint removers, electric or non-electric; Lint removing sheets for personal use; Lint rollers; Liquor pourers; Litter boxes for pets; Litter trays for pets; Lockable non-metal household containers for food; Loofahs for household purposes; Lotion containers sold empty for domestic use; Lunch-boxes; Lunch bags not of paper; Lunch boxes; Lunch boxes made of metal; Lunch boxes made of plastic; Lunch pails; Lunchboxes; Make-up brush holders; Make-up compacts sold empty; Make-up mixing palettes sold empty; Makeup sponge holders; Mane brushes; Manually actuated pump dispensers for attachment to containers for use in dispensing liquids; Marinade injectors; Marshmallow cooking forks; Mason jars; Material for brush-making; Meal trays; Meat tongs; Medication containers for personal use; Melon ballers; Menorahs; Menu card holders; Mess-tins; Metal baskets for household purposes; Metal coin banks; Metal cooking pans; Metal money boxes; Metal pans; Metal scouring pads; Metal troughs for cattle; Metal wool for cleaning; Microwavable bowl cozies; Milk churns; Milk jugs; Milk pans; Mirror balls; Mixing bowls; Mixing cups; Mixing spoons; Molds for frozen confections; Mop buckets; Mop heads; Mop wringers; Mortars and pestles for kitchen use; Mortars for kitchen use; Motorized applicators for applying cosmetics to eyelashes; Mouse traps; Muffin pans; Muffin tins; Mug trees; Mugs; Mushroom brushes; Mustard pots; Nail brushes; Napkin dispensers for household use; Napkin holders; Napkin holders and napkin rings not of precious metal; Napkin holders, not of precious metal; Napkin rings; Napkin rings not of precious metals; Napkin rings, not of precious metal; Nappy disposal bins; Non-electric aromatherapy diffusers for use in showers; Non-electric aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers; Non-electric autoclaves for cooking; Non-electric beverage urns; Non-electric blind dusters; Non-electric candelabras; Non-electric candelabras, not of precious metal; Non-electric canners in the nature of pressure cookers; Non-electric carpet cleaners; Non-electric carpet sweepers; Non-electric coffee drippers for brewing coffee; Non-electric coffee makers; Non-electric coffee percolators; Non-electric coffee pots; Non-electric coffee pots not of precious metal; Non-electric coffee servers not of precious metal; Non-electric cooking steamers; Non-electric coolers for wine; Non-electric cork screws; Non-electric corkscrews; Non-electric crushers for kitchen use; Non-electric deep fryers; Non-electric egg beaters; Non-electric egg crackers for household use; Non-electric food blenders; Non-electric food mixers; Non-electric French presses; Non-electric fruit squeezers; Non-electric garlic peeler sleeves; Non-electric griddles; Non-electric hair straightening combs; Non-electric ice cream makers; Non-electric ice crushers; Non-electric juice extractors; Non-electric juicers; Non-electric kettles; Non-electric kitchen containers not made of precious metal; Non-electric meat grinders; Non-electric milk frothers; Non-electric mincers; Non-electric pasta makers for domestic use; Non-electric portable coldboxes; Non-electric portable coolers; Non-electric pour-over coffee kettles; Non-electric pressure cookers; Non-electric pressure cooking saucepans; Non-electric rotary cheese graters; Non-electric samovars; Non-electric slushy makers; Non-electric tea kettles; Non-electric toasters; Non-electric tortilla presses; Non-electric trouser presses; Non-electric vacuum coffee makers; Non-electric wall sconces; Non-electric wine openers; Non-electric woks; Non-electric yoghurt makers; Non-electric, pour-over coffee filters not of paper for brewing coffee; Non-electrical coffee grinders; Non-mechanized pet waterers in the nature of portable water and fluid dispensers for pets; Non-metal aerosol cans sold empty; Non-metal coin banks; Non-metal money boxes; Non-metal oil cans sold empty; Non-metal piggy banks; Non-metal recycling bins for household use; Non-stick barbecue grill cooking mats for use on grills; Noodle machines, hand-operated; Nut crackers; Nutmeg graters; Nylon mesh body cleansing