Trademark: 90650552
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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Friday, April 16, 2021

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13 Firearms; Rifles; Ammunition bags; Carrying cases adapted for firearms; Component parts for guns; Component parts for shotguns; Fowling pieces; Gun cleaning brushes; Hunting rifles; Rifle barrels; Rifle covers; Rifle stocks; Safety catches for firearms; Shotguns and parts thereof; Shoulder straps for weapons; Sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms; Sporting rifles; Trigger guards for guns and rifles; Weapon cases for firearms; Hunting firearms
25 Uniforms; Boots for sport; Gym suits; Hunting jackets; Hunting pants; Hunting shirts; Hunting vests; Maillots; Sport coats; Sports caps and hats; Sports pants
The mark consists of a crown above the literal element "FOSSARI", stylized, with the second "S" mirrored.
The wording FOSSARI has no meaning in a foreign language.

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Apr 20, 2021
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