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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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9 Mobile apps; Downloadable software applications; Software relating to the medical field; Software relating to the biomedical and biotechnological field; Software relating to neuromodulation therapy; Software for remote diagnostics; Instruments for diagnosis; Data collection apparatus; Health monitoring software
10 Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; Diagnostic, examination and monitoring equipment for medical use; Apparatus for physical rehabilitation for medical purposes; Galvanic therapeutic appliances; Electrodes for medical use; Brain pacemakers; Testing apparatus for medical purposes; Apparatus for analysing brain wave frequencies; Apparatus for analysing measured physical signals; Electronic monitoring instruments for medical use; Apparatus for the diagnosis of neurological diseases; Medical apparatus and instruments relating to neurovegetative reactivity; Medical apparatus for neurographic purposes; Brain pacemakers; Magnetic treatment apparatus for medical use; Electro-stimulation apparatus for use in therapeutic treatment; Implantable pacemakers; Magnets for therapeutic use; Electromagnetic wave therapeutic instruments; Apparatus for the therapeutic stimulation of the body; Shock wave apparatus for medical use
38 Providing access to weblogs; Access to content, websites and portals; Provision of access to computer networks and the internet; Communication of information by electronic means; Electronic communication by means of chatrooms, forums and online blogs; Computer communications for the transmission of information; Provision of access to content, websites and portals; On-line communication services; Telematic communication services; Providing access to platforms and portals on the Internet; Communications services for the exchange of data in electronic form; Electronic exchange of data stored in databases accessible via telecommunication networks; Transmission of information and images relating to pharmaceuticals, medicine and hygiene
42 Medical research; Clinical research; Scientific research and development; Technological research; Scientific investigations for medical purposes; Writing of computer programs for medical applications; Hosting of communication platforms on the internet; Development of software for communication systems; Hosting of digital content, namely, on-line journals and blogs; Programming of software for Internet portals, chatrooms, chat lines and Internet forums; Clinical research; Consultancy relating to research and development in the field of therapeutics; Clinical research; Providing information on clinical studies via an interactive website; Technological design services; Design and development of computer software for use with medical technology; Design and development of medical technology; Design and development of medical diagnostic apparatus; Providing scientific information in the field of medical disorders and their treatment
44 Medical services; Medical counseling; Telemedicine services; Health counselling; Deep tissue massage; Advisory services relating to degenerative diseases; Medical care; Medical screening; Medical treatment services; Medical treatment services; Advisory services relating to medical apparatus and instruments; Rental of apparatus and installations in the field of medical technology; Therapy services; Shockwave therapy

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May 1, 2021
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