puff; Oil-feeding cans; Oil cruets; Outdoor swings for birds; Oven mitts; Oven to table racks; Ovenware; Pads for cleaning; Pads of metal for cleaning; Paella pans; Pails; Paint buckets; Pancake molds; Pans; Pasta drying racks; Pasta makers, hand-operated; Pasta serving forks; Pastry bags; Pastry boards; Pastry brushes; Pastry cutters; Pastry molds; Pastry rollers; Pastry scrapers; Pedal bins; Pepper mills, hand-operated; Pepper pots; Pepper pots, sugar bowls and salt shakers; Perches for bird cages; Perfume sprayers; Personal dispensers for pills or capsules for domestic use; Personal dispensers for powdered nutritional supplements for domestic use; Personal fluid hydration systems comprising a fluid reservoir, a delivery tube, a mouthpiece and a carrying pack; Pestles for kitchen use; Pet bowls; Pet brushes; Pet dishes; Pet drinking bowls; Pet feeding bowls, automatic; Pet feeding dishes; Pet feeding and drinking bowls; Pet grooming device comprising a sprayer nozzle and an attachment that connects to a water source and to a reservoir for a conditioning agent; Pet treat jars; Pet water bowls; Pet water fountains being dishes; Picnic baskets sold empty; Pie birds; Pie funnels; Pie pans; Pie servers; Pie tins; Pie vents; Pig bristles for brush-making; Pig troughs; Piggy banks; Pill boxes for personal use; Pitchers; Pizza paddles; Pizza peels; Pizza stones; Pizza tray stands; Place mats of plastic; Place mats, not of paper or textile; Planaria traps for aquariums; Plant baskets; Plant syringes; Planter boxes for domestic gardening; Planters for flowers and plants; Plastic bag holders for household use; Plastic bath racks; Plastic bathtubs for children; Plastic board specially adapted for use in folding laundry for household use; Plastic buckets; Plastic coasters; Plastic containers in the shape of fruits and vegetables for storing individual fruits and vegetables, and for extending the life of those fruits and vegetables; Plastic containers, namely, cake boxes for household use; Plastic egg holders for domestic use; Plastic freezer pop forms; Plastic hand-held shopping baskets; Plastic holder for beverage containers to be affixed to walls; Plastic household containers for food; Plastic household gloves; Plastic household storage containers for vehicle keys, stationery, food items; Plastic juice box holders; Plastic lids for plant pots; Plastic molds for household use in making soap; Plastic nozzles for metal cans; Plastic place mats; Plastic plates; Plastic safety caps for medicine containers; Plastic shock-absorbing protection containers for household or domestic use; Plastic spray nozzles; Plastic storage containers for domestic use; Plates; Plug-in diffusers for air fragrances; Plug-in diffusers for aromatic oils; Plug-in diffusers for insect repellents; Plug-in diffusers for mosquito repellents; Plunger-style coffee makers, non-electric; Plungers for clearing blocked drains; Polishing fleeces for skis; Polishing gloves; Polishing leather; Popcorn poppers for use in microwave ovens; Popcorn tins sold empty for domestic use; Porcelain eggs; Porcelain flower pots; Porcelain mugs; Portable beverage container holder; Portable beverage dispensers; Portable cooking kits for outdoor use; Portable cool boxes, non-electric; Portable coolers, non-electric; Portable ice chests for food and beverages; Portable plastic containers for storing household and kitchen goods; Portable pots and pans for camping; Portable potties for children; Portable tea caddies; Pot cleaning brushes; Pot holders; Pot lids; Pot scrapers; Pot stands; Pot and pan scrapers; Potato ricers; Potholders; Potpourri dishes; Pots; Potties for children; Potties for dogs; Pour-over coffee stands; Pouring spouts for household use; Powder applicator sold empty for holding and dispensing baby powder; Powder compacts sold empty; Power-operated atomizers for household use; Power-operated brush used to clean and exfoliate the skin; Pre-moistened towelettes; Pre-moistened towelettes for cleaning; Pressure cookers, non-electric; Pressurized and gravity operated watering and nutrient feeding containers; Pudding