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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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35 providing tracking information services for hazardous and non-hazardous construction and business inventory materials, namely, debris, stone, soils, petroleum products, glass, and sand; monitoring transport of shipments to ensure on-time delivery for business purposes, and compliance of local, state, and federal rules and regulations in the construction industry; providing electronic tracking of freight information for business administration purposes, in real-time to be able to identify the location and condition of those materials where the transported materials are, and the condition of said materials, monitoring the speed of a vehicle and the appointed routes taken by the vehicle operators; monitoring energy consumption, fluctuation in gasoline prices, vehicle idle time for auditing purposes
39 shipping of goods for the public safety and compliance of applicable laws to be able to identify vehicular conditions as to try to prevent and avoid any and all vehicle malfunctions
42 Providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for preparing shipping documents over computer networks, intranets and the internet; providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for tracking freight and weight, vehicle conditions and speeds over computer networks, intranets and the internet
45 Tracking and monitoring regulatory requirements in the field of construction and transportation of all types of construction related materials that are moved by any mode of transportation to assist in assuring the public of all applicable laws and the safety of the vehicles content, drivers, and vehicle condition. regulatory compliance purposes
The mark consists of a stylized "T" with the word "TERRATRACKR" below the "T" with the portion "TERRA" in bold letters.

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Apr 5, 2021
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