Trademark: 90677366
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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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12 Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion; trolleys, in particular trolleys for cleaning materials and apparatus, mop press on wheels, metal chassis for trolleys
21 Articles for cleaning purposes, in particular household cloths, window cloths of leather and artificial leather, dusting cloths, dish cloths, cleaning rags, dusters, materials (cloths) for polishing, all-purpose cloths, floor cloths, micro-fiber cloths, sponge cloths, cloths of non-woven fabric, cloths of woven or knitted fabric, dry and moisture impregnated disposable cloths; pot cleaners of non-woven material with and without sponge components; Steel wool for cleaning, in particular steel wool cleaners, optionally with a foam handle; steel wool pads with soap; sponges for household purposes, in particular scouring sponges coated with plastic, scouring sponges, cleaning sponges of viscous or plastic; Household or kitchen utensils, in particular hand-operated, non-electric mechanical cleaning apparatus, brooms, brushes, dust-pans, mops, devices for wringing out mops, mop frame, mop range, mop box, sieve for mop box, mop press, toilet brushes, water closet brush holders, window cleaning devices, water wipers, household gloves of latex or plastic; disposable gloves for household and gardening purposes; Gardening gloves and wiping gloves; laundry airing devices; Laundry drying racks, rotary washing lines, drying mounts; clothes-pegs; ironing boards; sleeve boards, ironing board covers, ironing cloths (shaped ironing board covers), cleaning cloths for irons; containers for household and kitchen use, especially water buckets, pedal bins, dustbins, sorting containers of plastic for laundry; laundry baskets of plastic; components, not of metal, for hand-operated, non-electrical cleaning devices, namely handles, handgrips, connecting parts, links, couplings, not of metal, being fitted goods; spray bottles for cleaning liquids; wiping pads

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May 1, 2021
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