molds; Raccoon dog hair for brushes; Racks and stands for elevating pet feeding bowls and dishes; Rails and rings for towels; Rails and rings for towels, not of precious metal; Rails for towels, not of precious metal; Ramekins; Re-usable or disposable plastic or silicone valves sold for use with training cups for babies and children; Reamers for fruit juice; Recipe boxes; Recyclable flexible plastic pouches sold empty for holding water or nutritional liquids; Recycling bins with built-in electronic display screens for household use; Refuse bins; Reusable ice cubes; Reusable self-sealing lids for household use for bowls, cups, containers and the storage of food; Reusable silicone food covers for household containers; Reusable straw-fitted beverage lids for placement on jars for household use; Reusable plastic water bottles sold empty; Reusable stainless steel water bottles sold empty; Reusable stainless steel, plastic, fiber water bottles sold empty; Reuseable ice cubes; Rice chests; Rice cookers for use in microwave ovens; Rice cooking pots; Rice molds; Rice paddles; Rings for identifying birds; Rings for towels, not of precious metal; Rinsing bowls; Rinsing buckets; Rinsing pails; Rinsing tubs; Ritual flower vases; Roasting dishes; Roller tubes for peeling garlic; Rolling pins; Roses for watering cans; Rotary cheese graters; Rotary cheese graters; Rotary washing lines; Rotating holders for kitchen utensils; Rubber household gloves; Sake cups; Salad bowls; Salad spinners; Salad tongs; Salt cellars; Salt shakers; Salt and pepper shakers; Sandwich boxes; Sandwich cutters; Sandwich molds; Sauce boats; Sauceboats not of precious metals; Saucepan scourers; Saucepans; Saucers; Saucers for flower pots; Saucers not of precious metals; Sauna buckets; Scalp scratchers; Scoops for household purposes; Scourers for saucepans; Scouring pads; Scrapers for household purposes; Scraping brushes; Scrubbing brushes; Self-watering planters for flowers and plants; Serviette holders; Serviette rings; Serviette rings not of precious metal; Serving boards for food; Serving forks; Serving ladles; Serving pitchers having a thumb shield to prevent a waiter's thumb from contacting internal contents while pouring; Serving platters; Serving scoops; Serving spoons; Serving tongs; Serving tray liners; Serving trays; Servingware for serving food; Servingware for serving food and drinks; Shallow bowls; Shampooing syringes; Shaped covers for ironing boards; Shaped ironing board covers; Shaving bowls; Shaving brush holders; Shaving brush stands; Shaving brushes; Shaving dishes; Shaving pots; Ship-scrubbing brushes; Shirt stretchers; Shoe brushes; Shoe horns; Shoe polish applicators not containing shoe polish; Shoe polishing mitts; Shoe stretchers; Shoe stretchers of wood; Shoe trees; Shower caddies; Shower racks; Shut-off valves for water sprinkler nozzles; Sieves for household purposes; Sippy cups; Ski wax brushes; Skillets; Slotted spoons; Small animal feeders; Small jugs; Snifters; Soap boxes; Soap brackets; Soap containers; Soap dishes; Soap dispensers; Soap dispensing dish brushes; Soap holders; Soap holders and boxes; Soapstone cubes for chilling whiskey; Soup bowls; Soup tureens; Souvenir plates; Spatulas for kitchen use; Spice racks; Sponge holders; Spoolie brushes; Spoon rests; Squeegees for dishes; Squeegees for household use; Squeegees for shaving brushes; Stainless steel cutting boards; Stainless steel soaps; Stands for dishes; Stands for portable baby baths; Stands for shaving brushes; Steamer baskets; Stemware; Stemware holders; Step trash cans; Stew-pans; Sticks for frozen confections; Sticks for lollipops; Stir-fry pans; Stirring rods for beverages; Stirring rods of precious metal for beverages; Stove burner covers; Stovetop popcorn poppers; Strainers for household purposes; Straws for drinking; Stream deflector nozzles for garden hoses; Stretchers for gloves; Suction bowls; Sugar basins; Sugar bowls; Sugar tongs; Sun catchers; Sushi rolling mats; Swedish pancake pan; Swizzle sticks; Syringes for watering flowers and plants; Syrup jugs; Table mats of plastic; Table mats, not