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Tuesday, April 27, 2021
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Friday, April 23, 2021

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1 Charcoal and biochar for use in agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, forestry, construction, material treatment, water treatment, soil remediation, polymers, plastics and rubber production, bio-based fuels and oils, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers; Biochar for soil, water, and industrial applications; Activated carbon for water, liquid, and gas purification; Metallurgical carbons for use as a reductant or additive in iron, steel and metal alloys production; Biochar byproducts as an additive for bio-based fuels, oils, or for syngas production; Biochar as an additive for polymers, plastics, rubbers, concrete, masonry, asphalt, road surfaces, and roof tiles; Biochar as an additive or substrate for the treatment of waste, water, slurry, and wastewater; Biochar as a growing media for horticultural products; Biochar as a hydroponic or soil based growing media; Biochar for use in animal bedding; Biochar for use in composting; Biochar as a soil amendment, additive, and conditioner, promoting nutrient and water retention, carbon sequestration, and algal bloom management; Biochar for use as a carbon dioxide offset; Filter media comprised of biochar, namely, biochar in the nature of filtering materials in water filtering; Graphene
4 Bio-based fuels and oils; Bio-oils
17 Carbon insulation
30 Wood vinegars
35 Providing business consulting and advisory services in the production, use, and application of biochar, engineered biocarbon, carbon products, bio-fuels and oils, and bio-energy; Providing business consulting and advisory services in carbon offset, carbon credits, carbon footprint calculation and analysis, and carbon taxes
36 Offering funds and carbon offsets derived from investments with carbon credit industries; Credits, vouchers and offsets; Carbon footprint financing for businesses and individuals; Trading of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission credits, allowances or offsets of others; Brokerage of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission credits, allowances or offsets on behalf of offset producers
39 Storage of carbon dioxide gas
40 Carbon processing and production services, namely, processing and producing renewable biomass into charcoal, biocoal, activated carbons, biochar, engineered biocarbon, and metallurgical carbons for others; Treatment of materials, namely, activating carbon, infusing biochar with additives, briquetting of biochar and carbon materials; Production of bio-based fuels, oils, and syngas; Production of energy from renewable resources; Environmental remediation services, namely, treatment of soil, waste, and water; Capture of carbon dioxide gas; Distillation services for others, namely, distillation services to produce biochar; Carbon dioxide reduction and sequestration services for others; Sustainable processing of wood-based products
42 Technical advice, information and consultancy in relation to biosequestration of carbon dioxide; Measurement and verification of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission offsets; Engineering services in the field of reducing carbon dioxide emissions; Carbon calculation services for others, namely, measuring carbon footprints; Measuring the carbon footprint of a supply chain; Measuring the carbon footprint of a supply chain for blockchain application
44 Sustainable agricultural services, namely, regenerative farming and carbon farming

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