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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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5 Nutritional additives for medical purposes in the nature of natural food extracts derived from protein or milk products; medical foods, namely, cereal and cereal bars adapted for medical use; dietetic food preparations in the nature of mineral food supplements for dietary management of osteoporosis and osteopenia adapted for medical purposes; lactose for use as a supplemental ingredient for producing medicine in tablet form; infant formulas, namely, powdered milk for consumption by babies, infants; powdered formulas, namely, powdered milk for medical treatment of congenital metabolic abnormal syndrome; powdered formulas for infants; food for babies; dietary mineral food supplements for medical purposes for humans, dietary mineral food supplements for animals, foods adapted for medical use to prevent gastro esophageal reflux, foods for person suffering from dysphagia or swallowing difficulty or dysmasesis or masticating difficulty; medicated confectionery, namely, medicated candy for the healing of sore throats, medicated gum for medical purposes for preventing tooth decay, ready to eat nutritional cereal bars for medical purposes for use as meal replacement bars, bread for medical purposes enriched with minerals and vitamins and bread for diabetics; albuminous foodstuff being albumin supplements for foods for medical purposes and other dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; dietetic foods adapted for medical use, namely, food for the dietary management of osteoporosis and osteopenia, namely, jelly and packets of jelly
29 Meats for human consumption; edible aquatic animals, not live, namely, fish, squid, crab, lobster, prawn, shrimp, clam; processed meat products, namely, ham, Hamburg steak, beef jerky, sausage, Vienna sausage, salami and bacon; processed fish products, namely, boiled fish paste and fish sticks; fermented soybean curd and processed fermented soybeans; processed vegetables and fruits; frozen fruits; frozen vegetables; unprocessed eggs; processed raw eggs; prepared entrees primarily consisting of meats, poultry, fish, seafood and/or vegetables for consumption on or off the premises; dairy and milk products excluding ice cream, ice milk and frozen yoghurt; milk, milk beverages, namely, low fat milk, defatted milk, fruit-flavored milk, chocolate-flavored milk, coffee-flavored milk, milk-based beverages containing amino acid, lactoferrin, minerals and/or vitamins, excluding milk shakes; milk-based beverages; yoghurt; fermented milk; edible oils and fats; margarine; edible fat spreads; cream comprising edible oils and/or fats; curry, namely, prepared retorted curry entree consisting of meat, chicken, fish, or other kinds of seafood, and/or vegetables for consumption on or off the premises; stew, preparations for making curry, stew and soups; fermented soybean foods as accompaniment; dried flakes of laver for sprinkling on rice in hot water; fried tofu pieces; freeze-dried tofu pieces; jelIy made from devil's tongue root; soybean milk; tofu; fermented soybean; preserved fermented soybeans for food; croquettes, namely, chicken croquettes, meat croquettes, fish croquettes, seafood croquettes and vegetable croquettes; non-confectionary fruit jellies; powdered milk for pregnant and nursing women; powdered milk added with functional ingredients including vitamins and minerals for adults and elder men; powdered milk for children; whole milk powder; soybean milk beverages; milk shakes
30 Coffee and Cocoa; coffee beans; tea; seasonings; curry, condiment sauces; spices; aromatic preparations for foods not from essential oils in the nature of food flavorings, herbs, spices; seasoned powder for sprinkling on rice; husked rice; husked oats; husked barley; flour for food; gluten additives for foods for culinary purposes; cereal preparations, namely, processed cereals and cereal-based snack foods; Chinese stuffed dumplings (Jao-zi); sandwich; Chinese steamed dumplings (Shao-mai); sushi; fried balIs of batter mix with smalI pieces of octopus; steamed buns stuffed with minces meats; hamburger and hot dog sandwiches; pizza; meat pie; ravioli; confectionery, namely, chocolates, candies, caramels, cookies, biscuits, crackers, pies, cakes, chewing gum and fruit jellies; instant confectionery mixes, namely, pre-processed mixes for making non-dairy frozen confections; bread and buns; ice cream mixes; sherbet mixes; almond paste; yeast powder; fermenting malted rice; yeast; baking powder; ice; starch-based binding agents for ice cream; meat tenderizers for household purposes; starch-based thickening preparations for stiffening whipped cream; sake lees (by-product of rice for use as food); chocolate-based beverages not being dairy-based or vegetable based; tea-based beverages; edible ices; ice cream; sherbets; frozen yogurt; fruit jellies being confectionery; sweet puddings; ice milk; box lunches in the nature of rice with side dishes in a case
32 Beers; non-alcoholic carbonated drinks and soft drinks; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; vegetable juices; whey-based soft drinks; whey beverages; extracts of hops for making beer

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