of paper or textile; Table napkin holders; Table place card holders not of precious metal; Table plates; Tagines, non-electric; Tailor's clappers; Tankards; Tankards not of precious metal; Tart scoops; Tea bag rests; Tea balls; Tea caddies; Tea canisters; Tea cosies; Tea cups; Tea infusers; Tea infusers not of precious metal; Tea kettles, non-electric; Tea light essential oil diffusers; Tea pots; Tea pots not of precious metal; Tea sets; Tea strainers; Tealight essential oil diffusers; Tension closing devices for pot lids; Terrariums for plants; Thermal insulated bags for food or beverages; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; Thermal insulated containers for food or beverages; Thermal insulated wrap for cans to keep the contents cold or hot; Thermally insulated containers for food; Tie presses; Tiered food servers; Toast racks; Toilet paper dispensers; Toilet paper holders; Toilet plunger holders; Toilet plungers; Toilet roll holders; Toilet tissue holders; Toilet utensils in the nature of hand-operated devices for raising and lowering toilet seats; Tool bucket organizer, namely, an organizer specially adapted for affixation to a bucket for holding tools and other apparatus; Tooth brush cases; Tooth brushes, non-electric; Toothbrush cases; Toothbrush head covers; Toothbrush holders; Toothpaste dispensers; Toothpaste tube squeezers; Toothpick holders; Towel bars; Towel rails; Towel rails and rings; Towel rails and rings, not of precious metal; Towel rails, not of precious metal; Towel rings; Towel rings, not of precious metal; Training chopsticks; Training chopsticks for children; Training cups for babies and children; Training cups for infants; Trash cans; Trash containers for household use; Trash containers of metal and non-metal for household use; Travel mugs; Trays for domestic purposes; Trays for holding boots and shoes for domestic use; Trays for household purposes; Trays for use in fingernail polishing; Trays of paper, for household purposes; Trifle bowls; Trivets; Troughs; Trouser presses; Trouser stretchers; Tub brushes; Umpire brushes; Urns being planters for flowers and plants; Urns being vases; Utensils for barbecues, namely, forks, tongs, turners; Vacuum bottle stoppers; Vacuum coffee bean containers; Vacuum flasks; Vacuum mugs; Valet trays; Vaporizers being electric aromatic oil diffusers; Vases; Vegetable mashers; Vinegar cruets; Vinyl place mats; Vitreous silica fibers, other than for textile use; Votive candle holders; Waffle irons, non-electric; Wall-mounted drying racks for laundry; Wall soap dishes; Wallpaper brushes; Wash basins in the nature of bowls; Washing boards; Washing brushes; Washtubs; Waste baskets; Waste bins for household use; Waste paper baskets; Water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums for home use; Water troughs; Watering cans; Watering pots; Watering troughs for cattle; Whelping boxes for dogs; Whisks; Whistling kettles, non-electric; Wide tooth combs for hair; Window-boxes; Window boxes; Window cleaners in the nature of a combination squeegee and scrubber; Window dusters; Wine-tasting pipettes; Wine-tasting siphons; Wine aerators; Wine buckets; Wine cooling pails; Wine decanters; Wine drip collars specially adapted for use around the top of wine bottles to stop drips; Wine jugs; Wine openers; Wine pourers; Wine strainers; Wire brushes, not being machine parts; Woks; Wood chopping boards for kitchen use; Wooden cooking spoons; Work gloves; Zesters; Egg cups; Electric jar openers; Electric pet brushes; Non-electric jar openers
