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Saturday, April 24, 2021
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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4 Industrial oils and greases; industrial lubricants; lubricating greases; dust absorbing compositions; dust binding compositions; dust laying compositions; dust wetting compositions; petroleum based dust removing preparations for use in road building, sweeping and dust laying; fuels; fuel gas; petrol; lighting fuel; oils for lighting; wood spills for lighting; candles for lighting; wicks for candles for lighting; gasoline; engine oils; gear oils; jet fuel; crude oil; base oil; gas oil; liquid petroleum gas; cutting oil for industrial metal working; cutting fluids; petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; cutting oils; lubricants, namely, grinding fluids; binding preparations for solid fuels; drilling lubricants; lubricants for use in the machining of metal; oils for use with machine tools; metalworking oils; non-chemical additives for oils and fuels; Benzene fuel; industrial wax; waxes being raw materials; naphtha; fuel from crude oil
36 Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; brokerage; brokering services; commodity and futures brokering; brokering and management of futures funds; exchange market services relating to commodity futures contracts; brokering of equities and foreign exchange; derivatives transactions; investment fund management; management and creation of investment products; securities brokerage; investment banking; stock exchange quotations; financial management and consultancy; investment advice and consultation; financial risk management and consultation services; provision of customised price financial risk management and consultation services in the field of energy products, energy by-products, energy, fuel, power, agricultural products, metals, ethanol, biodiesel and biofuels; investment services, investment fund and hedge fund investment services; providing financial and investment information; financial analysis services; financial investment in the field of securities, commodities, derivatives, structured financial products, debt obligations and real estate, loan financing and instalment loans; financial services in the field of money lending, financial research, forecasting, planning, management, analysis and consultation, loan financing, risk management, commodity contracts incorporating derivative pricing tools, derivative contracts; financial services, all relating to the generation, supply, trading, distribution and transmission of electricity, gas, oil, chemicals and metals; financial services in the field of real estate, namely, real estate acquisition, management, financing and leasing; risk management and financial risk management to enable businesses to strategically manage energy needs; brokerage services in the field of commodities; commodity trading services; trading of securities, options, futures and equities; commodity trading services, namely, buying, selling, importing and exporting commodities; brokerage of energy and energy by-products, namely, petroleum and petrochemicals, natural gas, gasoline, and coal, commodity trading for others; commodity trading for others in the field of energy and energy products, energy by-products, energy, fuel, power, agricultural products, metals, ethanol, biodiesel and biofuels; commodity quotations; conducting and advising on industrial projects and providing industrial project management services and related financial advice; creating supply chain solutions and industrial projects for industries such as power plants; financial reports; preparation of financial reports; insurance risk management; price risk management; financial information provided by electronic means; provision of loan and credit facilities; financing of projects; information services relating to all of the aforesaid provided online from a computer database or the internet; fundraising; sponsorship; advice, information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all of the aforesaid
The mark consists of the stylized drop of liquid above the words "Murban Abu Dhabi".

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Apr 24, 2021
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