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Monday, April 5, 2021
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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28 Basketball baskets; Festive decorations, party novelties and artificial Christmas trees; Fairground and playground apparatus; Toys; Games; Sporting articles and equipment; Christmas tree decorations; Christmas stockings; Christmas trees of synthetic material; Christmas tree skirts; Toy Christmas trees; Party favors in the nature of small toys; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Artificial Christmas trees; Christmas crackers; Christmas crackers; Candle holders for Christmas trees; Bells for Christmas trees; Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees; Christmas tree stand covers; Christmas tree stands; Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees; Musical Christmas tree ornaments; Non-edible christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; Decorations for Christmas trees; Video game apparatus; Lever action toys; Action figures; Skill and action games; Action toys; Toy action figurines; Aerosol actuator guns; Containers adapted for holding darts flights; Cases for action figures; Containers adapted for holding darts; Inflatable balloon cheering sticks; Inflatable bop bags; Inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; Inflatable swimming pools; Inflatable pools for recreational use; Inflatable swimming pools for recreational use; Inflatable toys in the form of boats; Inflatable bath toys; Inflatable pool toys; Inflatable toys; Inflatable thin rubber toys; Inflatable toys resembling air vehicles; Inflatable ride-on toys; Children's riding vehicles; Wind-up walking toys; Paddle balls; Kits for the construction of scale models; Craft toys sold in kit form; Kits of parts for constructing models; Kits of parts for making toy models; Kits of parts for making toy model cars; Construction toys; Building games; Building blocks; Ventriloquist's dummies; Battery operated toys; Battery operated remote controlled toy vehicles; Rubber baseballs; Bathtub toys; Backgammon sets; Toy bakeware and toy cookware; Baby rattles incorporating teething rings; Rattles; Racing car games; Automatic coin-operated games; Machines for playing games of skill or chance; Billiard game playing equipment; Clockwork toys; Clockwork toys; Wind-up toys; Cases for play accessories; Cases for toy vehicles; Articles of clothing for toys; Clothing for toy figures; Clothing for teddy bears; Clothes for European dolls; Clothes for Japanese traditional dolls; Dart board overlays; Bendable toys; Pool table cushions; Skittles; Chalk for billiard cues; Billiard balls; Bingo cards; Bingo markers; Bodhidharma dolls with pupils undrawn (menashi-daruma); Boule games; Bowls; Board games; Compendiums of board games; Toy mail boxes; Pool bridges; Camogie stick; Chip markers for bingo; Apparatus for corinthian games; Waterskis; Arcade video game machines; Portable games with liquid crystal displays; Kites; Draughts; Draughtboards; Bob-sleighs; Teddy bears; Surfboards; Surf skis; Playing cards; Playing balls; Balls for games; Masks; Boxing gloves; Bodyboards; Sports bows; Baseball gloves; Dice; Toys for pets; Toy vehicles; Toy figures; Toy models; Skateboards; Snowboards; Water wings; Flippers for swimming; Swimming belts; Novelty toys for playing jokes; Chess games; Scooters; Roller skates; In-line roller skates; Dolls; Stuffed toys; Plush toys; Paper party hats; Toy mobiles; Mah-jong; Bar-bells; Dumb-bells; Artificial fishing bait; Spinning tops; Confetti; Chips for gambling; Counters for games; Hockey sticks; Gloves for games; Appliances for gymnastics; Golf clubs; Golf gloves; Parlour games; Machines for physical exercises; Conjuring apparatus; Apparatus for games; Slot machines; Gaming machines for gambling; Remote-controlled toy vehicles; Shuttlecocks; Carnival masks; Scale model vehicles; Dominoes; Body-building apparatus; Ball pitching machines; Scale model kits; Marbles for games; Puzzles; Toy air pistols; Joysticks for video games; Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Bingo game playing equipment; Pinball games; Pinball machines; Coin-operated amusement machines; Musical games; Video game consoles; Free-standing video games apparatus; Token-operated video game machines; Mechanical games; Darts; Playground balls; Electronic games; Model railways; Coin-operated games; Markers for playing games; Arcade games; Plush toys with attached comfort blanket; Smart plush toys; Electric action figures with lights and sounds; Korean chess pieces (Jang-gi pieces); Toy human characters; Games relating to fictional characters; Playsets for action figures; Toy environments for use with action figures; Electronic board games; Question sets for board games; Lottery tickets; Printed lottery tickets; Scratch cards for playing lottery games; Slot machines; Japanese vertical pinball machine (pachinko machines); Amusement apparatus for use in arcades; Claw crane game machines; Electronic amusement apparatus incorporating a liquid crystal display

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Apr 5, 2021
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