22 Groundsheets; Kapok; Liber; Linters; Bags specially adapted for holding rope; Bags for composting kitchen, garden, and other organic material; Bags for securing valuables; Bags for storing hammocks; Bags for washing hosiery; Baling twine; Bamboo fiber; Banister ropes; Bank deposit bags; Bath toy organizers in the nature of net bags secured by suction cups; Canvas bags for laundry; Canvas bags for storage of food, grain; Canvas canopies; Canvas tarpaulins; Canvas wraps for plants; Climbing ropes; Combed wool; Down feathers; Down feathers for stuffing material; Down feathers for use as stuffing; Garment bags for storage; Hanging mesh net used for storing sports balls; Hemp fibers; Hemp nettings; Ladder tapes for venetian blinds; Lanyards for holding sanitary face masks; Lanyards for holding sanitary face masks in the form of chains; Laundry bags; Laundry wash bags; Mail bags; Mail sack, namely, functional sack for receiving and holding incoming mail put through a door mail slot; Mesh bags for storage; Mesh lingerie bags for washing lingerie; Mountaineering ropes; Nets used by police or security forces in restraining people; Nets for hay; Nets to be affixed in refrigerators using suction cups for the purpose of securing food items; Nylon strapping or tie downs; Nylon straps for handling loads; Nylon support straps for holding planted trees in an upward position; Nylon tie down straps; Nylon towing straps; Nylon weed trimmer line; Pet hammocks; Plant hangers of rope; Polyurethane resin collection and wash bag for contaminated linen; Portable toy storage bag; Purse seines; Rope for use in pet toys; Rubber cable ties and straps for fastening and securing objects such as bundles of wire together; School supply storage pouches that magnetically attach to metal surfaces and magnetically fold to close; Silage bags; Mesh bags for washing laundry
24 Coverlets; Tulle; Bath gloves; Bed canopies; Blankets for household pets; Box spring covers; Canopies being bed linen; Covers for mattresses; Covers for sleeping mats; Crib bumpers; Crib canopies; Crib sheets; Dish towels for drying; Eiderdown covers; Fitted bed sheets for pet beds; Fitted sheets for sleeping mats; Fleece blankets; Golf towels; Hand towels; Insect protection nets for household purposes; Mattress pads; Pillow shams; Puffs being window treatments; Sleeping bags; Sleeping bags for babies; Sleeping bags for camping; Slumber bags; Table pads; Throws designed to also be wrapped around a person; Tricot quilts; Turban towels for drying hair; Washing gloves; Window treatments in the nature of window panels of polyester, cotton and wool; Baby buntings; Fitted bed sheets for pets; Household linen, including face towels; Insecticide-treated mosquito nets; Pillow-top, low-profile bed skirts; Press felt; Woven felt
26 Passementerie; Sequins; Spangles; Zippers; Ankle garters; Arm bands; Beads other than for making jewelry; Beads for handicraft work; Beads, other than for making jewelry; Belt buckles; Belt clasps; Bobbin lace; Bouffant caps for the food service industry; Cases adapted for ornamental novelty pins; Chenille stems; Clam clips for hair; Coiffure bonnets; Collar stays; Crochet hooks; Decorative charms for eyewear; Decorative cords; Decorative backpack charms; Expanding bands for holding sleeves; Fastenings for braces; Foam hair rollers; Garment tapes; Haberdashery ribbons and braids; Haberdashery bows; Haberdashery ribbons; Hair bands; Hair bows; Hair buckles; Hair chopsticks; Hair clamps; Hair clips; Hair coloring caps; Hair curlers, electric and non-electric, other than hand implements; Hair curlers, electrically-heated, other than hand implements; Hair curlers, other than hand implements; Hair curling pins; Hair elastics; Hair extensions; Hair nets; Hair netting; Hair ornaments in the form of combs; Hair pieces; Hair pins; Hair pins and grips; Hair ribbons; Hair rods; Hair slides; Hair ties; Hair accessories, namely, hair sticks; Hair accessories, namely, snap clips; Hair accessories, namely, twisters; Hair colouring caps; Hair curl clips; Hair ornaments in the nature of hair wraps; Hat bands; Hat pins for securing hats, other than jewellery; Hat pins, other than jewellery; Hat trimmings; Hatbands; Hatpins for securing hats, other than jewelry; Hatpins, other than jewelry; Hook and eye fastening tape; Hook and loop fastening tape; Hook and pile fastening tapes; Hook and loop fasteners; Hook and loop fasteners for garden use; Hooks for corsets; Human hair; Knitting counters; Lingerie tape; Marking pins; Mitten clips; Needle cases; Non-electric hair rollers; Ornamental button covers not being jewelry; Ornamental novelty buttons; Ornamental novelty pins; Ornamental