Trademark: 90678367
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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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16 Adhesive corners for photographs; Adhesive tape dispensers; Adhesive tape dispensers for household or stationery use; Adhesive tape flags for stationery or household purposes; Adhesive tape rollers for stationery or household purposes; Adhesive tapes for stationery and household use; Adhesives for stationery and household use; Adhesives used by recreational fishermen for affixing various materials to fishing hooks; Airbrush make-up stencils; Architects' models; Art and photograph portfolio cases; Art pads; Art paper; Artists' brushes; Artists' pastels; Artists' pencils; Artists' pens; Artists' watercolour saucers; Arts and craft clay kits; Automatic pencils; Ball pens; Binding materials for books and papers; Blackboards; Blank journal books; Blank note cards; Blank paper notebooks; Blotting paper; Bond paper; Bookbinding material; Bookbinding materials for creating hardcover books, namely, book covers, crack-and-peel binding paper, reinforcement strips, peel-and-stick labels, stapler and staples; Bookbinding tape; Bookbinding wire; Bristol boards; Bulldog clips; Calligraphy ink; Calligraphy paper; Canvas for painting; Canvas for printing; Canvas panels for artists; Canvas stretcher bars for artists; Cardboard tubes; Carrying cases made of paper; Chalk erasers; Charcoal pencils; Children's arts and crafts paper kits; Color pencils; Coloured pens; Construction paper; Corrugated boxes; Cosmetic pencil sharpeners; Craft glue for stationery or household purposes; Craft paper; Crayons; Customizable journal books for writing; Cyanoacrylate adhesives for home and hobby use; Desk mats; Document markers; Document portfolios; Drafting instruments; Drafting templates; Drafting trays; Drawing boards; Drawing instruments; Drawing templates; Drawing trays; Dry erase markers; Dry erase writing boards and writing surfaces; Dry transfer characters; Duplicating ink; Dye-sublimation print paper; Easel pads; Easels; Electric pencil sharpeners; Engraving plates; Erasable markers for marking the surface of a drinking glass for purposes of decoration and identification; Eraser dusting brushes; Erasers; Etching needles; Fabric glue for household use; Felt pens; Fiber paper; Fiber-tip markers; Fibertip pens; Folders for papers; Fountain pen ink cartridges; Fountain pens; French curves; Gesso, namely, plasters in the nature of artists' materials; Glassine paper; Glitter glue for stationery purposes; Glue for stationery or household purposes; Glue for the office; Graining combs; Graph paper; Gum arabic glue for stationery or household purposes; Gummed tape for stationery or household use; Heat transfer paper; Illustration boards; Illustration paper; India ink; India ink pens; India paper; Industrial marking products, namely, soapstone; Ink erasers; Ink for writing instruments; Ink pens; Ink sticks; Ink sticks (sumi); Ink stones; Inking sheets for document reproducing machines; Kraft paper; Leather-bound blank journals; Lettering guides; Liquid paint felt tip marking and coloring applicators; Map tacks; Markers; Mat boards; Mechanical pencils; Modeling clay; Modeling compounds; Modelling wax, not for dental purposes; Moulds for modelling clays; Mounting boards; Newsprint paper; Oil pastels; Onion skin paper; Opaque paper; Padfolios; Paint applicator rollers; Paint applicators; Paint applicators in the nature of sponges; Paint brush holders; Paint rollers; Paint tray liners of paper or plastic; Paint trays; Paintbrush handles; Paintbrush rests; Paintbrushes; Palettes for painting; Paper boards; Paper for use in the graphic arts industry; Paper illustration boards; Paper made from paper mulberry (kohzo-gami); Paper notebooks; Paper products, namely, paper tubes; Paper stationery; Paper stock; Paper tissues; Parchment paper; Pastel crayons; Pastels; Pen and pencil holders; Pen nibs; Pen stands; Pen trays; Pencil leads; Pencil or pen boxes; Pencil sharpeners; Photo mats; Photo mounting corners; Photo storage boxes; Photocopy papers; Photograph albums; Photograph corners; Photograph mounts; Picture framing mat boards; Picture mounts of cardboard; Plotting papers; Pochade boxes; Presentation folders; Pressure sensitive adhesive images in the nature of double-sided tape that can adhere to a surface on one side and receive and retain decorative materials on an opposing side for decorative household purposes; Print substrate, namely, transparent, opaque and translucent films for use with ink jet printers; Printed colouring books; Printed greeting cards; Printed holiday cards; Printed manga comic books; Printed note cards; Printers' galley racks; Printing paper; Protractors as drawing instruments; Push pins; Retractable pencils; Rice paper; Rubber erasers; Scrap books; Sealing wax; Self-adhesive tapes for stationery and household purposes; Signboards of paper or cardboard; Sketch pads; Sketchbooks; Spiral-bound notebooks; Spray chalk; Stamp inks; Stationery-type portfolios; Stencils; Stick markers; Synthetic paper; Table mats of paper; Tissue paper; Tracing needles for drawing purposes; Unsensitized photo paper; Vellum paper; Waterproof paper; Wet erase markers; Wet erase writing boards; Whiteboard erasers; Wire-bound notebooks; Wirebound books; Writing board erasers; Writing brush holders; Writing brushes; Writing chalk; Writing implements; Writing ink; Writing or drawing books; Writing pads; Writing paper; Writing utensils
The mark consists of The mark consists of The words or letters W.A. PORTMAN LTD. accompanied by three bars or stripes in the shape of the letter "W," from left to right, the first two being trapezoids and the last being a rhomboid.

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May 1, 2021
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