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Friday, April 30, 2021
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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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1 Planting soil; fertilizers for gardening
5 Insect-repellents; Herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides for home, garden and lawn use and for professional use; Preparations for repelling animals, birds and insects
6 Metal clamp-type fasteners for holding in place curtains, tarps, canvas, cloth and film covering material; Metal storage sheds; Gun safes; Metal gates and fences; Portable metal gates and fencing panels used to control livestock; metal railings for fences; Metal pallets; Storage pallets of metal; metal straps for securing pallets; Transport pallets of metal; General purpose metal storage bins; Metal barrels; Metal garden stakes
7 Fitted tarps for power machinery; Winches; Power-operated sprayers; Power-operated lawn and garden tools, namely, mowers, tillers, shredders, chipper, trimmers, lawn edgers, lawn aerators; Tractor-towed agricultural instrument attachments; Lifting installations for the transport of persons and goods; Power-operated lifts for moving, parking and storing land vehicles; Mechanical and hydraulic lifts; Lifting work platforms; Solar-powered electricity generators; Wind-powered electricity generators; Mechanical spreaders; Tractor towed agricultural implements, namely, spreaders for fertilizers, seeds, lawn/garden chemicals
8 Hand-operated sprayers for insecticides; Displacement pump sprayers attached to a garden hose for spraying liquid herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides; Hand operated lawn tools and gardening hand tools, namely, trowels, weeding forks, spades, hoes, shears, scissors, cultivators, edgers, rakes; Striking hand tools, namely, axes, hatchets, working knives; Non-powered lawn and turf edging tool for attachment to universal utility vehicles; Hand operated spreaders for seed and dry lawn chemicals; Lawn maintenance equipment, namely, lawn rollers
9 Battery chargers; safety eyewear; Safety helmets; Protective work gloves; Solar panels for the production of electricity; Solar batteries; Solar cells; Off-grid power and deep cycle battery storage systems comprised of batteries, charge controllers and inverters; Solar-powered battery chargers; Solar light fixtures, namely, indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting units and fixtures; Security lights for outdoor use; Inverters; Electronic controllers for use with power converters; Electric power converters; DC/AC power converters; Electric fences
11 Work lights; Lamps for outdoor use; Flashlights; Electric patio heaters; Gas patio heaters; Electric space heaters; Storage heaters; Outdoor automated mist system for insect and pest control; Solar-powered cooling units; solar lights; paver lighting; Solar collectors; Portable fire pits; Electric fans; Ventilating fans for garage/work space use; Ventilating exhaust fans
12 Equipment trailers; Utility hitch trailers; Carts; Yard carts; Dump carts; Garden hose carts; Bulk hauling trailers; Garbage hauling trailers; Equipment trailers; Trailers; Dollies; Cargo storage bins especially adapted to fit in trucks, cars SUVs; Hand trucks; Wheeled platforms, namely, platforms having non-motorized wheels designed for towing lawn and turf implements
17 Garden hoses
19 Prefabricated, non-metal storage sheds; Garden sheds of non-metallic materials; Fences, not of metal
20 Non-metal pallets; Non-metal barrels
21 Gardening gloves; work gloves; Garden hose sprayers; Spray nozzles for garden hoses; Watering cans; Raised garden beds, namely, raised containers for planting contained gardens; Planters for flowers and plants; Flower pots; Electric diffusers for insect repellents; Ultrasonic pest repellers; Insect traps; Bait stations sold empty for feeding rodenticides to rodents; General purpose storage bins for household use
22 Unfitted tarps; Protective tarps; Unfitted liners for the cargo area of vehicles; Plastic ties for home and garden use; Rubber cable ties and straps for fastening and securing objects; Nylon tie down straps; Non-metal net wrapping for pallets
31 Gardening kit for indoor planting; Seeds for planting

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