novelty badges; Pants clips for cyclists; Pet collar accessories, namely, charms; Pin cushions; Pins, other than jewelry, being hair pins; Pins, other than jewelry, being hat pins; Ponytail holders; Ponytail holders and hair ribbons; Press buttons; Press studs; Prize ribbons; Purse charms; Purse charms in the form of multi-strand beaded clips for attachment to purses; Rug hooks; Seam binding; Sewing baskets; Sewing boxes; Sewing kits; Slide fasteners and parts thereof; Snap fasteners; Strap buckles; Sweater guards; Synthetic braiding hair; Thread spools for holding sewing threads; Trouser clips for cyclists; Underwires for brassieres; Wave caps; Zip fasteners; Zip fasteners for bags; Zipper fasteners; Zipper pulls; Zippers for bags; Aluminum foil sheets for hair frosting; Arts and crafts findings, namely, pom-poms; Decorative cording; Electric hair curlers, other than hand implements; Electric hair rollers; Electric hair waving implements; Hair barrettes; Hair curlers, electric, other than hand implements; Hair frosting caps; Hair scrunchies; Hair accessories, namely, claw clips; Hair accessories, namely, jaw clips; Hair pieces and wigs; Human braiding hair; Non-electric hair curlers, other than hand implements; Oriental hair pins; Separable fasteners, namely, hook and loop type fasteners and components thereof; Sewing thimbles
27 Judo mats; Reed mats; Bags specially adapted for yoga mats; Barbecue grill floor mats; Bath mats; Beach mats; Door mats; Floor mats; Gymnastic mats; Meditation mats; Personal exercise mats; Personal sitting mats; Pet feeding mats; Pet litter pan floor mats; Plastic bath mats; Prayer mats; Rubber mats; Shower mats; Straw mats
28 Dice; Dolls; Luges; Pachinkos; Puzzles; Quoits; Skis; Waterskis; Action figures; Baby multiple activity toys; Badminton game playing equipment; Balancing bird toys; Basketball backboards; Basketball baskets; Bats for games; Bells for Christmas trees; Bendable toys; Billiard game playing equipment; Bingo game playing equipment; Bird calls; Board games; Bob-sleighs; Bobble head dolls; Bobblehead dolls; Bobsleds; Bodyboards; Boomerangs; Boxing rings; Building games; Candle holders for Christmas trees; Card games; Cases specially adapted for sports equipment; Cat toys; Checkerboards; Chess sets; Chinese checkers as games; Chinese chess; Chinese chess as games; Christmas dolls; Christmas stockings; Clay pigeon traps; Climbers' harness; Collectable toy figures; Construction toys; Cornhole game sets; Counters and marbles for games; Counters for games; Cowbells being noisemakers; Craps game playing equipment; Crib mobiles; Crib toys; Croquet sets; Crossbows; Cube-type puzzles; Cups for dice; Dart carrying cases; Dart flights; Dart games; Dart points; Dart shafts; Dart stems; Dice cups; Dice games; Dice towers; Disc toss toys; Dog toys; Doll accessories; Draughts sets; Dreidels; Duck blinds; Egg decorating kits; Electronic action toys; Electronic games for the teaching of children; Electronic targets; European style dolls; Exercise platforms; Exercise equipment for lateral movement in a skating motion; Exercise equipment in the nature of agility ladders; Exercise equipment in the nature of speed ladders; Fencing pistes; Fidget toys; Fish bite alarms; Flippers for diving; Flippers for scuba diving; Floorball sticks; Flying saucers; Flying toys using electrostatic levitation; Foam exercise rollers; Footbags; Football blocking sleds; Football or soccer goals; Free-flowing play gel; Furniture for doll's houses; Game cards; Game controllers for computer games; Go games; Go stones; Gym chalk for improving hand grip in sports activities; Gyroscopes and flight stabilizers for model aircraft; Hamster wheels; Handle grips for sporting equipment; Harnesses specially adapted for carrying snowboards, skis and skateboards; Head straps for weight lifting; Headwear for dolls; Helical spring toys; Helmets for dolls; Hobby grade engines for remote controlled air and surface vehicles; Ice skate blades; Ice skates; In-line skates; Infant development toys; Infant toys; Inflatable pool toys; Inflatable toys; Inflatable toys