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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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24 Wall hangings of textile; Fiberglass reinforcement fabric for use in reinforcing plastic, rubber, metal, bitumen, plaster, paper and textiles; Fibreglass fabrics for textile use; Fireproof upholstery fabrics; Fitted toilet lid covers of fabric or fabric substitutes; Flame retardant fabrics for the manufacture of bedding and upholstered furniture; Flax fabrics; Foulard; Furnishing and upholstery fabrics; Gauze fabric; Gift wrap of fabric; Glass fiber fabrics; Hand spun silk fabrics; Hand-towels made of textile fabrics; Heat-activated adhesive fabrics; Hemp fabric; Hemp base mixed fabrics; Hemp yarn fabrics; Hemp-cotton mixed fabrics; Hemp-silk mixed fabrics; Hemp-wool mixed fabrics; Inorganic fiber mixed fabrics; Interior decoration fabrics; Jeans fabric; Jersey fabrics for clothing; Jersey material; Jute fabric; Jute fabrics; Kit comprised of fabrics for making quilts; Knitted fabric; Knitted fabrics; Knitted fabrics of chemical-fiber yarn; Knitted fabrics of cotton yarn; Knitted fabrics of silk yarn; Knitted fabrics of wool yarn; Laid scrim, knit, woven and non-woven reinforcement fabrics made of polyester or fiberglass for industrial applications; Lamé; Linen; Linen lining fabric for shoes; Lingerie fabric; Lining fabric for footwear; Lining fabric for shoes; Mesh-woven fabrics; Metal fiber fabrics; Mixed fiber fabrics; Moisture absorbent microfiber textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, bags, towels and athletic uniforms; Moleskin fabric not for medical use; Muslin fabric; Narrow woven fabrics; Natural and synthetic fabrics and textiles, namely, cotton, silk, polyester and nylon fabrics; Non-woven fabrics and felts; Non-woven textile fabrics; Nylon fabric; Paper yarn fabrics for textile use; Pashmina fabrics; Piled fabrics; Polyester fabric; Polylactic acid fabrics for manufacturing clothing; Pouf valances comprised of fabric; Precut fabrics for needlecraft; Printed fabric signage panels; Ramie fabric; Ramie fabrics; Rayon fabric; Regenerated fiber yarn fabrics; Resin-saturated fiberglass fabric for use in transportation, armoring, structural reinforcement, and structural repairs; Reusable house training pads of fabric for pets; Reusable housebreaking pads of fabric for pets; Semi-finished plastic products, namely, woven aramid fabrics for use in the manufacture of protective clothing and helmets and in hard armor; Semi-synthetic fiber fabrics; Silk fabric for printing patterns; Silk fabrics; Silk fabrics for printing patterns; Silk base mixed fabrics; Silk-cotton mixed fabrics; Silk-wool mixed fabrics; Spandex fabric for use in the manufacture of clothing; Spun silk fabrics; Synthetic fiber fabrics; Taffeta fabric; Textile fabric incorporating waterproof and gas permeable membrane made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) for the protection of sensitive equipment and packaging from contaminates; Textile fabrics for home and commercial interiors; Textile fabrics for lingerie; Textile fabrics for the manufacture of clothing; Textile fabrics for use in making clothing and household furnishings; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of garments, bags, jackets, gloves, and apparel; Textile wall hangings; Ticking fabric; Toilet tank covers made of fabric or fabric substitutes; True hemp fabrics; Unfitted fabric covers for vehicle seats; Unfitted fabric crib rail covers; Unfitted fabric furniture covers; Unfitted fabric slipcovers for furniture; Upholstery fabric imitating animal skins; Upholstery fabrics; Viscose fabric; Waste cotton fabrics; Waterproof fabric for manufacturing clothing, furniture and automobile upholstery, and luggage; Wool base mixed fabrics; Wool yarn fabrics; Wool-cotton mixed fabrics; Woolen fabric; Woollen fabric; Worsted fabrics; Woven fabrics; Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics; Zephyr fabric
27 Wallpaper; Wall coverings of cork; Wall coverings of paper; Wall coverings of plastic; Wall coverings of textile; Wall hangings, not of textile; Wall paper; Wallpaper in the nature of roomsize decorative adhesive wall coverings; Wallpaper of cork; Wallpaper of plastic; Wallpaper with 3D visual effects; Wallpaper with a textile covering; Wallpapers; Borders being wall decorations in the nature of wall coverings; Cloth wall coverings; Cork for use as a floor or wall covering; Decorative wall hangings, not of textile; Non-textile wall coverings; Non-textile wall hangings; Non-textile wallpaper; Plastic wall coverings; Plastic wallpaper; Resilient hard surface covering for floors, walls and other surfaces; Sheets of plastic for covering walls; Textile wallpaper; Textile lined wallpaper; Vinyl wall coverings; Vinyl wallpaper

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May 1, 2021
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