Trademark: 90675506
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Friday, April 30, 2021
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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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37 Building construction; Construction consultation; Consulting services for repair and restoration of historic buildings and structures; Consulting services for repair and restoration of masonry walls and structures; Consulting in the field of building construction; Restoration services in the field of water, smoke and fire damage
The color(s) red orange, red, gray, white, black, and yellow is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of Red Orange Flames in from of a House with a Window In front cut into four windows, with a white roof above it, and a white Chimneys, under the house it has a red strip line, then under it a white line, then under the white line a gray road, on the gray road is a Red Fire Engine Truck with four black and gray wheels with 6 black wheel bolts in the back wheels, and 5 black wheel bolts in the front wheels, has a front black windshield, with a grill under the windshield divided into 7 rectangular compartments sitting soldier up, with 7 lines dividing has two gray circular and white inner truck front flashlight bulbs, has a yellow control panel on the side facing out, with 3 white circular ovals inside the yellow fire truck control panel, has two yellow sirens in form of two yellow caps on top of the fire truck, has a 3rd yellow cap in the back outward corner of the fire truck, fire truck then has a gray deck with 9 shaded compartments shaded a lighter gray, with a ladder sitting on top of the deck fastened with two yellow circled safety pins on each side of the ladder, making the outward pin more visible, the ladder is attached to the gray deck and fasted by 2 yellow clips, with the ladder extending 10 tiers out, with each tier resembling a bar holding the ladder together, and the ladder is an extended ladder of two parts, the fire truck has a side window that is black and on the drivers side, the fire truck has a gray ladder on the side with five bars going across holding the ladder together. The fire truck has a thick white wrap around it, in between the red, and has a small corner wrap in the back of it. The fire truck is sitting in front of a yellow sun, with its ladder going over the red orange flames, the logo reads in all caps, in large font black letters, RESTORATION; then followed by a red line on the next line with the words MANAGEMENT SERVICE, CORP in red letters, following with a red line after then under all the above wording a term is used saying NATIONAL CLAIMS SPECIALIST.

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Apr 30, 2021
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