showing decorative pictures; Inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; Inflatable knockdown targets with weighted bases used for target practice and fitness training in youth sports programs; Inflatable pools for recreational use; Inflatable ride-on toys; Inflatable thin rubber toys; Inflatable wading pools; Iron shots specifically for use in the shot put competition; Japanese traditional dolls; Jigsaw puzzles; Jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; Jock straps; Juggling clubs; Juggling equipment; Kendo plastrons; Keno cards; Kettlebells; Kickboard flotation devices for recreational use; Kite lines; Kite reels; Kiteboards; Kneeboards; Kokeshi dolls; Kote gauntlets; Leashes used in conjunction with surfing; Lever action toys; Lottery cards; Lottery wheels; Luminous toy putty; Magnetic building blocks being toys; Magnetic putty being toys; Manipulative puzzles; Manipulative games; Marbles for games; Masts for sailboards; Matryoshka dolls; Mechanical action toys; Mechanical toys; Memory games; Miniature toy helmets; Model cars; Model helicopters; Model toy vehicles; Model toy steam operated traction engines; Modeled plastic toy figurines; Modular toy play houses; Molded toy figures; Mosaic puzzles; Musical toys; Needles for pumps for inflating sports equipment; Newton's cradle desk toys; Ordinary playing cards; Parafoils; Percussion caps being toys; Pet toys; Pinball games; Pine tar for athletic equipment; Pitchers' plates; Plastic dolls; Plastic toy hoops; Play figures; Play houses; Play mats containing infant toys; Play money; Play motor cars; Play tents; Play tunnels; Play yards in the nature of outdoor play structures; Player-operated electronic controllers for electronic video game machines; Playing card cases; Playing cards; Playing cards and card games; Playing card shuffling device; Playing card shuffling machines; Playset buildings; Playsets for dolls; Pool chalk holders; Pool cue chalk; Pool cue bridges; Pool cue tips; Pop up toys; Porcelain dolls; Portable musical toys incorporating telecommunication functions; Portable support structures for dance and other exercises; Promotional game materials; Protective cups for sports; Protective athletic cups; Protective films adapted for screens for portable games; Pull toys; Punching toys; Push toys; Push up stands; Puzzle games; Remote control toys, namely, cars, race cars, airplanes, boats; Remote-controlled toy planes; Remote-controlled submarines being toys; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Resistance bands for fitness purposes; Restraint straps for bodyboards; Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons; Ring buoys for recreational use; Ring games; Rock climbing chalk; Rocking horses; Role playing games; Rosin for dancers; Rosin used by athletes; Roulette wheels; Rubber baseballs; Rubber character toys; Rugby rucking shields; Sabers for fencing; Sandbox toys; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Scuba fins; Scuba flippers; Shoes for dolls; Shooting rests for use with crossbows; Shoulder pad elastic for athletic use; Shoulder pad lacelocks for athletic use; Shoulder pad laces for athletic use; Shuffleboard cues; Shuffleboard game playing equipment; Shuttlecocks for hagoita-play; Sit up benches; Skateboard wheels; Skeleton sleds; Sketching toys; Skipping rope; Skittles; Smart electronic toy vehicles; Smart plush toys; Smart robot toys; Snow globes; Snow saucers; Snow skates; Snow sleds for recreational use; Snowboard bindings; Soccer goals; Soft knitted toys; Soft sculpture toys; Softball mitts; Spinning tops; Sportballs; Sports fitness restraint straps for running in tandem or pairs; Squeezable squeaking toys; Squeeze toys; Stacking toys; Starting blocks for sports; Starting blocks for track sports; Stress relief exercise toys; Stuffed toys; Swim fins; Swing sets; Tabletop games; Talking toys; Target games; Teeball sets; Tennis racquets; Tennis uprights; Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees; Toy action figures and accessories therefor; Toy airplanes; Toy animals; Toy armor; Toy bakeware and cookware; Toy banks; Toy boats; Toy bows and arrows; Toy boxes; Toy building blocks capable of interconnection; Toy building structures and toy vehicle tracks; Toy buildings and accessories therefor; Toy cameras; Toy cap pistols; Toy cars; Toy chemistry sets; Toy clocks and watches; Toy construction blocks; Toy construction sets; Toy doll styling heads; Toy dough; Toy figures; Toy fireworks; Toy food; Toy furniture; Toy gliders; Toy glow sticks; Toy harmonicas; Toy helicopters; Toy holsters; Toy hoop sets; Toy houses; Toy imitation cosmetics; Toy jewelry; Toy LED light sticks; Toy looms; Toy mailboxes; Toy microscopes; Toy mobiles; Toy model cars; Toy modeling dough; Toy music boxes; Toy noisemakers; Toy pianos; Toy pistols; Toy prism spectacles; Toy putty; Toy record players; Toy robots; Toy sling planes; Toy sling shots; Toy snow globes; Toy spring horses; Toy stamps; Toy swords; Toy telescopes; Toy tools; Toy weapons; Toy whistles; Toy action figures; Toy air pistols; Toy artificial fingernails; Toy blocks for learning braille; Toy building blocks; Toy Christmas trees; Toy for pets; Toy hand buzzers for playing jokes; Toy model kit cars; Toy modeling compounds; Toy sets of carpenters' tools; Toys for domestic pets; Track and field hammers; Trading card games; Traditionally dressed dolls; Vaulting poles; Vaulting boxes; Ventriloquist's dummies; Volleyball game playing equipment; Waist trimmer exercise belts; Wakeskates; Water globes; Water pistols; Water squirting toys; Water toys; Water wing swim aids for recreational use; Water wings; Whoopee cushions; Wind-up toys; Wrestling rings being sports equipment; Wrist straps for weight lifting; Abdominal wheel rollers for fitness purposes; Aero-dynamic disk for use in playing catching games; Aerobic step machines; American footballs; Artificial climbing walls; Bows for archery; Chip markers for bingo; Containers used in playing a GPS-based treasure hunt game; Desktop toy sports games; Easter egg coloring kits; Electric toy train transformers; Electronic dart games; Electronic learning toys; Electronic toy building blocks that light up as a night light; Electronic educational game machines for children; Exercise hand grippers; Exercise pucks in the nature of a foam or gel form enclosed in a cover and used by persons to perform exercises sold as a unit with printed instruction manuals; Fantasy character toys; Fencing gauntlets; Finger puppets; Finger tabs for archery; Flotation noodles for water recreation purposes; Focus mitts; Hand puppets; Hand wraps for sports use; Hand held joy stick units for playing video games; Hand-held party poppers; Hand-held electronic games adapted for use with television receivers only; Hand-held, non-electronic skill games; Hoops for rhythmic sportive gymnastics; Infant action crib toys; Infant's rattles; Inflatable float hammocks for recreational use in water; Interlocking construction toys; Magnetic levitating desk toys; Manipulative logic games; Manipulative logic puzzles; Marionette puppets; Miniature toy sports games; Non-riding transportation toys; Non-slip resin sprays for use by athletes; Non-telescopic archery bow sights; Open bow sights for archery; Parafoil kites; Pet toys containing catnip; Plastic character toys; Plastic party hats; Play wands; Play mats for the purpose of putting together puzzles; Playing cards for use in magic tricks; Pool noodle toys; Portable gaga pits; Portable ski carriers; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Promotional game cards; Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games; Recreational water jet packs, for attachment to personal watercraft, that use water pressure to make the jet pack users airborne; Snow skis; Spinning fidget toys; Sports field training grids; Tossing disc toys; Toy aircraft; Toy building structures; Toy glockenspiels; Toy glowsticks; Toy insect cages; Toy models; Toy pinwheels; Toy water globes; Toy wrestling rings; Toy model football fields; Toy model train sets; Toys in the nature of whirligigs; Traditionally dressed western dolls; Ventriloquists' dummies

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